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Lindsay Lohan's

Excuse for Stiffing Hotel


8/30/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
may say the producers of "Liz and Dick" promised to pay her enormous bill at the Chateau Marmont hotel ... but it's simply not true -- TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay racked up a hotel bill approaching $47,000 but stiffed the Chateau Marmont. As a result, Lindsay was banned from the hotel property.

Lindsay now says she thought her "Liz and Dick" producers would pay the bill, but sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the production NEVER promised to foot the bill. 

Sources connected to Lindsay tell us ... producers did give Lindsay a one-time only, $5,000 advance against her salary in late May so she could move into the hotel, but that was it. There was never even an insinuation the production company would pay her hotel bill.

Lindsay has said ... if the production company doesn't pay the bill, she will.

Stay tuned.


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Anything Lindsay says is BS, so this isn't a surprise.

763 days ago


***********.com (The one with the pink background)just released a story that says that Linds has just been accused of doing a 'grab-n-dash from a family-owned bodega on 2nd Ave. The proprietor says Linds and some dirty-looking transvestite staggered in, and the "gentleman" distracted him with a unsolicited flashing while Linds grabbed a few cartons of Parliaments. The NYPD were called, but declined to follow up. "We're already investigating Linds for those Rembrandts that were jacked last night. No time for the petty sh!t", said officer Bernie Goldsmith. "Watch the papers.... I'm gonna make Lieutenant. LOL".

763 days ago

help this young woman    

“We worked about 70-75 hours in 5 days last week, which isn’t that abnormal for a TV movie. And we’re on set before Lilo and usually wrap long after she’s gone.
This proves that Lindsay and Gavin did not have access to the trailer when no one else was there!
sounds to me that someone on production is smearing Lindsay and releasing confidential information. Wait until the Unions get involved with this leak of confidential information!!!

763 days ago


from the diary of Linds "Homebody" Lohan:
After belting out a few tunes, including some Billy Joel, my crew sped downtown to Electric Room and claimed the coveted center booth for some late-night debauchery.I was there celebrating the Los Angeles district attorney’s Tuesday decision to drop charges connecting me to the burglary in the Hollywood Hills!!

Around 4 a.m., my entourage suggested a move to Le Baron, I said I wanted to go "home", which means every 2 days in a different Sugar Daddy's hotel suite.

Does Matt Lauer want to interview me again?

763 days ago

Rogue Warrior    


763 days ago


Ever notice how the trolling dumbf*cks like Help and RW only post after the initial posting rush is over? Too scared to see all those HATE votes and disgusted reactions from the tourists. Hurts their widdo feeweengs.

763 days ago


On bended knee, I beg of you
Return to me
A love like ours is meant to be
So bandage up, I'll set you FREE_

763 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I wonder if the nice lady that owns the Liz trailer that was trashed knows that Lindsay smokes Parliments. She mentioned something about the ciggy butts that she collected being special. Don't Parliments have that funny recessed filter on them? Phillip Morris makes Parliment and only about 1.7% of their sales is attributed to the Parliment brand. They are not popular and easy to identify.

763 days ago


Ever notice that when ever you bring up something that hits a little to close for comfort they go into a panic mode and start attacking and denying everything ....
No Nichole ......I am not a LIAR and not making up anything I don't have to ...I just have a eye for detail and the ablity to string things together...and if you examine those Photos closely anyone of you will come up with the same thing is you have been following this train wreak for a while...

763 days ago


Help, Fairy Cloud, Rat Wrangler, Marvin the Gay Parakeet, Nicole and a handful of others are sort of a portable version of Jonestown. Let's call it Lindsayville.
Can't wait for the grand finale.

763 days ago


The punchline to the trashed trailer saga is that Linds will lie to the evil paparazzi that she was never in there..... the day before the concrete evidence is presented to the investigators.

763 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

The owner of the Liz Trailer will be on the Jane Mitchell Show today as well as CNN's Show Biz Tonight.
More bad press?

763 days ago

help this young woman    

Aww someone using my orange flower on ROL. Now the haters will have to look at it on 2 sites. Yeah!!!

763 days ago

help this young woman    

Awww cig butts in a trailer don't prove anything. Lindsay was smoking them all over the area. Anyone of the haters trying to frame Lindsay could have gathered them up out of the trash and planted them in the trailer after Lindsay had left.
Nothing to worry about as the trailer was the production company's responsibility. What is that? The trailer was given back 10 days after production ended. Who had access to it for those 10 days?

763 days ago


I would think that the production company is ultimately responsible for the trailer, so they will have to make things well with the owner. I'm sure they won't take this lightly either, and will find out who did it, and make them pay.

763 days ago
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