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LeAnn Rimes

NOT In Rehab

8/30/2012 1:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0830_leann_rimes_akmgsi1LeAnn Rimes is NOT in a rehab facility ... TMZ has learned, although she's dealing with a severe inability to cope with anxiety and stress.

We had our doubts when we were initially told LeAnn is not in a traditional rehab facility --  we were hearing she was being treated for drug and eating disorder problems.  But after making a bunch of calls, we're confident -- LeAnn's decision to get help is limited to coping issues.  That doesn't mean she doesn't have other issues, including weight, but that's not what this is about.

Our sources say ... LeAnn has been in meltdown mode recently over a war she's been having with a group of people who are upset about her relationship with Eddie Cibrian.  The group has gone after her in a big way on Twitter, and LeAnn -- rather than ignoring them -- has fought back.  We're told the stress has been unbearable for her and she wanted help.   

As for the kind of help ... our sources say LeAnn is in a facility that teaches people to handle adversity and stress.  She is free to leave on weekends -- something that doesn't happen in rehab.  She's also allowed to use her phone at any time -- again, that just doesn't happen in rehab.

LeAnn will be going home this weekend ... sources say and she's telling people she already feels stronger.

Like we said ... we initially thought LeAnn's party line was B.S. .. but now we know it to be true.



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May the Lord continue to look after LeAnn and give her the strength to over come the words out of those who do nothing but tear down her EVERY move. (bowing my head)

God bless her always!!!

Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of her)

P.S. I can't wait to hear her new songs! (big smile)

679 days ago


If you ever met her in person, she would punch your teeth out and you would scram....

679 days ago


her chest is NASTY...boney and her tits are WAY too far it just me or are her boobs almost under her arms

679 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

this news doesn't change anything she's still a home wrecker....

679 days ago


She may not be in rehab, but she's in serious need of a cheeseburger or a pizza.

679 days ago


All this over twitter. Twitter is undoubtably the biggest waste of technology. It is very sad on both ends of the account. The celebritry: How much of a pre-madonna do you have to be to think that every thing you say is of any importance. The Reader: Is your life so empty that you have to constantly keep checking up on what your favorite celebs are doing. Sounds to me like people are two bored and need more work to keep them occupied

679 days ago


She may not be in rehab, but she's in serious need of a double cheeseburger or a pizza.

679 days ago


Looks like her twitter haters have arrived.

679 days ago


This woman has nerve she and her cohorts have bullied his ex wife for years and now she has the nerve to cry foul. If anything she is stressed and anxious because her new husband is back to hischeating ways again.and she can't cope. PULEEZ!! Leann is the only celeb I heard of needing rehab because of negative comments from fans,..If so Tiger would have been committed from the backlash he received.

679 days ago


I have never thought it fair for Granville and the rest of the wild west to attack Rimes , the facts are people cheat , here are a few who have flown under the radar, surprise before Meg got pounded , Dennis , her hubby cheated on her at least 7 or 8 times and used all her money buying or paying for a 8 yr. coke habit. But he is just the best huh? LOL Kevin Costner, left wife one at home while he cheated with a chickie younger than their eldest daughter (and word is he is mean)... half of the NBA, the other half of the NFL and on and on we go, really, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

679 days ago

For Sooth?    

Wow, TMZ, what a sanitized version you are handing out! Check the facts, and stop being a tool for LeAnn's PR. LeAnn initiated the call after she got the Twitter followers personal number from a "fan" that was part of a group having lunch withLeAnn at a restaurant. LeAnn had the call on speakerphone. LeAnn launched into a conversation filled with Ed bombs and other explicatives and was basically being a bully in public, on speakerphone. The twitter follower caught part of the conco on tape so LeAnn's PR couldn't lie about it. And the twitter follower only tweeted about the facts of how LeAnn and Eddie got together and split apart Brandy's family.

But the real irony here is that LeAnn's Twitter followers have assaulted and bombarded Brandy on Twitter in ways that were ten times worse than this, and LeAnn would tweet them with a "lol" afterwards. It appears LeAnn was loving every minute of they verbal assaults toward the mother of Eddie's children.

Until you have heard the real convo. I think you should refrain from regurgitating LeAnn's PR release. If she had to go away it means her lawyers are very, very, worried that the LeAnn initiated phone call will produce legal action from the Twitter follower.

679 days ago

For Sooth?    

Check your factsTMZ. It appears you have a completely sanitized version sent down fronLeAnn's PR/lawyers. LeAnn initiated the phone call, had the person on speakerphone during a lunch that LeAnn was having at a restaurant with her Twitter fans, and proceeded to drop numerous explicatives on the twitter follower.

And might I add that this was the exact campaign her Twitter followers launched against Brandy, although it was ten times as worse

679 days ago

For Sooth?    

TMZ, boy are you the enabler for LeAnn. She was taped by a twitter fan, that she called, by the way, and she was using abusive language to the person from the get go. I mean LeAnn was swearing a lot. And she had the person on speakerphone so that the group of people she was with at a restaurant lunch could hear the whole conversation. It appears that you have a COMPLETELY sanitized version sent down from LeAnn's PR/lawyers.

679 days ago

go home!    

Oh please. She blocks everyone of Twitter that says anything that is not complimentary to her. She is probably in a treatment facility because their are rampant rumors everywhere on Twitter and elsewhere, that Eddie has been cheating on her. She does not give a crap about the Twitter people, she is using them as a cover I bet because she is really breaking down over Eddie. That makes sense more than this. Radar has a story and the Enquirer has been working on one regarding eddie's alleged cheating. I suggest you do your research too TMZ.

679 days ago


This is pretty crazy to me. I think she should cancel the account and that just might put a stop to it. Right???? Um and if she hadnt had an affair w/ another womans husband this just might not have happened . Just saying~~~~

679 days ago
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