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Joey Buttafuoco

Don't Shoot Me ...

But I'm Writing a Tell-All

9/3/2012 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0902_Buttafuoco_fisher_gettyJoey Buttafuoco is breaking his 20-YEAR SILENCE about his affair with Amy Fisher by writing a tell-all book, TMZ has learned.

Buttafuoco tells TMZ the reason he's coming forward after so many years is due to a recent brush with death. He believes it's time to "clean the slate" and finally move on with his life -- aptly titling the memoir, "Closure."

Joey tells us, "Everyone thinks they know [the story] but they really don't."

Joey says the book his ex-wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco wrote back in 2009 is just an "angry account of an ex-wife who pieced together her own vision of why things happened. [She] had no knowledge of my life away from home."

Joey says he thinks Amy in particular will have a problem with him telling the whole story, but tells TMZ, "It's time for all of us to move on. My book is closure for everyone and our respected families. It's time."


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Who the "F" is going to read it? I mean really. What type of people would find this the least bit interesting? I might read it if: I WAS STUCK ON A DESERT ISLAND AND THE ONLY THING THERE WAS THE BOOK AND A PLACE TO PEE. Really, seriously? WHO READS SUCH CRAP AND WHY WOULD YOU?

779 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Writing a "Tell-All?"

In crayon and stick figures?

778 days ago



778 days ago


Lmao, a grease monkey writing a book? This should be good.

778 days ago


Here are the facts:

1. You are yesterday's news whose 15 minutes is long expired.

2. You are an ignorant buffoon and it is unlikely that you are able to string two readable sentences together let alone an entire book (who would publish such crap?.

3. You are a proven liar, pedophile, adulterer, deadbeat dad and all around pig so your credibility factor is zero.

4. Since no one considers you a worthwhile charity, I know few people who would buy a book to float your boat. Go away, you gross atrocity. No one is interested in your stale lies.

778 days ago


Ya Ya .... Wonder who is writing that book, because we all know that Dago is way to STUPID to write! I'll sum up the book for you...." I'm a Dago Pig and she was a young WHORE and still IS!" The End!

778 days ago


Someone shoot him please... God what a waste of air this man is....Who really really cares what he has to say, they didn't when it happened why now...He needs money and thinks people are dumb enough to buy this garbage...

778 days ago


Who Cares you idiot. Too bad your "brush with death" didnt actually kill you so we do not have to hear about your douchtard life. Die already!!

778 days ago


They should both be locked up and the keys should be thrown away for good!!

778 days ago


I still cannot believe that these 2 morons are in the news again. They are both sleeze balls. How could they even have the nerve to write a tell-all book about their sorted lives. "News Flash" NOBODY CARES>>>>>>>

778 days ago


And we would care because.....

778 days ago


He doesn't understand why Mary Jo would be angry about getting shot in the face by the ho? He is a s***bag and Mary Jo should get all the money that this book generates.

778 days ago


20 years after? who cares? A least I do not care at all. He destroyed the life of a young woman his wife and his family and because he has this near death experience according to him he wants to be able to put his ex wife through more shame. Nice guy that he has become. some people draw closer to God he wants to write a tell all book. All I can hope is that no one publishes it.

778 days ago


So, move on, already. No need to bore us with the details.

778 days ago

jimmy d    

mary jo looks like Martin Short

778 days ago
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