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Chad Johnson

TATTOOS Evelyn Lozada's Face on His Leg

9/4/2012 3:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0904_chad_johnson_tattoo_article_twitterChad Johnson desperately wants to let Evelyn Lozada know he still cares about her ... so he went out and got an image of her FACE tattooed on his right leg with the name "Eve" underneath it.

Johnson posted the photo on his Twitter page today ... the image is his new profile pic featured at the top of his page. It's unclear if the tat is real ... or of the temporary variety. Sources tell us Chad got the work done this past weekend.

Either way, Chad may not be getting his money's worth from the ink -- sources close to Evelyn say she still feels strongly about divorcing Johnson ... and she's made it clear to friends she will NOT be getting back together with the former NFL star.

As we previously reported, Evelyn filed for divorce last month ... three days after Chad allegedly headbutted her during a heated argument.

Chad was arrested for domestic violence over the incident -- but officials are still deciding whether or not charges will be filed against him.

A rep for Chad had no comment on the story.


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Stalker time.

757 days ago


If that is a real tattoo on his leg of her, and if she's truly not planning to get back with him, then him putting that tattoo of her on his leg like that could be a really bad sign of this mental state of mind which could lead to something very dangerous happening on his part. He has lost his job(for now), and may not have any idea when and if he will get signed on to another team, or find any other work. If he falls into the deepness of depression over it all, he could just snap, in which great harm could come upon her as well as himself, by his hands. Hope he's getting much needed therapy. For at this time he may be a deadly, loose cannon..

757 days ago


What a freaking douche. How more lower can this tool go.

757 days ago


This fool need to give it up....and worry about dropping the soap if he go to prison.

757 days ago

Sam Sunshine     

Your such an idiot Chad Ochotonto. Your acting super thirsty you pice of zhit.

757 days ago


Can this guy get any dumber?

757 days ago


Such a loser. Goes to so how you that his dummy has no brains at all. You don't hit women and them claim to love them. Get a grip. Get help.

757 days ago


He can head bumb his leg now ;)

757 days ago


charlie sheen raises a knife to his wife and gets a brand new tv show Not to mention when charlie sheen shot kelly preston back in the 1980s. lol black guy does something stupid, he's banned for life and becomes a social pariah. what chad doesn't realize is that this evelyn girl never loved him. it was about scoring another athlete. the tattoo thing makes him look so pathetic it's unreal. she went out of her way to destroy him. i am never on the guy's side in this situation. maybe because he's guilty is the reason he's so contrite. but i've always felt she is the instigator based on her actions on the show, she was violent and routinely attacked women, including throwing drinks, hitting, throwing shoes. she was awful.

757 days ago


What an idiot. As a female, first ware a condom, second take the ego out of the ass, back to the first ware a condom.

757 days ago


Lord please help this man. Chad Ev is right, you really do need help. She needs it also, but leave this woman alone and stop trying to use her to get back in the NFL. You messed up! Even if it wasnt you, what part of being charged with assault do you not understand! What part of "Ev got her own money and it just aint worth it no more", do you not understand. SHE DONT WANT YOU NO MORE! With all the cool homie wife crap she was throwing at you, IT WAS FAKE!. Ev always said she keeps it 100 but NO SHE DOES NOT. Not about CONDOMS SHE DONT! She has been fake since day one about how she really rolls. @ the end of the day she wanted a faithful man like we women all do. Forget that," I hope you would wear a condom and 3some mess"! She played herself and then you played her and she played the both of you, when she ran to the neighbors, SHE WAS DONE! If chad headbutted her for real--There was no scars for the alledgely 6 stitches about 2 weeks ago, but if it did happen, I dont blame her for running for her life. Chad how are you gon' continue this debacle of a union, knowing that Ev aint gon' NEVER! I REPEAT NEVER, EVER,EVER GON FORGET WHAT WENT DOWN ON AUGUST 11, 2012. i KNOW U HAVE NOTHING LEFT RIGHT NOW BUT STAY AWAY FROM THE MEDIA, GO TO COUNSELING AND MAYBE YOU CAN GET BACK TO PLAYING FOOTBALL. Dont keep singing the same broke-down song cus that ship has sailed and it will never be the same again. Trust me. She is letting you know DONT F---! WITH ME OR YOU ARE DONE! CHAD TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS AND GET HELP AND JUST BE WITH CHAD RIGHT NOW AND STOP BEING A MEDIA WHORE LIKE JENNIFER TAGGED YOU TO START WITH! Funny how valuable a bff can be. Dont keep being stupid Chad! Wow cheryl burke (DWTS) missed a bullet didnt she! I know you cant fix Stupid but God is the only one that can! Shut up and sit down somewhere chad enuf is enuf!

757 days ago


Fred Sanford... You Big Dummy!

757 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Hahah you have to see that bitch on your leg everyday

757 days ago


Okay - my sympathy for him is almost gone. Dumb ass . . .

757 days ago


This guy has got some serious mental issues... talk about desperate. Such a turn off to see a weak man. "I love you so much that I'm going to headbutt you and then get a tattoo of your head on the side of my calf. To top it off, I'm going to post a picture of your head on Twitter to show the world how off my rocker I am.

757 days ago
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