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Lindsay Lohan's

Excuse for Stiffing Hotel


8/30/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
may say the producers of "Liz and Dick" promised to pay her enormous bill at the Chateau Marmont hotel ... but it's simply not true -- TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story, Lindsay racked up a hotel bill approaching $47,000 but stiffed the Chateau Marmont. As a result, Lindsay was banned from the hotel property.

Lindsay now says she thought her "Liz and Dick" producers would pay the bill, but sources very familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... the production NEVER promised to foot the bill. 

Sources connected to Lindsay tell us ... producers did give Lindsay a one-time only, $5,000 advance against her salary in late May so she could move into the hotel, but that was it. There was never even an insinuation the production company would pay her hotel bill.

Lindsay has said ... if the production company doesn't pay the bill, she will.

Stay tuned.


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I would like one presidential candidate to say,
"If elected I will put Lindsay Lohan behind bars!"
He would get my vote.

792 days ago


Yeah, this discussion is over in about 5 minutes, as soon as someone looks at her contract with Lifetime.

792 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

For all the ******* fans of hers like, Black Jinx, Nicole, HELL(P), wwwdickwad and all others. If Lohan was so rich and has millions of dollars why would she need a $5,000 advance ??


792 days ago


LLSEZ, I am going to post a little of that was good and shows how much respect Lindsay has to Liz taylor and to Larry thompson and lifetime..
but of course they only want their 15 min. of fame
Who trashed Taylor's trailer?
"Only a psychotic and rebellious person or people would steal irreplaceable museum belongings and leave it in this vandalized condition," Alger said.
Alger said she suspects it was Lindsay Lohan, based on a studio employee's comment to her that the actress and her friends had access to it each night after filming.
But she acknowledges she has no evidence to prove it. She collected the cigarette butts left in the trailer, which she said appeared to be special cigarettes.
But Lohan's publicist said there was no way Lohan, who he said worshiped Taylor, would ever destroy anything connected to her.
"This has nothing to do with Lindsay," Steve Honig said. "You should ask the producers about it."
Alger said she would like more information from the studio to help solve the mystery.
"Liz & Dick" executive producer Larry Thompson did not return several phone calls from CNN on Wednesday. His assistant said he was busy editing the movie.

792 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

I find it funny how Lohan is not out and about in NYC doing her fake photo ops
Maybe she shouldn't pointed the finger at Suge Knights son.
Keep in hiding at your brothers apt. Lindsay. You never know when the payback is going to strike.
What goes around, comes around.

792 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

All I gotti say, is Lilo must have made a move on Harvey's boyfriend to have pissed him off so bad?????????????/

Another feeble attempt at degrading the Lilolicious name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now promptly go fvk yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


792 days ago


Somebody shoot that psycho!

792 days ago


If she were being honest, she would pay the bill herself then privately settle it with the producers of the movie.

792 days ago


The classy thing to do would have been for her to pay it then ask the producers to reimburse her, if she truly thought they were paying for it. After all the Chateau Marmomt has dealt with for this idiot, it was the least she could have done.

792 days ago


Get ready, New York. Lindsay Lohan is moving to Tribeca. A source confirmed exclusively to Confidenti@l that LiLo is leaving her troubles in Los Angeles behind and settling down in New York City, where she’ll room with her assistant/sometimes best friend Gavin Doyle.

While the move won’t likely happen until after Fashion Week in September, Lohan is already settling back into the Manhattan party circuit. On Tuesday she was spotted with former Yankees Pat Kelly and Shane Spencer at Dorrian’s, the upper East Side bastion of prep school kids, downing vodka-and-sodas and even jumping on the mic for some karaoke.

Her song choice? “You & I” by Lady Gaga, the Lohan admirer who handpicked the troubled starlet to star in a new music video. Sources say Lohan will jet to Paris early next week for the shoot.

After belting out a few tunes, including some Billy Joel, the crew sped downtown to Electric Room and claimed the coveted center booth for some late-night debauchery. Lohan says she was there celebrating the Los Angeles district attorney’s Tuesday decision to drop charges connecting her to a burglary in the Hollywood Hills.

If the Lohan camp was aware of Wednesday’s news that she owes $46,000 to the Chateau Marmont, or her subsequent ban from the property, they didn’t seem to care. It’s possible the eviction from her L.A. crash pad at the famed Hollywood hotel led to Lindsay’s decision to head back East.

Later, Lohan chatted to us about her role in “The Canyons.” The film had just wrapped, and she says the results were “fantastic.” Around 4 a.m., her entourage suggested a move to Le Baron, but Lohan said she wanted to go home. Sources tell us she’s holed up at the Bowery Hotel.

When reached for comment, Lindsay’s rep said, “I think right now people should focus on the presidential race and the future of our country.”

792 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I do believe that Lohan also neglected to pay her "Good PR" tax to TMZ. Take that bytch !!!

792 days ago

LA me    


LA ME...

I love that GAVIN ADMITTED that they took items from the home! He wouldn't say if it was Lindsay or Andrew, but he confirmed that one of them took items!
Love Snortcakes quote when DENIED entry back into the house "What, is he in there fhucking some other girl"?

792 days ago


Wow, she asked for an advance? What about that $1 million in Playboy money, already blown through it? Whoa. Just, whoa.

792 days ago


It's funny to me that she always has it that people are out to get her. No one would waste as much time "getting" her as she wastes screwing up. She is a professional train wreck. There's a story on CNN front page about her trashing the vintage trailer used by Elizabeth Taylor, on loan to the production of Firecrotch and Dick. Cigarette burns and some stuff is missing, yeah sounds like Lowhan.

792 days ago

LA me    

Read the Police report before TMZ deletes I'm sure they will soon.

They are paid pigeons. Anything bad about Snortcake or "KimMe Me Me, Look at ME" gets sidelined.

792 days ago
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