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Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife

Gets Big Piece of Pie

In Divorce

9/5/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905-tmz-mel-robyn-gibson-gettyMel Gibson's ex-wife Robyn snagged a big chunk of Mel's retirement package ... TMZ has learned.

According to documents filed in the couple's divorce case and obtained by TMZ, Robyn got the following per their agreement:

-- Half of the Screen Actors Guild pension benefits Mel accumulated during the 31 years of their marriage.

-- A big chunk of Mel's Directors Guild of America pension benefits

-- Half of the 401(k) benefits Mel accumulated through their production company -- Icon -- during their marriage.

As TMZ previously reported ... the couple also divided earnings and property ... roughly estimated at $800 million and we're told Robyn got roughly half.


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now she dont have to blow him

777 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! In all honesty, I do think some of the stuff Mel roared into those phone calls with Oxanna (sic?) were HILARIOUS ("You... will... suck my D*CK!!!!!!!!!!" etc) but man, the guy is off kilter. He definitely has anger management issues out the wazoo. I think this might be a case of KARMA. He has gone way overboard with his rantings, just plowing over people like they are dirt. This is payback,in my opinion.

777 days ago


Good for her. They were married for 31 years and had 7 kids together. They were married loong before he became who he is today, and their married fell apart because HE cheated. The settlement seems totally fair.

777 days ago


She is getting what she DESERVES! 31 Years putting up with him, all the children she had...Half is the LEAST that she should get! Men, have such bad luck after treating their wives bad - giving half is NOTHING! He got what he DESERVES too! Look at the luck he has had since he broke with her!! Talks about KARMA!!!!!!!!!!! Besides, he's a LUNATIC!, RACIST AHOLE! Ha Ha! Finally, he is getting what he deserves! Now, his latest baby momma should take the rest!

777 days ago


This lady deserve every thing she is entitled to 31 years of her life with this fool, hell she should have been awarded 60% Karma is a bitch i know his cheating was not worth it!

777 days ago

R. Cortez    

She earned every dollar, 28 years of Mel Gibson is a lot to ask of anybody. She's single and she is hot too, life is smiling on Robyn. Hey Robyn, if you are ready to date, I'm available Baby.

777 days ago


Wow!! Talk about me writing a novel! There is nothing to be upset about, and I have never written anything bad about anyone on this site but you. You are so deep into yourself that you have to belittle and berate anyone who disagrees with your sense of right and wrong. You are wrong in so many ways including your perception of who I am or even whether I am male or female. And as for someone who likes and believes in themselves, you may want to try and use that towards others. You obviously could care less about others, especially women. Now you do have a really good gift of gab and a grasp of the English language, and I applaud you for that, but other than that, your sense of reality and this website are a bit strange.
Now that I said that, I look forward to hearing from you again real soon seeing as you just can't help but to reply, even if you think that you are being"considerate" in doing so.

777 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Not news, TMZ. Geez...

777 days ago


She is the COLDEST FISH I have ever met. She uses her money to manipulate people at her charity...just an awful person. Mel is probably doing cartwheels!

777 days ago


Raising 7 children? That is one heck of a lot of work. I raised two and it takes a whole lot of your time. I never heard of her dumping the kids off on nannies. She gave the best years of her life to Mel Gibson. She deserves half his money.

777 days ago


Good thing she's such a talented actress and starred in those movies and directed all those films.

777 days ago


Good! I used to love him, but clearly he's battling some demons. Hope she takes it and does some good with it.

777 days ago


In this case he had over 800 mill and she got halve. He still has 400 mil. I think he will be just fine. What can't he do with 400 mil that he can with 800 mil.

777 days ago


Damn, Ox, wanted all the monetary!!!!

777 days ago


Davet and his brethren are a little too obvious about their general hatred of women when they opine that a lady who gave up 30+ years of her own life to be a traditional, stay-at-home wife and mother, and give an opinionated, egotistical, religiously zealot drunkard who constantly cheated on her BJs on demand, never did anything to deserve compensation beyond her basic keep.

777 days ago
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