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Clint Eastwood

Talking to Inanimate Objects

9/1/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_clint_eastwood_objects_launchIt appears the empty chair Clint Eastwood was talking to at the Republican National Convention actually wasn't the first inanimate object to fall victim to Eastwood's ramblings!

Check out what other lifeless objects have been subject to his speeches.


No Avatar


Haha I kind of liked him talking to the dinosaur.

785 days ago


It's amazing that you continue to pretend you don't get that Eastwood was doing a 'bit'. Unfortunately for you, everybody else got it, including our incredibly thin-skinned president. He has no sense of humor about himself, as shown by his petulant tweet. Enjoy the chair for the next few months.

785 days ago


The empty chair was a great metaphor but oh Clint....your age is showing! We get what you meant but what should have had great delivery turned out awkward at best. Shame because it was an opportunity missed.

785 days ago


In case Harvey and his band of idiots who write this junk didn't realize it Clint was talking to an "empty chair" because he considers President Obama as an "empty chair president". Meaning he has not done squat. Whether you agree with him or not why are you guys acting like he didn't know what he was doing? " Empty Chair" get it? He is not quite the doddering old fool you are trying to make him out to be. TMZ spreads garbage and you are making asses out of YOURSELVES. Time to call you out on your racist crap ( note: the continual coverage of Ryan's ex girlfriend who happens to be black). You dopes are the racists.

785 days ago


Pretty funny

785 days ago


you guys are just hating on Clint because hes a republican....thats how you stupid liberals are

785 days ago


Omg, so many liberals are such unintelligent ("facts are BORING!"), hyper-emotional ("asking people to take care of themselves is MEAN!"), hypocritical ("everybody's equal except CONSERVATIVES and OLD PEOPLE!") followers ("cuz that's what all the Hollywood drop-outs say!") -- it's astounding.

785 days ago

some guy    

When's Clint going to start making commercials for Alzheimer's medication.

785 days ago


Ha. Dumb Obama fans still don't get it.

785 days ago


I kinda feel sorry for Obama. It's gotta hurt to find out that Clint Eastwood thinks you suck.

785 days ago


His speech was better than Romney's lol Both lied like crazy, but one was funnier! WTG Clint!

785 days ago


Stupid theatrics and really not very intelligent nor done well. This kind of thing should be beneath him. I hope the Dems don't stoop that low. This is what politics has come down to. And, God forbid either of them, and particularly the Republicans, tell the damn truth.

785 days ago


Crazy, but that is who is attracted to Romney and Ryan the crazies. Smart people understand all the lies they are telling the American people. Ryan, under Bush, help create the largest debt ever, yet he is against debt. The CBPP said only 20% of the current debt is Obama, the rest was created under Bush. Republicans don't want you to hear that.

785 days ago

Derrick McLeod    

Clint just said the truth. It anyone else would have said what he said the Liberal media would have called them a racist.. Obama hasnt done one thing he promissed. Go to youtube and look up John Wayne talks about Liberals. Its funny how the things he said about them way back then is still true today...

785 days ago

South Beach    

EVERYONE loves CLINT, and I completely understood his routine...The question is to whether it was right for the situation...Many on the right think not.

785 days ago
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