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Jessica Simpson

Look At How Much Weight

I've Lost in 4 Months!

9/5/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_jessica_simpson_weight_loss_photos_launch_v2Jessica Simpson proved getting back to her pre-baby weight is a losing battle ... by showing off her slimmer figure after another workout in L.A. on Tuesday.

Jess has griped about how tough it's been to shed the poundage ... claiming her boobs are so tremendously huge, she can't go jogging.

Still, it's obvious the 32-year-old mom has made some progress in the four months since she gave birth to daughter Maxwell.

0905-png-jessica-simpson-juneT-minus 5 days until Jess reveals her "new" body on Katie Couric's new show.


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Her weight is her business, but I thought it was totally irresponsible to keep boasting about now much nasty, trans fat laden empty calorie junk food she was gobbling during pregnancy (sad as this may be, a lot of stupid girls out there look up to her and will think it's ok to eat junk for 3 cause Jess did). Contrary to popular belief, pregnancy only increases CALORIE needs slightly - 300-500 extra, it is ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT needs that increase dramatically for the developing fetus. There is absolutely no need to go gaining a crap ton of weight unless the woman is very underweight when she concieved which Jess sure was not. Her diet was such a bad start in life for the poor kid.

743 days ago


Someone should have told her that you can't gain 250 lbs during pregnancy ... and expect to lose it all as soon as you give birth to a 7 lb baby.
Also, the experts recommend not losing extreme amounts of weight while nursing ... it appears she prefers the $$$ to the well being of her baby.

743 days ago

Eyleen O'Geary Davenport    

Why is everyone giving Jessica a hard time it takes a long time to lose baby fat if you don't have professional trainers. Back Off.

743 days ago


I have 40 E breasts, and I can run. Not a good enough excuse.

743 days ago

Spicy mag    

Just eat veggies and nothing else and you'll shed all that weight tubby.

743 days ago


I mean, she IS losing weight but I thought the fatter you are, the easier it is to lose, therefore a faster process? she's losing like an already slim person (which is extra difficult b/c we're already small) and at this rate, she won't be back to her normal size before May...the only good thing is she didn't have surgery (yet)...I bet this dumb bytch won't eat like that again

743 days ago

somewhere in MN    

I guess I don't understand why people are actually criticizing her for having a hard time loosing baby weight??? How can people be so insensitive? I would imagine with news like this...she already beats herself up enough when she should be worrying about doing the best she can and being a good mom. She is still beautiful either way. And not that I no her but any interviews or anything, she really doesn't seem to have any meanness about why would people be so mean towards her about her weight loss? Its her batte. I suppose she could let this all get to her and take extremely unhealthy ways to loose it..then she could get criticized for being too skinny and not well. Come on people...don't be so mean!

743 days ago

somewhere in MN    

And as far as I can see from the pictures...she IS making progress. But I guess not as fast as OTHER expect?? That is just strange to me...

743 days ago


I think she looks okay. It takes time to lose weight after having a baby

743 days ago


She lost a noticeable amount of weight. Look at her legs. At the end of her pregnancy, her legs got fat....especially at the knees & thighs. Now they're back to normal.

743 days ago


You know, 2 pounds a week isn't unnatural. What IS unnatural is getting your figure back two weeks after giving birth. Back off, haters. I'd wager 70% of you look worse than she does, even fat.

743 days ago


Why in the hell are these woman forced to drop weight so fast after birth? They are human !! Even tho I don't care for this lady at all it must be horrible to be critized everywhere you go .... It is normal to gain from 15 to 30 pounds while pregnant. Give this chick a break geesh!!!

742 days ago


I'm not hating, but she looks the same as when she gave birth.

742 days ago


I can't understand why people are so judgemental about someone that is a few pounds overweight. I did not gain a lot of weight with my babies and I did not have a lot of trouble losing the weight. As a matter of fact, with my second baby I had a lot of problems and weighted my pre baby weight when I came home from the hospital. Was there eleven days. Jessica will lose her weight, garantee. She is also the most beautiful lady in show business, bar-none... Lots of luck Jess, most people couldn't look as good as you do, if they weighed one hundred pounds. They are all jealous of you. I think most of the comments are funny, they are so ridiculous... Jasper

742 days ago


at least that range rover is very slimming.

I feel bad for her. But it was a dumb move putting all that pressure on herself with the weight watchers.. She should have kept it to herself until she had some success, like jennifer hudson did.

742 days ago
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