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Evelyn Lozada

Chad Is 'A Good Guy

Who Made a Bad Choice'

8/31/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Evelyn Lozada says despite his arrest for allegedly head-butting her, she still loves estranged husband Chad Johnson -- but adds she can't imagine speaking to him any time soon.

In an interview with "Nightline" that airs tonight, Lozada described the alleged domestic violence incident as "a bad choice that destroyed his life ... But it was his choice, it wasn't mine."

Lozada said she hopes Chad is getting help and she wants "the best for him," but says that being apart is "the right thing."

Johnson is expected to be arraigned in September. Evelyn filed for divorce 2 days after his arrest.

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Rihanna and Evelyn thinks it is okay to hit, scratch, and bite these guys, yet they are supposed to take this abuse from these women. I say; if you don't want to be hit, keep your hand to yourself. Then they want people to feel sorry for them. I say they deserve it. If a woman hit my sons, they have better hit back. I tell my daughter, you don't want to be hit keep your hands to yourself. I think these guys get a bad rap from these women. Men if you continue to beat women you could get blown away, it is not worth it. Let these women alone . Evelyn knows she has shown her A!! Many time on the basketball wives. I would not associate with a person like that; she has no respect for herself or her daughter...

783 days ago


When my son were small little girls, would hit them and bite them and when they tried to defend themselves, the mothers said little boys don’t hit little girls, I said the to the mothers, teach your little girls not to hit my little boys, because little girls hurt little boys, and if they hit my sons, I teach them to hit back. Why should they be hurt, because they are letting girls and women that beat the hell out of them?

783 days ago


BOYCOTT the frickin' stations that film this women beater and I am not talking about Chad. Where is even a lil scar? God knows you'de see something on that huge forehead. Where is a single picture of the injury? I can assure you if there were ANY sort of nick on her she would have had it plastered EVERYWHERE. Liar, liar pants on fire and shame on Nightline for giiving her the time of day and for not talking about HER repeated abuse of women on film.

783 days ago


Notice how she couldn't say "friendS" (plural)??? She beat um all up.

783 days ago

furious cupcakes    

no but seriously, where's this "horrid" injury on her forehead? No even a scratch, no sign of stitches or the healing of a deep gash. Yes make-up was applied, but we would see something. Nothing.

783 days ago


She is nothing less than NASTY!

783 days ago


It's hard to find sympathy for a woman who threw an entire bottle of wine towards someone ...

783 days ago


Interviewer can you ever "invision a day where you can ask her why it's ok for her to repeatedly beat up women?"

783 days ago


you're talking kinda early, aren't you? it hasn't been that long and here you come with a tv interview.

783 days ago


Cry me a river... How about getting help for your damn self?! You can't go around assaulting people, jumping tables and throwing bottle at people and expecting Life to be good to you in return... Karma is a bitch and you got what you deserve you evil Witch!!!

783 days ago


Youve been violent too E! You're always seen on your reality show going off hitting some poor girl. You need anger mgt too.

782 days ago


SMOKING GUN: EVELYN LOZADA ADMITS TO ASSAULTING A WOMAN!!!! KANDI KOATED NIGHT 6.20.12...please go to ustream/kandionline.com for further details.

782 days ago


Awww, she isn't wearing her big earring hoops now! He face isn't plastered with as much make up. Gotta look the part ya know. She can't go up there looking like her bitch self! I bet she made a good amount of money for this interview. We all knew she wasn't going to be married long. She's an embarrassment to women every where. She's a complete bitch and she makes black women look REAL awful!!!

780 days ago

Ms. Dammitt    

I don't condone domestic violence but that's what happens when whores marry people they don't really know. Publicity Publicity what people do for fame. lol

771 days ago

Ms. Diva    

Evelyn, your a liar and should be shame of yourself for ruining Chad's career. Evelyn you're nothing but a golddigger and you admitted in so many words in your last interview, by saying (you were afraid of losing everything). Also, you degraded yourself by letting a man tell you on national tv with millions of viewers watching, saying that he wants to have sex with other woman and you agreed. So bottom line it wasn't about love; it was about your ass being greedy. I felt that you was being fake during the interview. As a woman I do not have any remorse or respect for you.

765 days ago
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