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'Love & Hip Hop' Star K. Michelle

I Stand By My Story ...

Memphitz Beat Me

9/5/2012 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Love & Hip Hop" star K. Michelle isn't scared of the defamation lawsuit filed by her ex Memphitz Wright -- telling TMZ, she stands behind her story 100% ... that the music producer beat her during their relationship.

K. Michelle tells us, "I¹ve always been told that the truth shall set you free. I stand behind my story 100%. I came on the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' show mainly because I wanted to give a voice and bring light to a very serious issue."

"I am very grateful to VH1 and Monami Ent. for the opportunity to tell my story, and touch lives worldwide ... I look forward to having my day in court and finally having the truth of my story confirmed in a court of law."

She adds, "Hopefully others will not have to go through this and then have their stories challenged to this degree because people now want to try to salvage whatever reputation they may have had."

We're told K. has since lawyered up with attorney Matt Middleton and plans to fight Memphitz in court. 

Memphitz has sued K. Michelle over comments she made on the "L&HH" premiere this season, when she referred to an unnamed record producer who "beat her ass" during their relationship ... a thinly-veiled reference to Memphitz.

Memphitz has denied he ever laid a hand on her and wants millions in damages.


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I like it better when they shoot and kill each other

776 days ago


I believe her cuz it happen to me. I was beaten and tortured by my first husband which no one knew. I kept it a secret I just nursed my wounds until it healed but my mind was not at peace. When I left my husband and told people what he done to me they would not believe me. I wished back in the 70s that there were more awareness towards abuse.

776 days ago


Im so tired of people asking for police reports i grew up in a home where my dad beat my mom sometimes unconscious. I've witnesed this with my own eyes & there were never police reports filed...Its amazing that his friends come around and say he's the nicest person that they've ever met!!! I said that to say this not everyone files police reports & just because they dont doesnt mean nothing ever happened

776 days ago


i wouldn't necessarily trust a black womens claim of domestic abuse... it is generally them doing the hitting and then lying on the phone to police that you have a weapon... pretty vivid idiea, huh?

776 days ago


I believe that he really did this to her. I was in a emotionally abusive relationship and left when I was 5&1/2 months pregnant. He didn't hit me but I knew he was different and he scared me. Now he has a new "baby momma" & is kicking her ass on a regular basis. Not everyone leaves or calls the police...people are different. I believe can see she still has a lot of pain behind this.

776 days ago


Her "story". WTF is this STILL her story?? How many YEARS ago was this FIGHT (which she slipped up & admitted to in an interview)? Let's for argument sake say if for sure DID happen..WHY is this STILL her "story"? She been singing this song for a lonnnng a*s time now. If you haven't changed the record by NOW Boo-Boo its time to stop writing songs til u go see a THERAPIST.

776 days ago


This kind of foolishness won't stop til y'all desire HEALING & not someone to help u lick your wounds. Exploiting your pain. "She so real." GTFOH. How the FCK is that HELPING you?? Hey K Michelle: "Come on baby light my fire. Everything u drop is SO tired. Music is supposed to INSPIRE. So how come we ain't gettin no HIGHER?" Ratchet a*s mule.

776 days ago


I believe U K
Here is the tape everybody is looking for 2

776 days ago


was she this annoying back then?

775 days ago


he is a low life s***bag and if u all want to believe him its on u but i believe her ... look a the pic they have up of him, he is an egotistical, self hating piece of ****

775 days ago


i hope she has some paperwork on him because his ugly ass needs to get whats coming to him

775 days ago

amani haskins    

hey k michelle im amani and u r 1 of my fravorite love and hip hop cast u keep it 10% <3 u

763 days ago


i love k.michele she is my favroite if u judge her u dont know her .she is real she keeps it real .dont judge a book by nits cover okay and she went threw a hard life aprecatie what u have and pray every nige tht this dosent happen to u

596 days ago


This story is crazy...idk what to believe

336 days ago
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