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Lindsay Lohan

I Did NOT Trash

Priceless Liz Taylor Trailer

8/30/2012 2:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0830_lindsay_lohan_trailer2Lindsay Lohan insists ... she did NOT trash Elizabeth Taylor's priceless 1963 "Cleopatra" trailer during the filming of her new movie -- despite accusations from the trailer's owner.

The owner of the trailer -- a woman named Angel Alger -- purchased the lavish trailer for $50,000 in June and agreed to loan it to Lifetime producers during the filming of Lindsay's Elizabeth Taylor biopic "Liz & Dick" this summer.

The trailer was filled with priceless memorabilia from when Liz Taylor used the trailer herself -- while filming "Cleopatra" in 1963 -- but when it was returned to Alger after filming, she claims the thing was TRASHED.

According to Alger, the trailer was covered in cigarette burns, dishes and glasses were broken, and several priceless antiques were missing -- including an old European rocking chair and a French telephone.

0830_sub_asset_lindsay_lohan_trailer2Alger told CNN she estimates the damage to be around $100,000 -- and when asked who she thought was responsible ... Alger said Lindsay Lohan.

Alger admitted she had no proof to back her accusation -- explaining she jumped to the conclusion simply because she was told Lindsay and her friends had regular access to the trailer.

Now, Lindsay's rep Steve Honig is firing back, claiming, "Lindsay had nothing to do with it. It's an absurd story."

Alger says she wants the missing stuff returned, and hopes to repair the rest so she can put the trailer on display.



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Too bad someone couldn't have stepped in and barred the low-budget, sh** network Lifetime from producing their bio-pic about Elizabeth Taylor, who of course, found nothing wrong (or disrespectful) with casting the super trashy, off-the-rails Lohan. Pathetic.

751 days ago


Lohan steals stuff from a house, Lohan trashes a trailer.
I know we shouldn't blame the victim, but at this point why would anybody allow Lohan anywhere near their property?

751 days ago


Innocent until proven Lilo, sorry girl I had to.

751 days ago


DA on e cigarette butts and have the LAPD swipe the place for finger prints. Lying Lohan has finger prints on file.
This is such a shame. I feel so sorry for Angel

751 days ago


Lindsay's excuse: My dog ate my trailer.

751 days ago


If those cig butts are Parliaments, then things get more interesting.

I find it astonishingly hilarious that Nicole can sit here and give a definite "Lindsay did not do it, there's no evidence" statement. If it hasn't been fully investigated by the insurance company, then we don't even know what evidence there is or isn't. And you can't say she didn't do it, for the same f*cking reason! DUMBASS.

751 days ago


If anyone has seen pictures of Lying Lohans apt. or hotel rooms, you will agree thats excactly what it looks like
Lindsay and her friends did do this.

751 days ago


And hey, there is one of Lind's vodka bottles, I mean water bottles. FFS, that is DISGUSTING. To wantonly destroy something with that kind of historic value and sentimental value is a crime against humanity. Oh wait, we are talking about Linds and her fellow druggies. Nevermind......

751 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Sure, bitch. Where there's smoke, there's firecrotch. The "water" bottle laying on the floor over there is the piece de resistance.

751 days ago


Don't forget the trademark waterbottle ...Swab that and I bet ya you will come up with vodka and water, and lots of Lohan spit...

751 days ago


Ok, this number has surfaced twice. $100,000. $100,000 for jewelry and sunglasses, $100,000 for a trashed Trailer. How many places did she need to stay?????. Lindsay is a hand full, but if the Dick and Liz movie was on a budget, how and why would they need the Trailer for Lindsay and have her staying at a Posh Hotel....somethings smells here

751 days ago


Elizabeth Taylor Trailer Elizabeth Taylor Trailer Elizabeth Taylor Trailer Elizabeth Taylor Trailer

751 days ago


Blohans EVER PRESENT 'water' bottle. Nuff said!

751 days ago


How many times has she been caught in lies and engaging in unsavory or illegal behavior, including getting into a car accident during the filming of this movie and then tell the police she wasn't driving ... only to claim she is innocent and had nothing to do with it.
.... And how long will it be before she is finally prosecuted and serves real time behind bars for all her illegal activities?

751 days ago


I was just about to remark on the water bottle.. ever-present they are. In her hands, in the trunk of her car, in her car accident road debris, at Coachella, at the surf shop, on set of her lame movies, in her trashed trailer...

751 days ago
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