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Heidi Klum

An Angry Seal

Is After Me!

9/3/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0902_klum_seal_getty_tmz Seal went after Heidi Klum’s fortune out of anger and jealousy ... sources intimately familiar with the situation tell TMZ.

Heidi is telling close friends Seal made outrageous property settlement demands when she filed for divorce, despite the couples post-nuptial agreement. Heidi claims Seal asked for a huge chunk of her $70 million fortune and she believes it was all rooted in blind jealously.

We're told Seal has since backed off his financial demands, but Heidi is telling friends, it's all part of Seal's M.O. -- to lash out when he's pissed. The anger, Heidi says, is why their marriage fell apart.

Heidi is telling her confidantes ... Seal’s interview with TMZ, in which he accuses her of "fornicating with the help" during their marriage, was aggressively designed to hurt and embarrass her. Sources close to the couple tell TMZ although Seal is publicly trashing his estranged wife, he would take her back in a second.

Based on what we’re hearing, Seal shouldn’t hold his breath.



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really! really?    

Did the video of Seal talking come across a weird to anyone else? In the first few sentences he sounds mature and considerate, "couples who split move on and date other people... I didn't expect Heidi to become a nun". Then his last comment, "*********** with the you have the answers you [TMZ/ public] have been seeking for months". It's like a psychotic break mid-statement. Creepy and unnerving.

747 days ago


For two people who had to have their yearly wedding vows thrust into the public, they should be quite and show some class.

747 days ago


I can't agree there "popo" (talk about embarrassing!)--I'm very proud of what I said! Now you and your "temper" go take a seat!

747 days ago


Take him way up North out on the ice. I hear there are guys up there who have been known to club seals for fun & profit. WHAT!?

747 days ago

Gloria Unread    

It seems like a power-grab on his part. He can't control Heidi, so he's trying to control what people think of her.
This is his way of getting some control back.

747 days ago


seal is perhaps showing his true colors. just a taste of what his wife lived with.

747 days ago


I'm sorry but he is straight up ugly, I've thought that from the very first time I saw him, he just keeps getting uglier.
As for Heidi, she's getting very annoying.

747 days ago

good as gold    

WTF is a "post-nuptial agreement"? If it isn't in writing or notarized THEN a verbal agreement means NOTHING in divorce proceedings. Everyone knows that 50% of marriages end up in a divorce. Unless there is a pre-nup then Seal gets 50% of assets and Ms Klum gets 50% of the assets they accumulated during the marriage. I'm sure Ms Klum can manage on $35 million if indeed Seal gets half which I doubt because her earning power was MUCH higher before she married Seal. Perhaps Ms. Klum should settle before she digs herself a bigger ditch because no judge will be happy when they found out she is banging her bodyguard. It doesn’t matter if it happened before or after they separated because they are still legally married.

747 days ago


heidi = something that rhymes with 'cuuunt'

747 days ago


His ears are so tiny. How does he hear with those things?

747 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Obviously he couldn't Seal the deal for an eternal marriage. You get it, you get it. Seals name is seal and I used it like seal but I really meant it as Seal. How cleaver was that. What's a matter for you. You can't understand logic or son-ten (something).
Phishie from Philly

747 days ago


And you married a black guy, so really. No one feels sorry for you. Are you honestly surprised a black guy is prone to extortion and violence LOL. 78% of incarcerated males are BLACK. Durrrrrr. Ain't too hard to put two and two together on that one, is it?
they Lie, cheat and steal.
Sure, there are the 12% fhat don't. But would you gamble with 12% odds?
I sure wouldn't.

747 days ago

She's baaaack    

Yeah, she could have married Charlie Manson or James Holmes. They're white guys.

747 days ago


Guess he needs to supplement his measly incme. Next time get a pre-nuptial and you will prevent these free loaders.

747 days ago


what a silly woman, why would seal be after her , duh he has already been there done that skanky tramp.

747 days ago
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