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Clint Eastwood

Reality Show Did NOT

Set Up Obama Schtick

8/31/2012 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood
was NOT put up to his painful Barack Obama schtick last night by the producers of his family's reality show -- in fact, sources close to the legend tell TMZ, Clint "acts that way all the time at home."

There's been a lot of speculation -- Clint's bit was so awful ... there's no way it wasn't a setup for reality TV ... but we're told it really wasn't. The whole thing was Clint's idea, and even his family had no clue what he planned to do on stage.

According to sources, Clint's family's reality show "Mrs. Eastwood & Company" has not officially been picked up for a 2nd season and they're not currently in production -- so there's no way producers could have had a hand in last night's trainwreck.  

We’re told Clint's family believes his speech was widely misunderstood -- Clint just has a dry sense of humor that people don't understand.



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Tony C    

The best part is is plays to the seniors - so anyone younger then 55 looks like a tool for making negative comments

750 days ago


The man is aging - just like all of you .... I think he did a terrific job and I understood every word.... and he did it without any teleprompter so the man is still a quick thinker!

750 days ago


I loved his speach. I am so tired of politics. I dont believe a word they say. I thought it was very funny and he did a good job. Who said it was a train wreck? If it was so bad why did the white house feel the need to reply or acknowledge it. TMZ please keep your polotics out of your stories and just report. Dont spin it.

750 days ago


He sounded like a blubbering idiot.....which pretty much sums up everyone in the republican party.

750 days ago


And I thought Mitt Romney himself would be the biggest azz at the event. I guess the best that Romney can do is vice-azz.

750 days ago

Umm ok...    

I loved it & thought it was funny. He's an 82 year old man that has the guts to get up there and voice his opinion while also entertaining people. Good for him!!

Sorry Hollywood Libs, I read you're tweets about Clint and quite honestly I didn't know who half of you even were.

750 days ago


You guys are pretty messed up... Slanting left at the expense of an American hero like Clint Eastwood just sucks. The guy is 80+ years old for Christ' sake. Referring to his speech as "painful schtick" or as a "trainwreck" could not be more disrespectful (I don't care what CNN or ABC had to say). Shame on you TMZ.

750 days ago


Even though I am an Obama supporter, I think the idea was a brilliant way to of expressing their message. Clint is getting old, so you can't expect the sharp performance of years ago. But, the whole thing is what you'd expect at a RNC

750 days ago


Very sad. he`s obviously somewhat demented. Happens to the best of them.

750 days ago


I thought Clint Eastwood was very funny and made excellent points at the same time. I've been a registered democrat for 30 years and I'm disgusted about how the far left has taken the party bordering on socialism and elitism(naturally the powerful would be the elite and just pass around everyone else's money). I used to enjoy Chris Matthews years ago. Now he's just a fast-talking blathering idiot who "senses" racism at every turn. I can't remember what the U.S.S.R.'s News organization was called before, but it's called MSNBC now.
If the far-far left media has to pick on Clint and his presentation, they must be seeing something really disturbing in the polls to make them so desperate. I guess the republican tent is where I should be from now on.

750 days ago


Ha, you think as awful because he doesn't support your liberal trash agenda. I thought Clint was GREAT and support everything he said!
Obama is going to lose big.

750 days ago


don't be hating on clint !!!! he did an outstanding job. He was like obama when he doesn't use his telepromter. the truth doesn't lie........

750 days ago


Let's face reality. Majority of American don't care about the conventions regardless of party. Eastwood brought people to watch and the left overs stayed to watch Romney. What once was just another Thursday is now being talked about everywhere. And now it will be interesting to see if the Democrats can pull off a stunt to attract viewers. But the bottom line is, Eastwood was funny.

750 days ago


If Mr. Eastwood would have made the same speech for obama you would have praised his words and commended him for being truthful but since he is not a fanatical liberal like yourself you insult him to the point of calling his remarks stupid and even though I disagree with you I am proud to live in a country where everyone can say what they think without being afraid of persecution or punishment for their words so I can see how having a law degree and being on television doesn't give a person the culture or education to respect other peoples choices and opinions that differ from them as you ( Harvey) have shown and keep on showing every day with your remarks.

750 days ago

Pete the Geek    

He is a great ACTOR and his performance was aimed at his target audience, the RNC attendees. He also got them a lot of publicity.

750 days ago
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