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Robin Roberts

I Got to See My Mom

Before She Died

9/4/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Robin Roberts says she arrived to her mother's bedside in the nick of time after leaving "Good Morning America" on Thursday ... and got to "hold her sweet hand when she took her last breath."

Roberts -- who was recently diagnosed with a rare blood disorder -- had decided to go on medical leave one day early after her mother's health took a turn for the worse.

Robin's mother died Thursday night ... but Robin went to Facebook to tell her fans she DID get to see her mom before she passed away.

"My family tells me momma gave me one final gift as her last act. She waited for me to get home on Thursday to say goodbye."

Roberts adds, "She was there when I took my first breath and what a privilege to hold her sweet hand when she took her last breath."

"Momma knew she wasn't physically able to be with me for my bone marrow transplant. My siblings say mom wanted to spare me the agony it would have been if she had passed and I couldn't be there. That thought was weighing heavily on me."

Roberts says she rescheduled her bone marrow transplant because of her mother's passing ... but says, "When I return to NYC and walk through those hospital doors next week momma will be right there with me."


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I am not really an emotional person but reading what she said about her birth and her moms passing was pretty moving...

746 days ago


we tend to think that celebrities and tv personalities are in the upper echelon. (sp) Their jobs tend to put them there. But people on tv have the same problems that the rest of us have. And why not share them. If she didn't, there would be other gossip that she is trying to hide something. I am sure if she knew what your problems were, she would reach her hand out to you. we see one person, their are millions of us watching her. Of course you always have the option of changing the channel. My heart goes out to her and her family. Please take an empathy class. Have a good day, as Forrest Gump says.

746 days ago

Mary Wynne    

I got to know Michael in the Green Mile. I hate this happened to him. Now you can really walk the Mile.
RIP Brother. I'll miss you!

746 days ago


I'm not really an emotional person but reading what she said about her birth and seeing her mom pass was pretty moving.....

746 days ago

Barbara Vestal     

sorry for your lost she will be with you looking down makeing sure you are ok i hope everthing go ok with you good luck to you

746 days ago


Methinks the gang at TMZ enjoy the sight of Harry's naked azz just a LITTLE too much, eh?

746 days ago

Ethel Carter    

god bless you

746 days ago


@ who cares...who heartless piece of ****. Robin Roberts happens to care about everyone. If you ever took the time out to watch GMA you would know how loving and giving she is.

746 days ago

Linda Mathias    

Dear Robin prayers are with you. Linda Mathias

745 days ago

Toni Smith    

My mommy is 82, and it's a miracle that she still here in spite of her poor health. I understand what Robin meant when she said her mother waited for her; I believe my mother wanted to be here for her family, and so she's been fighting to stay with us. And Robin knows that the Love her mother taught and showed her is so powerful, death cannot defeat it. Reminds me of my Lord Who died, yet Lives through the Holy Spirit!

741 days ago


Robin Roberts' mom death. Grieving and Mourning can sicken the brain and body terribly By Emmanuel Renaud, Certified Leech Therapist.


Mes condoléances to Robin Roberts. It is very important to know that death can bring death or sickness after a love-one is passed away. Many celebrities and regular people don't believe they can become sick after or during mourning or grieving.

Do you know that Elvis Presley died almost the same way his mother died. Both in their 40's and in August. Elvis Presley was devastated, the relationship he had with his mother remained extremely close—even into his adulthood, they would use baby talk with each other and Elvis Presley would address his mother with pet names. Please, pay a little attention here. When you are that closed and have so much love for someone, and that person is dead suddenly, the chances of not being sick is less than 5%. Well, let me take this back because the news of that death changed your blood circulation and reduce or accelerate the synapses of the neurotransmitters in the brain and certainly the hormones in the body are affected negatively as well. This kind of news got people to lose their voice, to become hot and/or cold instantly, to have pain or headache, skin disorders and even psoriasis, just to name a few.

A Canadian client of mine finally understood how she got psoriasis after a phone conversation she had with me before I started working with her and as you can guess easily, she had it a couple months after her husband died. I had that conversation with her a three years later after the death of her husband, and she was still devastated by the death.

I met a woman whose sister died from cancer and 6 months later she developed the same disease. By the way, 6 months before the death she was perfectly healthy.

Look at Robin's Face, I know she is not well. She needs help to feel better Psychogenically and drugs free. Mourning or grieving oftentimes can turn into fatal diseases. That is why people who have their very close love-ones who passed away should have what I call “After-Death-Wellness-Therapy” because this is the best way to regain allostasis. A death of someone who is dear and cherished can be as fatal as lung cancer for anyone who is suffering from that loss. Let it be known that prescription drugs may good for fast relief when prescribe by a medical doctor, but they won’t cure anything because the problem is mental first and foremost.

But the good news is there are many natural mind-body therapies that can be used. Holistic leech therapy (natural and spiritual therapies) is one of the best ones because it will help the brain and body maintain good blood flow while reducing inflammation and enhancing neurotransmitter connections. So the body will have less stress while maintaining good health.

Emmanuel Renaud, Certified Leech Therapist for Celebrity and Famous people.

PH: 310-562-4248

736 days ago

Joanne Potts    

I know what its like to lose a mother. I, like Robin, was with my mother when she took her last breath. What a Spiritual Experience! God Bless You Robin!

582 days ago
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