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Jessica Simpson

Look At How Much Weight

I've Lost in 4 Months!

9/5/2012 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_jessica_simpson_weight_loss_photos_launch_v2Jessica Simpson proved getting back to her pre-baby weight is a losing battle ... by showing off her slimmer figure after another workout in L.A. on Tuesday.

Jess has griped about how tough it's been to shed the poundage ... claiming her boobs are so tremendously huge, she can't go jogging.

Still, it's obvious the 32-year-old mom has made some progress in the four months since she gave birth to daughter Maxwell.

0905-png-jessica-simpson-juneT-minus 5 days until Jess reveals her "new" body on Katie Couric's new show.


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Giving your daughter a male-dominant name is cruel to the child.

715 days ago


She needs to do what the rest of the hollywood white trash do to stay thin...snort lots of cocaine and pop a lot of pills

715 days ago

Crystal Jackson    

what is that , four ounces?

715 days ago


Giving your daughter a male-dominant name is cruel to the child.

715 days ago

some guy    

I like to wash down my mac 'n cheese with a nice tall glass of bacon grease.

715 days ago


She will never fit in her Dukes Of Hazzard bikini again, and that's ok. Having a baby is work and you put on weight, what did you think would happen?
Keep working girl, some of it will come offf, eventually.

715 days ago


She gained weight.

715 days ago


I am sorry but she ganed about 100 lbs! My sister had a baby and was backin her skinny jeans within a couple of weeks. I get women bodies change but she looks like a beached whale. She has said before she ate anything she wanted. She thought she had a licence to sit and eat mac and cheese all day and an entire box of CapnCrunh. Fat Pig.

715 days ago


When she was pretty she was something. Now that she's a fat cow she's nothing.

715 days ago


Everyone making negative comments about the amount of money she's making off of Weight Watchers and giving her crap for that. What about the dozens of other 'Stars' that were paid huge dollars by this company to lose weight, lost it and when the contract was up, they ballooned right back up to their weight? From my recollection, the only one who's used this and actually kept the weight off was Jennifer Hudson.
I'd rather see this young lady lose it gradually then dump the pounds quickly. I have friends who struggle daily with their weight. Problem is, society makes too much out of being super thin. I think she looks lovely in the shot on this thread and only wish her luck as she continues to work on slimming down. She doesn't need to be a size zero for pete sakes.

715 days ago


Jesus H Christ on a stick people are NASTY. It looks like she's lost at least 30 pounds. 30 pounds in 4 months is pretty damn good. Cut her some freakin' slack.

715 days ago


Not to BUTT in on this - but Jess...You have to stop with the daily Baconater at Wendy's! 72 grams of fat w/ 1,400 calories, 4300mg of sodium - with the 32 oz coke and fries is not the way to go...jus sayin!

715 days ago


She is beautiful! Didn't she have a cesarian? That makes recovery much, much harder. She's doing a great job!!!

715 days ago


Anyone remember those old Heart videos where they stretched the video to make Ann Wilson look slimmer? Look for the same sort of effect when she appears on the show. With today's technology, if they can bring back Tupac as a hologram, they can make Jessica look slimmer on the tube.

If not, then look for 8 inch heels, a corset and some kind of optical illusion dress like Xtina has been wearing.

715 days ago


only difference is she has a white shirt on in June and is doubled up getting out of the SUV-black shirt and standing-she is wearing same jacket and pants-the only thing jessica is losing is the 4 million from Weight Watchers-it seems that after being beautiful and entitled most of her life she does not know how to deny herself anything and is not keeping to a diet-eats a lot of junk food nad gets huffy and pouty when her trainers say-ya gotta cut out the wheat and the fat-MeMe the cow Carey seems to have the same problem but she has been using photoshopped promo photos to try and fool the public-and her tummy tuck right after her C-section let her squeak by and get the cash from Jenny Craig-which they should be sued for false advertising MeMe's commercial is a edited joke-Jessica needs to learn that it is all not gonna just fall in her lap like it did when she was 18 , skinny with huge boobs-and she has committed the biggest sin in Hollywood-she got fat-if she serious about her diet the fat will drop off-her choice -be a spoiled entitled bitter fat has-been like Meme or just be honest with herself about those cheeseburgers and milkshakes

715 days ago
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