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Michael Jackson's Birthday

La Toya & Paris

Party with MJ Impersonator

8/31/2012 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0830_katherine_jackson_impersonator_subWhile celebrating Michael Jackson's birthday on Wednesday, La Toya and Paris Jackson partied it up by hanging out with a look-alike MJ impersonator.

La Toya and Paris snapped pics with tribute artist Carlo Riley at the annual "Goin' Back to Indiana" birthday celebration for the King of Pop in his hometown of Gary.

Riley looks so much like MJ that he said Katherine Jackson told him, "You're going to make me cry." While Paris added, "I love your outfit."

It's the man in the mirror.


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This family has never come close to average but is it just me or is it very weird that they keep having events with MJ impersonators. I think those people are a blade of grass from being stalkers!!!

727 days ago


The guy Carlo wears too much lipstick and eye makeup, Michael Jackson was never that made up!

727 days ago


It's always a smooth ride when you're riding somebody's coat tails. Unless daddy was a pedophile and you don't know where your genes came from and you were purchased from bio-mommy trashbin.

727 days ago


Michael Jackson’s Annual Memorial, Not Bad, But King of Pop Deserves More


Michael Jackson’s later life caught a terrible break when he was accused and put on trial for child molestation. A jury acquitted Jackson, but the experience had a significant aging impact on how the king of pop lived the rest of his life.

Recent research into the pop idol’s life suggests that Jackson may have been grossly misunderstood throughout his entire adult life. The record seems to indicate that Michael simply found it easier to relate to children, which is a far cry from having sexual interests in them. When adults age, childhood interests usually gives way to what we call adult curiosities. The theory here suggests that Jackson never makes this common transition. The facts may be that the legendary performer had no hidden agenda other than his obvious desire to remain young as long as humanly possible. Such a desire would largely explain Jackson’s behavior, often filmed playing with water guns on his estate with children unloading gallons of water on each other and the pop star during these playful activates.

Three years since his death, instead of uncovering hidden occasions of sexual deviancy toward children, we find in its place a humanitarian philanthroper who was at times completely consumed by efforts to help those less fortunate than himself.

So what’s my point?

To put it simply, if we do not transform the mild (in comparison to Elvis) annual celebration of Jackson’s birth into something much more far-reaching and significant, we do Jackson’s memory a grave injustice.

This is not to disrespect the accomplishments and legacy of Elvis Priestley and what he has meant to his devoted fans, family and friends; but only to point out that Michael Jackson deserves recognition on at least the same level as “The King of Rock.”

Jackson fans, friends and family, this is not only something we ought to do, this is something we must do, for when he was alive, we allowed so many to persuade us into misjudging his true and enormously kind character as we all followed the mob and its chants; “off with his head.” Celebrating “The King of Pop” on a broader scale than we presently exhibit, won’t right wrong, but it may remind us enough so the next time we’re perfunctorily going through the motions of simply following others without considering the consequence of our actions, we might remember Michael and consequently become mindful not to repeat history.

With that said, it was a welcoming site to see that by Wednesday night a throng of several hundred milled in front of a temporary stage at 2300 Jackson St., peering into the fenced yard at distant Jackson relatives and intimates on the lawn.

“This is where it all began,” said Carlo Riley, a Jackson devotee from Denver who wore a futuristic, military-style uniform that mimicked Jackson’s late-1980s “Bad” fashion sensibility. “I’m actually surprised there are not more people here. If this were Germany, or anywhere else in the world, people would have been camped out here for days.”

The Rev. Jesse Jackson agreed. “It all started here,” he said, pointing at the two-bedroom house just off-stage. “(The Jacksons) didn’t come out of Julliard.”

In the years since Michael Jackson’s death, the vigils have grown less impromptu. Smaller crowds return on that anniversary, and the city has hosted celebrations on his birthday each year.

This year marked the first time Jackson’s family has been actively involved in planning the event, Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said Wednesday at a news conference at the city’s Majestic Star Casino.

Jackson’s mother, Katherine, and his three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, are expected to participate in commemorative functions planned for this week, including making appearances at a baseball game and a concert, local officials said.

Freeman-Wilson’s predecessor, Rudy Clay, courted Jackson’s father, Joseph Jackson, and sought to create a Graceland-style tourist attraction around a Jackson Family museum. Freeman-Wilson said the plan is no longer on the city’s front burner but that it was important the city celebrate its most famous native son.

“Miss Jackson came to me and said, ‘I want to be integrally involved,’ ” Freeman-Wilson told a crowd of reporters and fans at the news conference, which Katherine Jackson did not attend. Jackson said she wanted Michael Jackson’s children “to know where their dad grew up,” according to Freeman-Wilson.

The mayor seemed to play a role in cajoling the reluctant younger Jacksons out of their sport utility vehicle to accept a set of T-shirts Wednesday afternoon.

About 30 minutes after Gary Chamber of Commerce Director Chuck Hughes introduced “the most famous offspring in the world,” Prince Michael and Paris climbed out of the SUV — Blanket remained inside — and collected their Team Gary T-shirts from the mayor, saying thank you so softly that their voices were nearly drowned out by the clicking of camera shutters.

The King of Pop and the rest of the Jackson clan lived in the two-bedroom house until shortly after the Jackson 5 hit single “I Want You Back” rose to No. 1 in 1969. The house remained in the family. An uncle, who did not enjoy visits from fans, lived there until 2009.

This year the Jackson festivities, themed “Goin’ Back to Indiana: Can You Feel It,” were to stretch over the week, continuing Thursday with the children attending a game at the city’s minor league baseball stadium and ending Saturday with a tribute concert at West Side High School.

Kathleen Mittler, a 28-year-old fan from Dresden, Germany, said she planned a trip to the U.S. to coincide with Jackson’s birthday and arrived at 2300 Jackson around 11 a.m. “I just love his music,” she said.

Freeman-Wilson, the Mayor of Gary, will host a special dinner on Friday to commemorate the life of the King of Pop as well as honor Michael’s mother Katherine.

While at the moment this year’s celebration is honorable and quite a tribute to a fallen gift that gave so much. Let’s hope that between now and next year, leader step up to give this annual event the notoriety, prestige and grandiose spectacle worthy of “The King of Pop.”

727 days ago


That is really sick.

727 days ago


“This is where it all began,” said Carlo Riley,...........

The Rev. Jesse Jackson agreed. “It all started here,”


This year the Jackson festivities, themed “Goin’ Back to Indiana: Can You Feel It,”



"It" will be so fitting, if they mean molestation.

727 days ago


METRO VANCOUVER — Former Global BC television reporter Ron Bencze was sentenced in Surrey Provincial Court Tuesday to four years in jail for sexually assaulting a young boy.
At the sentencing, Judge Robin Baird said the Crown's request of two to three years in prison was "too lenient", and his decision was greeted with sighs of relief from people in the public gallery. The defence had asked for an 18- to 24-month conditional sentence followed by probation, or an intermittent sentence.
Bencze, 45, will also have to register as a sex offender and is prohibited from using electronic devices to contact minors for the next 10 years and from going to such public areas as parks, schools, playgrounds, community centres and daycare centres for the next 20 years.
Bencze was arrested in January, 2011, and later charged with nine sexual offences related to three children. He pleaded guilty in July to one count of sexual assault involving a boy, who is now 14. The offending began when the boy was around six years old.
Bencze was initially charged with three counts of sexual assault, four counts of sexual interference, two counts of invitation to sexual touching involving three people under the age of 16 and one count of breaching his bail conditions. The remaining charges were stayed by the Crown following sentencing.
Bencze has been on bail for 18 months, unable to live at home with his wife and three children and only able to visit his children while supervised.
The sexual acts between Bencze and the boy included sexual touching and acts, as well as sexually explicit text messages.
Judge Baird read statements the boy and his mother made previously regarding the offending.
"When the abuse began, I was young and it was ongoing for years through my adolescence," wrote the boy. "I feel that I have missed out on a childhood that was meant for me, not the tainted one that I have experienced."
He wrote, "I'm trying to live and behave as a normal, average teenager," but added that he has had troubles at home, school and with making friends.
"Our son has lost his innocence," wrote the boy's mother. "Our son is embarrassed by this subject and has had his pride taken away."
During a psychiatric evaluation when Bencze was asked about the relationship with the boy Bencze said he "wanted to please him" and that being with him made Bencze become "more of a child."
"I think the complainant filled a void," Bencze said at the time.
He later acknowledged the moral impact of his actions and admitted to being angry with himself for thinking such contact was OK. However, he also claimed that the complainant initiated the sexual relationship.
"The level of the accused's recklessness and abandon is alarming," said Judge Baird. He noted that Bencze had no prior criminal record and said, "He was a normal adult with a normal background who should have known better."


During a psychiatric evaluation when Bencze was asked about the relationship with the boy Bencze said he "wanted to please him" and that being with him made Bencze become "more of a child."
"I think the complainant filled a void," Bencze said at the time.

Isn't this the same sick excuse MJ and his rabids claim???

Totally sick and disgusting!

727 days ago

elzbieta szczawinska     

riley nie jest podobny do MJ to marna kopia nie rozumiem rodziny ktora korzysta z kogos takiego Michael jest wyjatkowu jak boskie zjawisko i zastepowac GOkims tak marnym to wstyd dla calej rodziny a w szczegolnosci dla dzieci milosc dla MJ i calego swiata

727 days ago


ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — Police in Abbotsford, B.C., are looking for a teen suspect and a man believed to be his caregiver after two young boys were assaulted in an airport bathroom.

A news release says the brothers entered a washroom in the Abbotsford Airport terminal building on Wednesday afternoon when they were assaulted by a teen boy approached them.

Police say the suspect, believed to be between 13 and 16, touched one of the boys’ genitals and then bit the other in the stomach.

The teen was believed to be accompanied by an older man in his 50s.

Police say witnesses believed the teen suspect may have had special needs and the older man was either his guardian or caregiver.


Pedos, be gone, already!!!

iPad every day
MJ died too late!

727 days ago



727 days ago


New Spike Lee do***entary pays tribute to Michael Jackson's genius

Michael Jackson is bathed in light, his arms outstretched and head back, as if crucified, at the end of Spike Lee's do***entary "Bad 25" -- a fitting image for the late pop legend who to some extent basked in fame, but was also clearly tormented by it.

Lee calls the do***entary "a love letter" to Jackson. It made its Venice debut on Friday, the 25th anniversary of the blockbuster album's release.

"I think it's amazing that here we are in Venice for the world premiere of "Bad25" on the exact date 25 years ago the album was released," Lee told a group of journalists ahead of the premiere.

Lee was commissioned by Sony and Epic records to make a do***entary for the anniversary, gathering interviews with collaborators on the album: dancers, choreographers, song writers, short film directors, back-up singers, sound technicians and friends.

'"Bad' has been overlooked because it is the album that immediately came after Thriller, which is the best selling album of all time," Lee said. "Also 'Bad' was when Michael really started to flex his muscles creatively. He wrote nine of the 11 songs."

The collage of recollections lifts the lid off mysteries like who was Annie, as in 'Annie are you O.K.' in "Smooth Criminal" (Annie is the name of all CPR dummies) and why Jackson sings "Shamon" on the "Bad" title track (a tribute to blues singer Mavis Staples.)

Jackson, we learn, also never used the term "music videos." They were short films, and Martin Scorsese comments on "Bad," which he directed. Shot in Harlem and a Brooklyn subway station in New York City, it marked Wesley Snipes' film debut and was designed to give Jackson street cred.

Lee said he was drawn to the project because of its focus on the music, and away from the media frenzy that surrounded him, the perceived eccentricities and misconceptions.

"Let's focus on his genius. Let's focus on his music. Forget the other stuff," Lee said.

The do***entary argues strongly for Jackson's genius, highlighting his achievements as a singer, songwriter, producer, performer, dancer and fashion trendsetter.

And it do***ents his attention to detail and hard work. Lee discovers a sketch Jackson made of the costume for "Smooth Criminal," including the armband and a handwritten note to himself: "Study the Greats to become great." His vocal coach talked about Jackson's range of more than 3 1/2 octaves, and dancers about how he worked into the night to come up with fresh moves for videos starting with "Bad."

"For me there were no discoveries, it reaffirmed what I thought I knew. He worked hard. Michael busted his ass," Lee said.

"Bad25," shown out of competition in Venice, will be released in February, along with another hour of behind-the-scenes footage.

The do***entary's final image is taken from film of his famous July 16, 1998 concert at Wembley Stadium in England of the "Bad Tour." Jackson finishes singing "Man in the Mirror" -- a song that has become posthumously Jackson's unofficial anthem -- and throws back his arms and head in a final flourish.

"I am not going to say Michael was Jesus Christ," Lee told a news conference at the festival. "But if you look at the performance, he was somewhere else. That was one of the greatest performances, ever, ever, ever. He is not of this world."

Read more:***entary-pays-tribute-to-michael-jackson-genius/#ixzz25FidrSzd


726 days ago


Spike Lee on Michael Jackson and Bad 25 (69th Venice International Film Festival)


726 days ago
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