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Michael Jackson

'This Is It' Promoters

Called Jackson a 'Mess'

9/2/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_jackson_article_gettyMichael Jackson was "an emotionally paralyzed mess" who was "scared to death" leading up to his planned "This Is It" concerts in 2009, this according to newly obtained emails sent by the promoters of the show.

In the emails, obtained by the LA Times, AEG's Randy Phillips traded messages back and forth with AEG President Tim Leiweke. In one email leading up to the 2009 press conference to announce the concerts, Phillips wrote, "MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent ... I (am) trying to sober him up."

Phillips said Jackson was "an emotionally paralyzed mess," that Jackson was "scared to death," and that Phillips and Jackson's manager had to dress him. The press conference ended up being very brief and very strange.

The emails were part of the discovery in an ongoing lawsuit between AEG and the insurance company that backed the tour ... which is suing to get the $17.5 million policy nullified.


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So Phia is the old spineless follower back stabber sofi!!!

LOL, still looking for an internet friend, leader?

It is not safe to be a wacko lover, you had lost your soul to be a pedo supporter. Then you lost your integrity flipping over to rival of your original leader. What else do you have to lose?

771 days ago


If you have integrity, nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity, nothing else matters.
Alan Simpson
Don’t try to be different. Just be good. To be good is different enough.
Arthur Freed


Shame on you MJ, money and boy sex were all that mattered to you.

Why did you try to look like a white shemale, oh yeah you were good at that, besides being different from all black people!


Funny for the "haters"

Eye sore for the pedo supporters

Hate it, flag it, delete it as you may

It is not going to change the fact and the truth!!!

771 days ago


AEG drops Michael Jackson insurance claim

AEG dropped its claim Monday for a $17.5 million insurance policy for Michael Jackson, just days after e-mails revealed the concert promoter had doubts about Jackson's health at the time they were applying for the insurance.

A Lloyds of London underwriter sued AEG and Michael Jackson LLC after Jackson's death, claiming they failed to disclose information about the pop star's health and drug use.

"In exchange for AEG withdrawing its insurance claim, underwriters agreed to dismiss AEG from the case and to waive any costs recoverable from AEG," said Paul Schrieffer, attorney for the insurance underwriter. "The insurance case continues against the Michael Jackson Company LLC for, among other things, rescission of the policy due to nondisclosures of Michael Jackson's prior drug use."

Katherine Jackson: Rumors are 'stupid' Lawyers for AEG and the Michael Jackson estate, which controls Michael Jackson LLC, did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment Monday.

770 days ago


Michael Jackson Human Nature (Live from Wembley Stadium)


770 days ago


Is Promoter AEG Responsible For Michael Jackson's Death?


Concert promoter AEG is on the defensive after the Los Angeles Times recently published confidential emails about AEG’s role in Michael Jackson’s final days. The New York Daily News revealed more of the emails in a second article this weekend.

Together, the emails paint a picture of AEG demanding that the concert tour go on, despite knowing the extremely fragile state Michael Jackson was in at the time.

But what does it all mean, legally? Should AEG be found liable for Michael Jackson’s death?

Katherine Jackson and other family members sued AEG, blaming them for controlling and failing to supervise Dr. Conrad Murray, thereby causing Jackson’s death. AEG denies it controlled or supervised Murray at all. They say he was Jackson’s personal physician and he alone was responsible.

Whether that’s true or not, AEG was clearly involved in some manner. The Daily News revealed the most telling of the emails that have been publicly disclosed so far, about AEG’s role in Jackson’s final days:

“Kenny Ortega sent a panicked email in the predawn hours of June 20, 2009, telling promoter Randy Phillips, the head of AEG Live, that Jackson appeared too “weak and fatigued” to rehearse the previous night, “trembling, rambling and obsessing” to the point Ortega recommended a psychological exam.

When Phillips didn’t immediately address his fears, Ortega fired off another email 11 hours later, the Daily News has learned.

“I honestly felt if I had encouraged or allowed him on stage last night he could have hurt himself,” Ortega wrote to Phillips in the confidential 1:20 p.m. missive obtained by The News.

Phillips responded within the hour, shooting down Ortega’s concerns with even more force than formerly exposed. “It is critical that neither you, me, or anyone around this show become amateur psychiatrists or physicians,” he wrote, adding that he was in touch with Jackson’s personal doctor, Conrad Murray, and had gained “immense respect” for the cardiologist who would later go to jail for involuntary manslaughter.

“(Murray) said that Michael is not only physically equipped to perform (but) that discouraging him to (perform) will hasten his decline instead of stopping it,” Phillips said.

“You cannot imagine the harm and ramifications of stopping the show now,” he wrote. “It would far outweigh ‘calling this game in the 7th inning.’ I am not just talking about AEG’s interests here, but the myriad of stuff and lawsuits swirling around MJ that I crisis manage every day and also his well-being.”

Among those revealed by the Times include Phillips’ accounts of Jackson as an “emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt.” Yet he also wrote that if Jackson did not deliver, “financial disaster awaits.”

AEG says the emails paint an incomplete picture and they are only a select few out of hundreds of thousands of pages of do***ents produced in the court case. The company’s lawyers have actually gone on the offensive, attacking the Jackson family and blaming them for leaking these confidential emails to the media when court orders prohibited it.

Katherine Jackson and her legal team denied it. Instead, businessman Howard Mann — a business partner of Katherine Jackson — claimed responsibility for disclosing the emails to the media. He says he gathered them from a number of sources, including the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, not from Katherine Jackson. Interestingly, Howard Mann recently agreed to pay $2.5 million to the Michael Jackson Estate to settle a lawsuit against him and his companies for copyright violations.

AEG’s legal team isn’t buying that Mann is solely to blame. They claim he is nothing but an intermediary and the public revelation of the emails is a desperate reaction by the Jackson family to the realization that they are losing. AEG’s attorney said, “After months of discovery, plaintiffs now know what we have known all along — there is nothing to support their claims.”

The Jackson legal team disagrees. They claim to have even more damaging emails and feel very confident in their case against AEG.

Ultimately, the judge hearing the case will have to decide whether there is enough evidence to justify submitting the case to the jury. These emails would make for a very compelling case in front of a jury, but getting that far is the big question.

Knowing of Jackson’s condition and encouraging him to perform is not the same as being legally responsible for his death. Plus, as AEG attorneys point out, Phillips and others involved observed the King of Pop giving strong rehearsal performances and were assured by Dr. Murray that he was able to perform.

Dr. Murray clearly was the central figure. The LA Times article reports that AEG never paid Dr. Murray, and while Jackson insisted that AEG pay Dr. Murray $150,000 per month to take care of Jackson, Dr. Murray’s contract was apparently not signed by the time Jackson died. So AEG may not be responsible for Dr. Murray’s actions.

But AEG could still be liable, at least in part, if the Jackson family can convince the judge that AEG controlled and pushed Dr. Murray into getting Jackson ready to perform at all costs. The publicly-revealed emails may not be enough to accomplish that. For example, there is no mention of Dr. Murray’s propofol treatment. Refusing to cancel a show is not the same as being responsible for Jackson’s death.

Where AEG is really in trouble is with the $17.5 million lawsuit by insurer Lloyds of London, which issued an insurance policy to protect AEG in case Jackson could not perform. Lloyds claims that AEG didn’t fully disclose Jackson’s medical condition in taking out the policy, and these emails certainly suggest that AEG knew more than it told Lloyds.

770 days ago

Linda A.    

MJ was NOT a Mess. Randy Phillips and Three Others Hollered At Him Every Single Day and He was Frustrated With the Unprofessional Way Things Were Being Done. MJ's Body was Clear of All Drugs and Only had Those Put there by Murray Who Did Everything AEG Said and If Verbage is Correct, AEG Did Hire Murray - MJ in His Contract was "The Artist" with Dr. Thome as "MJJ CO" or MJ! Therefore AEG Hired Dr. Murray at MJ's Request, but THEY HIred HIm. So THEY Are Responsible for His Being There and Some of the Negligence and Abuse That Happened to Michael. Michael was NOT a Drug Addict and Due to Lupus He Could Not Get DRUNK. Sorry Mr. Phillips. I Knew MJ Three Decades, He was Only Dependent on Drugs Briefly Due to Injuries. That is ALL.

769 days ago


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766 days ago


So Phia is the old spineless follower back stabber sofi!!!
LOL, still looking for an internet friend, leader?
It is not safe to be a wacko lover, you had lost your soul to be a pedo supporter. Then you lost your integrity flipping over to rival of your original leader. What else do you have to lose?

If i've lost my soul God will judge and NOT YOU!
back stabber,NOT CLOSE!
whatelse have i got to lose,let's see: Your malice ?

765 days ago

Robyn Hope    

I felt yrs ago that MJ knew the condition he was in - he knew he couldn't perform 50 shows - maybe 10, but not 50. Thus, it was better to die than disappoint his fans - that was what I believe he felt !

752 days ago


im so glad that so many people believe Michael is deceased . now he can get some well deserved peace. such a kind heart deserves a little bliss after what the corrupt entities put him through. if yuo only knew what i know !!!! love and respect you MJ . i pray for you and your family daily. GOD bless !!!

746 days ago


You guys should think twice about all the stuff spread in the internet about Michael Jackson & his family. Most ppl forget how loving & caring Michael was, what his true message was. And mostly what he all gave to us! We should be thankful - and not abandon him. Always think about him as a true humanitarian with a pure heart! Not weird, not wacko!
Since his passing this crap became worse. Leave his family alone; stop judging in a false way. It’s painful & it’s disgusting. For reading the truth about the trial check following links. Then make your conclusions. Thank you! L.O.V.E. <3


535 days ago
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