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Honey Boo Boo's Mom

Haters Make Us Stronger

9/5/2012 3:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090512_honey_tmzlive_launch_v2Honey Boo Boo's mother June isn't fazed by the millions of pretentious snobs who scoff at her and her family -- telling TMZ Live, "For every person that's hating on us, there's three people that love us."

June "Mama" Shannon called in moments ago ... and we asked if she was irked by all the holier-than-thous crawling out of the woodwork, critiquing the new TLC reality show "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" as redneck trash.

June says she isn't bothered one bit ... because "a lot of people relate to us."

And as far as June is concerned, the haters are only giving her show more momentum -- "It's weird that haters know more about our show than our amazing fans."

As for the massive paycheck June's earning from the show -- way more than $4,000 an episode -- she wouldn't specify an exact amount, but said, "We're very well compensated."


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Jay W.     

Yo Mama... Treadmill will do you good! Get one.

781 days ago


Then they must be pretty damn strong!!

781 days ago


I hope that fat whale has a heart attack and falls on her stupid dummy daughter.

781 days ago


and buckets of chicken makes you bigger!

781 days ago


Ladies and Gentleman This is the American dream.

781 days ago

London Vik    

She's 2 of those 3 people that love her

781 days ago


I love June and her family. I was sure I would hate them because I hate all those pageant families - but they aren't pretentious or pretend they are high-class. They embrace their red-nekkidness, I would much rather spend time with them than those be-yotches from Real Housewives or the Kardashians. Also, June and her family seem to really love each other. And I've got news for all those Limo-Liberals out there. This is America. Many Americans today have to use coupons and watch what they spend. These are the people that watch your movies and tv shows and listen to your music. Stop looking down your noses at them. I know a lot of rich families whose kids are totally messed up. So I don't think June is doing any worse.

781 days ago


for every pie that hates us, there are 3 pies that love us.....

781 days ago

Mary Jones    

Hey Motherand daughter money hungry rednecks.Does your mother teach you to steal? I heard she used to be a manager at McDonald's and she stole $3,300.00. I say like mother, like daughter. I hate that fat slob. Tell TLC to stop their show.

781 days ago

Mary Jones    

I hate that show, Honey Boo Boo. They are nothing but a bunch of money hungry rednecks. I have lived next door to four different rednecks and all they did was harass me and steal from me. When I called the police, they just laughed. What a country we love in when rednecks can do and say whatever they want.

781 days ago


Oink Oink!

781 days ago


"For every person that's hating on us, there's three people that love us."

So her lack of education is clearly showing. How about getting some mathematics lessons with all that money.

781 days ago


These folks are no different than the obnoxious Kardashians. Both have disgusting Moms and fat ass daughters. Kris Jenner and HoneyBooBoo's Mom are the same !!

781 days ago

Mr E    

Uh, meatbeast, you have no "haters." Only fellow Americans who are horrified, disgusted and/or absolutely afraid of you and your ilk. You ARE the trainwreck that TV viewers cannot look away from -- and who also decide that eating will now only be done when the body is starving.

781 days ago


Holier than thou haters....awwwwww. TMZ has the hots for the ten ton momma.

781 days ago
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