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Clint Eastwood

Talking to Inanimate Objects

9/1/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_clint_eastwood_objects_launchIt appears the empty chair Clint Eastwood was talking to at the Republican National Convention actually wasn't the first inanimate object to fall victim to Eastwood's ramblings!

Check out what other lifeless objects have been subject to his speeches.


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it's not surprising a liberal can make fun of a old man, I wouldn't put it past you guys.
Too bad you can't make fun of the moron in the white house, you have a LOT of material.

790 days ago

Hank Wanky    

Wow, each new piece TMZ does on the Clint Eastwood thing gets funnier and funnier...Yawn

790 days ago


I think he was genious,also that was an old bob newhart skit...lovedddddddddddd it!!'YOU WANT ME TO TELL HIM WHAT? AWESOME..

790 days ago


TMZ can make stupid remarks about Clint all they want, but it isn't going to change the fact the Clint took obama apart like as if he were cleaning a fish. Great job Clint. I loved you performance at the "RNC.

790 days ago


The sad thing is clint believes all theese objects talk back to him like the chair did.

790 days ago

D Fleming    

Clint was awesome and cleverly stated the facts.That empty chair represented the empty promises of President Obama. THat Oval office chair was empty because he has been golfing,vacationing and campaigning the. last 3 years.,So kudos to Cliint for speaking he truth and saying what many of us think

790 days ago


Wow. That's all you've got...

790 days ago

who dat    

Of course Harvey is butthurt, Ryan isn't into equal marriage rights for gays.

790 days ago


TMZ represents the racism and hetero-phobea so rampant in today's liberal media. Its entertainment value is the stupidity of it! Like hearing a joke so stupid that it's funny! For them to call Clint Eastwood stupid is like Joe Biden calling Einstein a dunce!

790 days ago


I can't believe these stupid azz sheep are defending utter B.S. This was the most disrespectful crap I have ever seen.

790 days ago


God forbid if someone has an opinion other than the ones that like that Obama punch!

790 days ago


If Clint really wants to talk to a lifeless object ... he should try talking to Romney next time.

790 days ago


Ok let me get this straight.
1)Bush got us into 3 wars but its Obamas fault.
2)Unemployment was high with Bush but its Obamas fault
3) depression started in 2001 but its Obamas fault
4) Obama sent bills to Congress-Congress votes them down
5) congress and the Senate couldnt agree on the last 3 budgets -Thats Obamas fault
6) In Obamas first two years in office. Republicans have filobustered any thing Obama had a hand in -Thats Obamas fault.
7) These last two years the house ehas passed 0 bills in Obamas favor -Thats Obamas Fault
8) for the last two years Republicans have said we have to get rid of Obama- Thats Obamas fault

Here is an eye opener ...The President CANT PASS ANY BILLS. HE CANT SPEND ANY MONEY if Congress dont approve them.
The President is mostly a figurehead any more, he cant get anything done with out Congress and the Senate, except for very few exceptions
So WHO is to blame for our downfall ?????
Congress and the Senate thats who. We want a change ?? Get people in the House and Senate who want to get America back on her feet. We have to stop bickering and do more action. Better yet get rid of all political parties and make people run ON THEIR OWN Acheivments. We all want the same thing so why cant we all work together.

Just a thought

789 days ago


This is another example why old people should never be given a forum. They should just go away.

789 days ago

And thats the truth    

I guess none of your idiots are intellectually deep enough to get what he was doing but I will bet if he was at the DNC you would be praising him. Harvey is such a d/u/m/b/a/s/s he didn't even know there are seagulls at the beach, I bet Clint does. Clint has accomplished more in 10 years of his life that you idiots will ever accomplish in a lifetime. The man is 82 and still more intelligent then Harvey.....lmao!

789 days ago
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