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Barack Obama

I'm a HUGE

Clint Eastwood Fan

9/2/2012 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama
has no hard feelings toward Clint Eastwood following his um ... bizarre speech at the RNC this week ... saying he has nothing but love for Dirty Harry.

In an interview published this weekend, Obama copped to being a "huge fan" of Mr. Eastwood's work, saying he's "a great actor, and an even better director."

The president did slightly dodge the question when asked if he was offended by Clint's chairtastic speech this week, saying only, "If you're easily offended, you should probably choose another profession."

It remains to be seen if Barack will need a new profession anytime soon. 



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We already have a smart president, people. Re-elect him.

748 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

Who doesn't like Clint Eastwood? :)

748 days ago


dont think Clint's record as an amazing actor and director was ever in question...I love his work which is why I was so pissed by his 'performance' at the convention..wish I could erase it from my mind..someone should've had his back

748 days ago


Obama is a very smart man I agree. He just doesn't have the same vision for our future that is compatible with a free nation. It's unthinkable to imagine another 4 years of borrowing and spending, loss of jobs, and the shredding of the constitution. We all voted for him for the promise, now it's time to vote for the man who will actually reverse the spending spree. Time to get behind Romney. Gay marriage, abortion rights, immigration, education reform are all valuable topics for debate, but this election is about restoring the USA.

748 days ago


I think its terrible the way a lot of Americans treat the President of the US..and what juvinile idiot on TMZ thinks its alright to call President Obama by his first name a Canadian I think its terribly disrespectful to such a good man and President. Grow up America if you want respect again start showing some to your President for a beginning.

748 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Can't help but notice that you've started calling the President of the United States by his first name. No matter what you think of the man, you need to respect the office.

748 days ago


President Obama has far more class, intelligence and self-respect to stoop to racism leveled against him in the past 4 years.

His "blackness" offends racist whites, who came out of the woodwork in the past 4 years. They've done nothing but try to disrespect him, dismiss and de-legitimize his presidency.

And then Republicans wonder why they're getting 0% of the black votes. It's because you're racist.

748 days ago


He said it himself, the job is not for someone as famously thin skinned as he is.

748 days ago


Clint Eastwood came out in support of gay marriage 2 years ago.

Clint has 7 kids with 5 different women. His daughter is a sl&t--watch his wife's reality show.

748 days ago


I like Clint. He's made a few movies that I like. Some sucked as an actor...some sucked as a director. Almost all of his actor movies are "Clint Eastwood" in the part. I've never, ever, seen Eastwood play a roll out of his personal character. That's not really "acting"...but I love the guy because he's an American icon. With that said:

Clint Eastwood should stick to what he knows making. Whomever picked Eastwood to do this "schtick" the other night...oughta' be fired.

As to Romney & Ryan? Think McCain & Palin...again. I feel for the Republic party. They're so busy with their own lives...they couldn't give a f*ck less about the rest of the country...and that's the truth.

748 days ago


America deserved a better first African American president. This man is a propped-up failure.

748 days ago


TMZ running a little wild-eyed with this story - and then the insults.. WHY? Because this is Harvey and TMZ @ large wanting all the libs in Hollywood to know what side of the fence they are on... This Clint-fest is all about TMZ trying to be the alpha libs....The uber dems..."Look at me mommy! I am supporting Barak Obama!" by proxy/

Okay I get it... but it's superficial...I will not vote for Romney but everything Clint said was basically true....Especially the Biden digs.

748 days ago


I wonder if he'll be easily offended when he loses the election?

748 days ago


As an actor and director he is good. Unfortunately, I have seen him in action in at the bars years ago.

748 days ago


I was told G W Bush wants to ride Anne Romney , the same way she rides her horse, HARD. LOL

748 days ago
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