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Heidi Klum

I Didn't Cheat

on Seal with My Bodyguard

9/1/2012 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0901_tmz_heidi_klum_bodyguard_seal_tmzSeal’s accusation that Heidi Klum cheated on him during their marriage is absolutely false ... at least that’s what Heidi is telling close friends.

TMZ posted a video this morning in which Seal said straight out said Heidi was screwing the bodyguard while they were together --- and that is why their marriage fell apart.

Heidi told one close friend today her relationship with the bodyguard was "strictly professional" while she was with Seal.

The friends tell us that since the split, Heidi says she has gotten "very close" to the bodyguard ... who has helped her through the difficulties of ending a marriage

As for the nature of their relationship now ... all the friend would say is it's "undefined." So that's what the kids are calling it these days.

Heidi's friend adds, "It’s sad but not surprising that he would resort to making excuses for their divorce when the real reason is looking him in the mirror."


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People with a temper problem are usually the crazy delusional jealous type.

759 days ago


I wouln't blame Heidi if she cheated --- Seal has to be one of the most unatractive men on the planet.

759 days ago


I don't believe her! All of a sudden their close???. Nahhhhh Where there's smoke there's fire!

759 days ago


Look, if your wife is an untrustworthy whore, you don't think the kids already know that? Well, they do if their mom is openly screwing the help!!! When someone does something that shows a complete lack of integrity, well, they should answer for it, and the kids should know, their dad didn't leave them, it was their mom's choice, not his. For those out there trying, you can't blame the victim, blame the villain of the story, and sometimes, as with this case, it is the woman. My neighbor, a faithful man, just committed suicide over his wife cheating on him, and then taking his kids away. The final insult was her getting pregnant for the other man, and then demanding child support from her ex-husband for the kids that she took away, this, when my neighbor only had enough money to pay his own rent...and the court knew this, they, through court order, would leave him homeless and hungry, but his ex-wifewas backed by a man with some means and well-paid lawyers. My neighbor wrote in his suicide note, "I can't afford to live". Men are not always the bad guys in a break-up. The last two girls that I was involved with lied to me, and cheated on me with various men, always showing disloyalty to me, although I was kind and giving. Today, there is a new kind of woman, maybe not all, but many don't fit the old stereo-type of loyalty, kindness, and of being natural nurturers within a relationship. Maybe we are just now seeing the repercussions of the last two generations...growing-up as children, and products of people who were actively involved in the drug culture, as the last two generations seemed to have produced a horde of sociopaths...and that does not make for good or long-running relationships, defined or undefined.

759 days ago

Throwback kid    

Seal looks like he fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, the guy just looks gross. The bodyguard looks like some type of inbred moron who took too much human growth hormone. The first gut Heidi had a baby with was rich but a gray haired old fat man. Heidi has terrible taste in men, they are all disgusting

759 days ago


I think the point is he is running on the premise that this is the high moral ticket to vote for, and that we should trust their judgement, yet look at the decisions he made in the past. He obviously doesn't choose those close to him very well.

759 days ago


She does like ugly men for some reason,doesn't she?

759 days ago


I aint surprise KIM K will cheat on K-WEST with white young guy like cuddle and kissing in public catch by photo, someday

759 days ago


Heidi, Girl You ********* tour brains out with any good Fornicator you can find.
When you've been dealing with a mean controlling ugly Sub-Par Fornicator for as long as you have put up with Seal, you certainly deserve all the high-powered *********** you want to indulge in.
Heidi, you ********* until you are too weak to walk, Girl, Now that you've got a good Hunky Fornicator to ********* with.
Happy *********** to You!

759 days ago


Yea, "Since" the split they have gotten really close. lol Yea right, In her mind the split must have happened long before it did. Guess that is how she justifies banging the help.

On a side note. It is not very professional to bang your boss. I wonder how the agency he works for will see it when they find out he been banging her.

759 days ago


seal bates her, he's pissed that she's attracted to the body guard, and gawd forbid it be wit a white man. she falls for it, and the dysfunction resets itself. bull**** love...

759 days ago


Further proof that Klum is low life tramp garbage, This airhead will never be satisfied with one penis she needs a bunch to stroke her ego. Any woman will cheat on Seal, he is black and ugly and always greasy looking then add into the mix all the holes in his face. Klum is a dumpster can she always came across as ghetto trash when she would brag about what a hot lover Seal was and how in love with his black tool she was.. ha ha big phony fake broad so glad to watch her fall and get old looking.. God always has the last laugh

759 days ago


I feel sorry for the half breed kids.

759 days ago


Black insecure guy about his wife cheating him with someone of the same race. Race shouldn't matter but Seal is having a kind of reverse jungle fever problem.

759 days ago


even if she did cheat she isnt going to admit it.

759 days ago
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