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Paul Ryan's Black Ex

I'm a Democrat ...

But I'm STILL a Ryan Fan

8/31/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paul Ryan's ex-girlfriend Deneeta Pope
Paul Ryan
's college sweetheart -- who happens to be black -- says she's a full-fledged Barack Obama supporter ... but she still can't help but cheer for the GOP's Vice Presidential candidate.

In case you didn't know ... Ryan has claimed he experienced racism because his sister-in-law is black ... and his own college girlfriend was black too.

Now, Ryan's 40-year-old college gf is speaking out -- her name's Deneeta Pope, and she tells the Daily Mail, "I am indeed a Democrat. That’s no secret. But although I have a different political association to Paul, I support him and wish him continued success."

As for the racism Ryan talked about -- Pope says she never saw it ... but adds, "Paul is a very nice guy, a kind guy and a family guy."

And if that's not enough to show he's still on great terms with his ex -- Pope says Ryan and his wife even attended Pope's wedding in May.

Well, at least we know Ryan's good at break-ups.

Oh yeah ... and Deneeta's really hot -- check out this video she did for her local bar method studio in Chicago. 


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TMZ is having a slow news day.... again! the full article was on the mailonline

761 days ago


Let's be clear here. The only reason Ryan Paul is getting attention is because he's hot. He's still a politician. Politician = Liar, no matter what your party affiliation is. Let's ignore the entire campaign, give none of them any money, and vote, NONE OF THE ABOVE, for every election. The money we'd save on their saleries, health benefits, and retirement packages whould completely clear our debt!

761 days ago


How disgusting. Wish I never heard or saw this about Ryan, I actually believed he was a good one. To admit to this takes him down to a whole different level of humanity and what decent woman would have him after knowing this is beyond me.

761 days ago


who cares!

761 days ago


Oh hellz yeah I'd be tapping that nice bubble butt beauty too....DAMN, he got game he's got my vote....better than that nasty horseface, BIG ASS MAMA hen Michelle Obama...EEEWWW I just threw up in mouth a little-

761 days ago


Doesn't Ryan realize that he's a member if the KKK party? Wow.. this must make things really awkward now.

761 days ago


Republican white women are crapping themselves right about now LOL LOL LOL!

761 days ago


RUDEBLACKDUDE -you know your white. Black men don't go describing themselves as "black guys" or black women as "black chicks". ...dumba$$

761 days ago


I'd tap that.

761 days ago



the truth always upsets the most people. if people were sure women should have the right to vote, they wouldn't get upset at the mere suggestion that they shouldn't.

761 days ago


It is a standard Democrat line that Republicans are all racists. How many articles, including on TMZ, have started with, "Where are the Black people at the convention?" Get over it. Everyone is welcome in the Republican Party, but they are not going to go out and forcibly bus them in for a photo op. Unlike the Democrats who continue to use people and toss them aside when they are done with them. Cindy Sheehan comes to mind. Now she is a punch line running for VP with Roseanne.

760 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

He's really trying to get you to think he's cool, obviously, because he listens to LedZep and knows some black people.

Wake up, citizens, politicians (all of them) think "the masses" aka you and I, are stupid and easily manipulated.

760 days ago


Of course she is a democrat....Mitt Romney carries a 0% voter percentage with the black vote....But black people arent racist right?

760 days ago


Who cares if Ryan like a little plantation p*ssy while in college, his policies are ideology are trash.

760 days ago


Lying Ryan

759 days ago
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