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Troy Aikman's Ex

I Wasn't Drunk

I Was Lost

9/2/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827_aikman_mug_wmThe ex-wife of Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman insists she did nothing wrong when she was arrested this week ... claiming she was just lost when cops found her in a high school parking lot.

As TMZ first reported, Rhonda Aikman was busted on Monday morning for public intoxication after cops found her in a parked car, saying she was slurring her words when she talked and had little control over her body movement.

Aikman's lawyer, Larry Friedman, tells TMZ that Rhonda was lost, the result of bad directions, and was simply waiting for a friend to come and show her the right way. Friedman says, "When the policemen approached her, she reacted the way any of us would have reacted if we were approached from behind by two large men dressed in black. Rhonda was frightened and probably did not appear to be her usual friendly self."

Friedman says Aikman is under a doctor's care and had a rightful prescription for the medication cops found. Friedman adds, "She did nothing wrong and did not break any laws. She is sorry about all the fuss and intends to continue to dedicate her time to helping people in need in North Texas."

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No Avatar


That is the lamest excuse, I've ever heard. If you were lost, why not just tell the cops you are lost? Why cause a scene and throw your "Troy" card?.

781 days ago


Yeah right bitch. So lost that your words were slurred.?? Just on that statement alone her ass should go to Arizona and put into Tent City

781 days ago

jimmy d    

We all understand your drinking, we would be in your same shoes if our mate always looks down syndrome in the face,... Troys face gave Jerry Lewis a telethon for 50 years......... For my kids.......

781 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Honey, I've been lost before and I didn't have the need (1) For the law to "help me get found." (2) to say "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM" or some such similar thing. Fess up bitch, you were lit.

781 days ago


I really hope she isn't paying this attorney much money, if this is what he considers logical defense. I think a child could come up with a better scenario than this one.

781 days ago


YOU KNOW WHAT IDIOTS.....When in this country did it become Guilty UNTIL proven innocent?? IF you believe in the law and constitution, then stop being cynical. The police ARE out of control around this country. It has become a police state. Admit it. I was stopped for an expired (by one week) inspection sticker in NY. On Long Island. Guess what....in the early part of the day, a soccer mom and three young children on the way to a soccer practice, and the cop approaches my drivers side with his hand on his gun. He thinks I'm too nervous...geez, you think?! So I am grilled for an hour because his partner 'thinks' I've been drinking. I don't drink at all, never have, and they have the right to assume what they want?? They were wrong, no apology was given, and I had to endure the embarrassment as a single mom by others who saw it. Great effing country we live in.

781 days ago

John H    

Why was she not arrested for DWI? She was behind the wheel drunk in a parking lot. Now she said she was lost so she is admitting she drove there. If it were anyone else, they would have a DWI and not a "public intoxication". She should feel lucky!

781 days ago


She was Lost, because she was DRUNK !!!

781 days ago


Very inventive but not as good as the seizure defense.

781 days ago


I wonder if the friend ever showed up?! I have a suggest for the former Mrs. Troy Aikman, get GPS. I actually have it on my iPhone and I rarely get lost let alone find the need to park in a high school parking lot and wait for a friend.

781 days ago


She just needs a man,,, any men here that could give her a all nighter? lol

781 days ago


"But nooooooow I'm founnnnnd. I was druuuuuuuuuunk and naaaabbed by the poooooooliceeeeeee."
You didn't let her finish guys.

781 days ago


I love her, Rhonda is a super sweetheart!

780 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So basically she just admitted she was drunk, but drunk and zonked out on prescription drugs.
BTW, of course she was afraid of two POLICEMEN dressed in black POLICE UNIFORMS. She was drunk, stoned and obviously stupid.

780 days ago


Dummkopf, you said that you were driving while taking medication. You couldn't even drive, slurring your words. That's breaking the law. You may want to drive while in that condition, but I don't want you out there driving & possibly killing or hurting people.

780 days ago
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