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Michael Jackson

'This Is It' Promoters

Called Jackson a 'Mess'

9/2/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0717_michael_jackson_article_gettyMichael Jackson was "an emotionally paralyzed mess" who was "scared to death" leading up to his planned "This Is It" concerts in 2009, this according to newly obtained emails sent by the promoters of the show.

In the emails, obtained by the LA Times, AEG's Randy Phillips traded messages back and forth with AEG President Tim Leiweke. In one email leading up to the 2009 press conference to announce the concerts, Phillips wrote, "MJ is locked in his room drunk and despondent ... I (am) trying to sober him up."

Phillips said Jackson was "an emotionally paralyzed mess," that Jackson was "scared to death," and that Phillips and Jackson's manager had to dress him. The press conference ended up being very brief and very strange.

The emails were part of the discovery in an ongoing lawsuit between AEG and the insurance company that backed the tour ... which is suing to get the $17.5 million policy nullified.


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I think it's funny that all you Michael Jackson haters are on here spending your oh so value nap time and gaming time to put down and ridicule some one you obviously know nothing about. Michael is part owner of TMZ as a share holder in Sony, and owning half of the Sony catalog. What is even funnier is that if Michael is alive, he would just laugh at all this, to him, you guys were what kept him excelling and making millions each year.

779 days ago


Michael Jackson is a share holder in Sony and owns 50% of the company............... Michael owns a share of TMZ!!!!!!!

779 days ago


oh look kids, I'm laughing at you now!!!!! Michael Jackson owns 50% of Sony, he is a major share holder in Sony Corp..... which owns many many many things..... that makes Michael Jackson part owner of TMZ!!!!!!! click away post nasty things we don't care the more you click and post the more money goes into Michael jacksons Estate..... go ahead, keep posting what ever and all you want!!!!

779 days ago


did you ever wonder why TMZ was the first to know that Michael had died? ......... Michael Jackson owns part of TMZ....... thats how!! Michael jackson owns more things than you kids have toes to count them on. can you spell BILLIONAIRE!!!!! yes say it with me Billionaire! you do not become a billionaire by being ONE hot mess!

779 days ago


And what about this?? How is this news? Who decided to include this in the news stories. Not a smart choice. Everybody in world knows that's one of the reasons why he wanted the sleeping medication that someone (murray?) gave him XTRA dose of and put him to sleep for good.

779 days ago


wake up ppl....if you actually study mikes life and listen to his interviews and when he talks at his concerts you will see that he whus fighting for his life....he whus made to do 50 shows....he broke away from sony taking half of the company....callin the higher up ppl the "emotionally paralyzed mess"...."scared to death" they had to force his clothes on him.....wake up ppl....the illuminati killed mike cause he whus no longer their puppet

779 days ago


So this loiving mother of his that witnessed the abuse of MJ when he was a child was in the house when this was going on and they gave her guardianship of his kids??? REAlly

779 days ago


bodyguards gave the racist tranny pills, needles and alcohol. mj children knew he was drunk and ill.
how come no friends and family members are suing the bodyguards and bratty kids?

779 days ago

mj fan forever    

Michael Jackson was NOT a drug addict!!! There is a ****ing CORONER REPORT STATING THAT!!! That's "well-do***ented" la times-trash!!!! Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia and unfortunately trusted that disgusting murderer sociopath who treated his insomnia with serious negligence to have more money!!! That's has been WIDELY PROVED!!! He even planned to blackmail him once fired!!! Lloyd's of London should have paid for a long time, they are trying to avoid it, they wanted to force the Estate to provide them the medical records to try to find a loophole for not paying!!!! And Howard Weitzman was SO right when he said that this is just an action made by an insurance company trying to avoid to pay a legitimate claim!!!!! And that's the the ****ing truth!!!! They are disguting!!!!

779 days ago

mj fan forever    

Moreover they obtained the medical records and all what they showed to the media are these e-mails-LIES, ALL to avoid to pay!!!! NO evidence of any abuse as it has been widely proved!!!! Anything for money!!!! DISGUSTING!!!!

779 days ago


Oh look...another insurance company denying another claim...gee, why am I not surprised

779 days ago

Steven R. Russell    

"Righteousness exalts a nation; But sin is a reproach to any people" (Proverbs 14:34).

779 days ago



That little freak freaked himself out! The joke was on him at last!

779 days ago



MJ a mess..yeah that makes sense, such a mess that they demand he do 50 shows not 10. such a mess but autopsy confirmed he was in perfect health. One minute he was fine, they say..then he was a mess. Autopsy also confirmed the man had VITILIGO, so the 'he wanted to be white' nonsense is ridiculous. It's a frickin skin disease.
This whole entire 'story' makes no sense! HOAX!


T - H - A - N - K Y - O - U


Katie would be more enlightening if you let her call you nutjob and find a job, repeatedly!

779 days ago


His life had been gravitating toward a mess for years, probably starting when he married the Presley girl. When you think about what the man went through -- being accused of child molestation twice, accusations that didn't go away even after he was acquitted, and all of his financial problems -- I doubt if anybody could be expected to react any differently. It would be enough to drive anybody crazy; especially for one who had been so loved and revered, then suddenly so reviled. The media and greedy people destroyed MJ. His big mistake was not fighting that first molestation charge. In choosing to settle rather than fight, if left people with the impression that he was avoiding prosecution, and was probably guilty. He never lived that down.

779 days ago
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