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Justin Bieber

Paparazzi CRASH

After Chasing Him

8/31/2012 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber was in the middle of a crazy incident Friday afternoon, which ended with 2 paparazzi crashing into each other ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Justin was either a passenger or the driver in his Fisker Karma (it's unclear because we have shots of him in both seats), which was traveling down Ventura Blvd. A CHP officer happened to pass him, and noticed a Nissan driving "aggressively close behind."  

The cop stopped Justin for tinted windows, knowing that the Nissan would probably stop ... which it did.  Turns out ... the Nissan was being driven by someone in Justin's security detail.

As the cop was speaking to Justin, several paparazzi roared up to the scene. Two of them in separate cars apparently lost control, hit each other and went up on the curb.

As far as we know, no one was cited.


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Hot Farts    

Ditto on the douchey car comment...I guess it is what immature 14 year old gender dysphorics drive when they have cash to burn...they made the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA buff down the shine/glare because it was burning holes in the furniture, windows and retnas of their neighbors...IT needs a fix-it ticket to take down the glare on this retarded Barbie mobile

750 days ago


I think the paparazzi got what they deserved by crashing, BUT since they weren't on the scene until after Bieber was stopped, it seems like he and his security team were in the wrong. If he was stopped for tinted windows, I wonder why he wasn't ticketed? I think all of them should receive hefty fines for endangering drivers every day !

750 days ago


I take picture...I smash up.

750 days ago


Is this kid kidding with this car? He is nothing but pap bait driving around in a car that looks like this. Get something a bit lower key! No sympathy for him at all.

750 days ago


So Let me get this straight in California it is a problem to have Tinted windows, but driving a sports car that is painted all chrome with the California sun glaring off the car that can potentially blind drivers is Legal What a great state,

750 days ago


If Cal. does not do something after this to stop these nut jobs chasing celebrities(and I'm using the term very loosely here!), then the next time they cause an accident, it might be a fatality . And don't think the state itself could not be held responsible in a lawsuit. The state needs to put an end to the danger these photographers (again very loosely) are putting people in!

750 days ago


This kid is a joke. His car screams "look at me" yet he wants his privacy. Can't have your cake and eat too azzclown.

750 days ago


Get that crazy kid off the road...

750 days ago


Justin:" I wonder how these paparazzi always find me"
Rest of the world " Well If you didnt draw so much attention to yourself driving a chrome car, you wouldnt have such a problem."
.. Also i always wonder why famous people who do get in these situations, why do they insist on racing away? if he just went the speed limit oppose to the 100 mph he goes, then it wouldnt be a chase, rather a harmless follow...

750 days ago


Haha another one bites the dust :D
Bad ass car.

750 days ago


Not that I care much, but paparazzis seem to put not only themselves and the celebrities in dangers way but everyone around in the area at the time....

I am going to assume this is no concern for safety of others lives, until someone winds up seriously injured or even dead.

750 days ago


If these douchebags didn't drive such douchebaggy cars don't they think they would be less noticeable to paps? I don't get it.

750 days ago


Perhaps he shouldn't drive the flashiest car on the planet... especially if he doesn't like the attention. Just sayin'.

750 days ago


I bet he was playing with the hot flysmacker iPhone app!

750 days ago


didn't he get a ticket before regarding tinted windows??

750 days ago
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