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Honey Boo Boo's Mom

Haters Make Us Stronger

9/5/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090512_honey_tmzlive_launch_v2Honey Boo Boo's mother June isn't fazed by the millions of pretentious snobs who scoff at her and her family -- telling TMZ Live, "For every person that's hating on us, there's three people that love us."

June "Mama" Shannon called in moments ago ... and we asked if she was irked by all the holier-than-thous crawling out of the woodwork, critiquing the new TLC reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" as redneck trash.

June says she isn't bothered one bit ... because "a lot of people relate to us."

And as far as June is concerned, the haters are only giving her show more momentum -- "It's weird that haters know more about our show than our amazing fans."

As for the massive paycheck June's earning from the show -- way more than $4,000 an episode -- she wouldn't specify an exact amount, but said, "We're very well compensated."


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maybe she should take some of her "ample compensation" & do something about her ample fat ass!! disgusting!

780 days ago

BB not bb    

I see people like this all the time. It doesn't make me interested in seeing this show either. I know almost nothing about this show except what I see on TMZ. I guess it has its market, just like Jersey Shore did.

It makes me feel like this is what is rising from the ashes from the death of Jersey Shore. I would rather watch JS though. I don't think this show will be that big, but I could be wrong. It is something that I don't really see the attraction of.

780 days ago


Naw, girl.....haters make YOU fatter.

780 days ago


Really? I live in Alabama and even I don't know people like THAT!

780 days ago


Big fat nasties why the **** are they on tv and way to raise the kids they'll be dead before 21

780 days ago


Lmfao at ppl on here and all true the neck crust **** is gross I'm almost on the verge of gagging

780 days ago

CongratsYou Just Made America That Much Dumber    

Just proves Housewives and stay home moms WILL watch anything.

780 days ago

CongratsYou Just Made America That Much Dumber    

Just goes to show that housewives and stay home moms will watch anything

780 days ago

CongratsYou Just Made America That Much Dumber    

and shame on you TMZ for feeding into the marketing of pure garbage like this show. I'm done watching TMZ now you and the show just helped America lose 20 points of their IQ's

780 days ago


weight watchers would work, she's not a bad person - just disgusting and hillbilly-ish

780 days ago


I started to listen to the interview with this woman while driving and had to turn it off. Why Harvey "loves" this show and this family is beyond me. I agree that a family needs to have fun, as she said, but children also need to be educated! Life is not all about having a good time as she said. I admit I watched this show and I was shocked at lack of education of this entire family. It is perfectly fine with her to do nothing in life but have babies as teenagers. I believe she was 15 when she had her first and every one of her children have different fathers. One of the kids has no idea who her father actually is. For Harvey to seemingly approve of all this is shocking. When a “family” in America must have subtitles to understand what they are saying, is shameful.

780 days ago


Now... Don't everyone act like their families are not dysfunctional. People just like to hide it... Hence the 50's when people where sending their kids away to have babies and give them away. They may not be perfect family but she lets her kids know they are beautiful no matter what, she is there for her grand baby, and she is happy with herself. STOP hatin on her for being happy over weight and having a happy simple life with her family, and start making comments about all these kids coming from "perfect lives" being drug addicted and od'ing. If people spent more time focusing on themselves and fixing whats wrong in their lives...… This world would be a better place....

779 days ago

BB not bb    

First there was The Osbournes. Then came Jersey Shore. Now we have Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. To be honet, the show is funny and they seem like nice people. I think I get why it is popular now that I have seen it and not just reacted to what it seemed like. I couldn't picture how Jersey Shore could work at first but it did.

Maybe poeple should look at this show like they are anthropologists and give it a chance. It has some amazing one liners and alot of laughs.

779 days ago


They probably pay her in $20 Walmart gift cards. She would think that was high rollen! Never seen the show or ever heard of it till now on here. And I won't watch it, just b/c I heard of it! And for every thousand that hate 3 like...Honey...Well the math on that one! Idiot!

779 days ago


"Haters make you stronger" but hopefully whatever your eating will make your heart weaker and we won't need to hear from you again.

779 days ago
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