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Republican National Convention

Stripper Business

BOOMING in Tampa

8/30/2012 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No one makes it rain like sexually repressed old white men -- at least according to a manager at a strip club in Tampa, who tells TMZ the club's business has DOUBLED ever since the Republican National Convention rolled into town.

The manager at Skin Tampa tells us, the club has been sending its hottest girls to the RNC with cards and flyers -- offering free entry to anyone attending the convention -- and the response has been insane.

The manager says the club's traffic has exploded thanks to the special RNC deal -- and revenue has doubled with it.

But the club isn't stopping there -- according to the manager, it's going the extra mile to welcome everyone at the RNC, decking the place out with Republican-themed decorations.

The manager says Mitt Romney has yet to stop by -- but tells us, "We would love for [him] to come!"


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your own luck    

If you really believe in the Republican platform and all their good Christian "family values", it would seem very hypocritical to be running off to some sleazy strip joint to see women degrade themselves.

751 days ago

Ben from Baltimore    

What happened to most Republicans being Evangelical Christians? Would Jesus approve of this behavior? They are a bunch of hypocrites and I would hate to be them when they go home to their wives. They better have a divorce lawyer on their cell phone's speed dial.

751 days ago


Those are some good ol' Christian boys for ya.

751 days ago

Don Martin    

I hear it is a great place to meet a Secret Service Agent....Har Har Har!

751 days ago


This is hilarious. It makes Tampa out to be this incredible strip club den of sin on the scale of Las Vegas. I've been to Tampa many times and strip clubs are pretty small and innocuous along the Dale Mabry Highway just south of the football stadium. One is owned by a local celebrity named Joe Redner (Mons Venus) and another has what looks like the remnants of the 1947 Roswell UFO crash on its roof.

Most guys I've spoken to say the strippers are fairly trashy looking.

751 days ago


The flyer the Strippers are passing out to RNC members offers free entry to the strip club.
Would that qualify as "legitmate" entry or "forcible" entry???

751 days ago


Wait a like to look at naked women and have sex?
No way!
Hahaha all this shows is that the democrats are the ones who are sexually repressed.
They find out *some* republican men like naked women and sex, and they go all over TV and the media and throw **huge** ranting hissy fits about it.
They do realize this is funny to the rest of us, right?
Guys like me, who aren't republican, who are independent (and others who are centrist, moderate etc).....what do you suppose we're thinking when we see a bunch of democrats spit and rant that republican men like women and sex?
Yep you got it...we just see a bunch of really, really sexually repressed democrats trying to make the rest of us judge republican men for....liking naked women and sex :D

751 days ago


No worries they will be NO Rapes at the RNC.... nothing they will call rape LOL

751 days ago


Oh, but aren't these the men who are pious, virtuous, and don't look at women other than their wives???

751 days ago


wonder when the last time he come?

751 days ago

Sal Minella    

This is interesting because the NY Daily News wrote a piece today saying that the strip clubs in Tampa haven't seen any real increase in business, so either they're all going to this one strip club, or this owner is lying. I remember years ago when the Republican National Convention came to Philadelphia, the local media hyped up the strip club story then, but it turned out that they didn't see any increase in business then.

751 days ago


It might not be of the best impression, but at least these republicans don't have it in their minds "to put ya'll back in chains", as is the case with the proven history of the Democrats.

751 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

At least GOP men are chasing freaking women instead of some *****mokkkiing Barney mo like the left convention will breed like Malaria in an Oprah funded African school where the teachers are raping the children at will .....which is helping bankrupt the Orca along with her support for Obama by the way, something I'm enjoying watching

751 days ago


This place was craaa azy back inda day! It was a BYOB joint in the late 80's because they could not serve alcohol with full nudity... Just roll in there with a fifth of jack and get jacked by these biker chicks with the muffler burns on their calves! Yeeehaw!

751 days ago


Now TMZ need to get a report from the Tampa Gay bars to see how it's going there. I'm sure business is booming with the amount of closeted GOP's on the loose.

751 days ago
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