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Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife

Gets Big Piece of Pie

In Divorce

9/5/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905-tmz-mel-robyn-gibson-gettyMel Gibson's ex-wife Robyn snagged a big chunk of Mel's retirement package ... TMZ has learned.

According to documents filed in the couple's divorce case and obtained by TMZ, Robyn got the following per their agreement:

-- Half of the Screen Actors Guild pension benefits Mel accumulated during the 31 years of their marriage.

-- A big chunk of Mel's Directors Guild of America pension benefits

-- Half of the 401(k) benefits Mel accumulated through their production company -- Icon -- during their marriage.

As TMZ previously reported ... the couple also divided earnings and property ... roughly estimated at $800 million and we're told Robyn got roughly half.


No Avatar


Good. She deserves every penny of it.

777 days ago


This is odd. Giblitz must be paying TMZ to throw out the $800 million figure to make him appear more rich and powerful than he actually is. If he has 400 mil, he would be making the Maccabbe movie.

The net profit from POTC was under 200 mil after tax and box office payouts. He didn't make more than that with the rest of his movies combined. After all of his lavish spending, losses on his recent movies and hits he took with real estate and other investments - not to mention 2 baby mamma payouts - his current net worth is probably between 50 and 100 mil tops. It will dwindle further because he can't get hired, nobody will fund his projects and he still has several properties to maintain that he can't unload.

777 days ago


I am usually not in favour of divorced women being entitled to their ex husband´s money, but in this case I think she deserves it! She has supported him through thick and thin and I am sure it hasn´t been an easy ride!! IRobin is one classy lady! She has never cried out in the press, never used his fame to her advantage but just taken care of their kids and the production company - and done an excellent job of it! :)

776 days ago


Everyone here is writing like she should be payed for being a FREAKING WIFE. Its normal that she did what she did as a wife. But she did not act, she did not spend all the hours on the set and in meeting. She was home in the pool or shopping. Raising kids? please. With all the nannies and whatnot, and school, she had no work. Half? A f?cking joke of a justice system.

776 days ago


Did Mr. Gibson ask the judge if he were Jewish?

776 days ago


Too bad he's broke

776 days ago


this was not a hit n run. she put up with a very, lets say unpredictable man, for 3 decades. by no means was she a "gold digger". not in this case.

776 days ago


This was a marriage that lasted 31 years, not 72 days. Of course she deserves half! They both deserve half.

776 days ago


I would say she earned every penny considering that Mel Gibson's entire career and life fell apart after getting divorced.

776 days ago


Robin married Mel long before he became wealthy. Robin made sacrifices that allowed Mel to do his job and make their money. Robin spent decades protecting their family and Mel's image. Robin has done plenty of behind the scenes work, at home, at their production company, at their charities, ect. Robin is the furthest thing from a gold-digger. She earned every dollar she is keeping.

776 days ago

Spicy mag    

She could have got by on 10%. Doesn't deserve half of his earnings. She didn't direct the Jesus movie.

776 days ago


Seven kids makes her half just about equal although I'd say Robin did most of the work. Good for her. He's a lousy drunk a-hole.

776 days ago


Not sure what Davet and his ilk are queefing about. Men receive the same benefits when a woman is the high earner in a marriage. It's the law. Marriage is a partnership. Get over it.

This is not even news. It is standard when dividing assets in a long term marriage.

Why is TMZ posting this non-story.

776 days ago


@2i and Cug - both Ox and Gibson are to blame. She's scammer. He's a dumb horndog The topic is division of marital assets. Read the story.

776 days ago


@Cug - you are arguing law. You seem to be of the mind that marriage is not a PARTNERSHIP. It is. If Robyn were the high earner, Mel would get the same thing. Courts don't care who is at fault. It means nothing. You divide the assets equally in a long term marriage. In some states if you owned something before the marriage you gain a larger percentage. That's it. Tough ****.

776 days ago
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