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Clint Eastwood

Bumbles Through

Invisible Obama Schtick

8/31/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clint Eastwood brought down the partisan crowd at the RNC by stumbling through an 11-minute bit last night that was supposed to be painfully hysterical ... but might have been just painful.

The legendary actor/director got on stage and addressed an empty stool next to him, saying ... "I've got Mr. Obama sitting here. I just was gonna ask him a couple questions."

During the schtick 82-year-old Clint seemed confused at times as he critiqued the President's 4 years in office ... and set up punchlines like, "What do you want me to tell Romney? I can't tell him to do that. He can't do that to himself."

President Obama responded to the invisible routine this morning by tweeting a pic of the back of his chair with the message, "This seat's taken."

No doubt, landing an icon like Eastwood to warm up the crowd for Mitt Romney was a coup for the GOP -- but still, we gotta ask ...


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Barack Hussein Obama is trash. He comes from a white trash mother and a Kenyan father who left his mother and him, to go on with several other women. By his own admission (in his book), Obama is an addict - marijuana, alcohol and "blow." He was a community organizer, who through the shady Chicago-thug style political moves of David Axelrod, sleazily won a Senate seat. He was, not suprisingly, a do-nothing Senator. He doesn't have the background or the brains to be the President of the United States. And yes, while he is friends with former(?) crack dealer, Jay Z, Beyonce, Oprah and Clooney, that doesn't mean he should be the leader of the free world. Send him packing...back to the basketball court and golf course, where he has spent most of his time during the past 4 yrs. He's a friggin embarrassment.

748 days ago


He is 82, give him a break.
bigger question was where was Ron Paul? Why are they trying to brush him under a rug.

748 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Clint supports same sex marriage.

748 days ago


I missed the live show but i got alert on mobile and that's very good if you want to get daily free alert on celeb gossip go to here

748 days ago


Ah jeeze erase and rewind please...that was sad to watch..unprepared, confused, inarticulate..maybe Clint got reprogrammed by the Mitt and Paul???

748 days ago

Just Karen    

It's so sad to see people age. I'm not going to comment because I might be there myself someday so I'm not going to judge. I just wish Clint the best, I've always liked him and he made my day.

748 days ago


I guess haters hate everything, & don't have a sense of humor....clint was fantastic, it was all in fun. wtf people can't a F@uckin joke in the 21 century, c'mon people lighten up..

748 days ago


These tea baggers/gop people think we all forgot that it was thier policies that got us in this mess. GW took over a surplus of cash and left us with a huge deficit that keeps getting bigger from his tax breaks and banking policies. WE need to get all that money back before Romney's pals take off to other coutries with it.

748 days ago


Way too much product in what's left of Clint's hair, and two, the bit was old.

But more to the point, President Obama is famously cool. He doesn't swear, (except to call Kanye a jackass after he jumped on stage to grab the mic out of Taylor Swift's hand.)

President Obama would never say such a thing so there was no satire.

The Republican Party has Never and will Never forgive President Obama for being cool, while they're stuck with Mr. Cardboard.

But Clint was so off-base, am thinking the FAA might want to invite him out for a check-ride.

748 days ago


you liberal cu*nts, the teleprompter broke on him and he did that whole thing ad lib, I say that's pretty good considering Obama can't say one sentence without the prompter, at least Clint formed words, not eh ah eh eh eh, like your marxist master Obama.
Im writing in my vote this year, Obama/Romney two heads on the same coin.

748 days ago


Clint Eastwood is a racist republican! All republicans are racist!

748 days ago


Bumbled through? Really? Obama mixes up his words and mumbles and skips over his words all the time and no one accuses him of "bumbling through". Eastwood was funnier than hell! I can't stand his movies but he hit a home run with that speech. It's okay if you liberals didn't like it and want to refer to him as "bumbling through it", we feel the same way about O's speeches! GOOD JOB CLINT!!!!

748 days ago


Yikes, I'd rather remember him as "Dirty" Harry Callahan.

748 days ago


Basically Obama sucks and I pray to God that he is not relected. He had his chance to improve this country and he has FAILED BIG time.If relected this country will become a bunch of leeches. We already have that in social security,food stamps and healthcare. I have to work for stupid ass lazy people who want to carry around a food stamp instead of go to work. Obama needs to get out and hope he is not there for another 4years of bull****.

748 days ago


Clint Eastwood is a racist republican! All republicans are racist!

748 days ago
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