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Mel Gibson's Ex-Wife

Gets Big Piece of Pie

In Divorce

9/5/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905-tmz-mel-robyn-gibson-gettyMel Gibson's ex-wife Robyn snagged a big chunk of Mel's retirement package ... TMZ has learned.

According to documents filed in the couple's divorce case and obtained by TMZ, Robyn got the following per their agreement:

-- Half of the Screen Actors Guild pension benefits Mel accumulated during the 31 years of their marriage.

-- A big chunk of Mel's Directors Guild of America pension benefits

-- Half of the 401(k) benefits Mel accumulated through their production company -- Icon -- during their marriage.

As TMZ previously reported ... the couple also divided earnings and property ... roughly estimated at $800 million and we're told Robyn got roughly half.


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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Where's idiot pig thing fleabag of the many monikers? I was ready for some 'stupidiest comments' with my morning coffee!

776 days ago


Too bad you didn't take that road trip B'nutz. It would have been a welcome reprieve to have you stuck in the middle of a flooded river with your car clinging to a branch.

776 days ago


Robyn didn't get any of "his" money. She got 1/2 of THEIR money!!!

775 days ago


i haven't heard M.G. complaining, seems like he's okay with it (no secret recording to imply otherwise), maybe he thinks it's the least she deserves for all the love she added to his life
G-d Bless

775 days ago


what a hypocrite
you are cujeaux
blindly singing to the tune of extortionists.....
so if
.."The kids shouldn't get trust funds or anything until the parents decide to fund them, not the court."
then WHY? you did not apply same rule to extortionist comrade Grigorieva's daughter???

..."Ox deserved compensation for what she endured."
Ox deserve orange suit and free room and board
for extortion, perjury, lying and destroying another human lives (Sasha's,Lucia's, Gibson's children, destroying Mel Gibson soul and life ...

Robyn rightfully deserve God's blessing
and all the money
American justice court gave her
Have I argued the law? I couldn't care less about it........I will say NOW that I don't think Robyn deserved half. When there is a fortune at stake, earned primarily by one person in the marriage, I believe a 70/30 split is more appropriate, ESP if the kids are adults. The kids shouldn't get trust funds or anything until the parents decide to fund them, not the court.
Robyn kept popping out kids as an insurance policy and Gibby used I CON in an attempt to hide and divert money from the marital property. I'm sure he succeeded at that just as he has succeeded in diverted Riley Fund money for personal use.
Seems haters just hate. Mel doesn't "deserve" his money. His partner of 28 years doesn't deserve 1/2 of his money. Ox deserves all of his money. Gotcha.
Aubrey didn't get his teeth knocked out by a madwoman flailing a gun in front of his children. Aubrey wasnt subject to death threats and severely abusive and repeated harassment phone calls in the dead of night. Aubrey wasn't falsely accused of extortion.
There's such a thing as 'punitive damages' in court flock. In addition to child support based on Gibby's income, Ox deserved compensation for what she endured.

774 days ago


from August 2010
just to refresh our memories....

Officials Suspicious
of Oksana Grigorieva Claims Against Mel Gibson;
Lawyer to Be Questioned
August 5th, 2010 8:49 AM by Free Britney
In an effort to separate truth from fiction, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has contacted Oksana Grigorieva's former lawyer to see if she said inconsistent or incriminating things during her custody mediation with Mel Gibson.

Attorney Eric George will be asked about both Oksana's brutality claims against Mel as well as the actor's allegation that his ex is trying to extort him.

George is allowed to and will discuss what occurred during the mediation. Private conversations with Oksana are protected by attorney-client privilege.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that investigators are particularly interested in what Oksana is reportedly claiming now, but failed to claim in May:

She never mentioned, nor produced that alleged black eye photo
She never expressed concern that Mel was a threat to baby Lucia
She never said Mel threatened to kill her, her son, Lucia, or himself

Mel is a deeply disturbed human - but do Oksana's allegations against him add up, or does she have an ulterior motive? That's what police are trying to sort out.

Investigators also want to get to the bottom of texts Oksana allegedly sent Mel a few months ago - saying she taped his phone calls because he was "not taking care of her." She claimed last week she did so because she feared for her life.

Mel's camp claims it has hard proof Oksana left evidence showing she was holding the Mel Gibson tapes over his head - the texts may be the key.

George was the attorney who negotiated a $15 million custody and confidentiality settlement package for Oksana, which she later disavowed.

The situation is so bizarre, it's no wonder officials are having trouble sorting it out.

Gibson's rants paint a disturbing image, yet the deluge of additional "evidence" she claims - the abuse pics, that Mel hit his two sons - is highly questionable.

Whose side are you on?

You can only vote once!
Team Mel!
Team Oksana!
Total Votes: 18895
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774 days ago


hi bunny, realist, Kelly, Michelle and all
just to show you
soviet propaganda brainwashing tactics
same here done by cujeauax
twisting words, lie after lie, facts ignored
vision only
"saint Oksana with child and bad rich man"

I grow up on Pavlik Morozov lies," soviet hero",
I was forced in school as a child as to read,
and reread and reread that b* year after year....
I was forced by teachers to be like Pavlik Morozov..

Oksana lies remind me of Pavlik lies
truth does not matter
only soviet propaganda is here
to destroy Mel Gibson

773 days ago


comrade Grigorieva
happy soviet childhood in Artek and Eaglet...
Text: Pauline Tsvetkova
...Russian mistress of director Mel Gibson has given her first interview to the Russian edition, which described how the daughter changed her life and how she regained the shape after the second pregnancy.
The following spring, Oksana Grigorieva for the first time in seventeen years, looks in Russia as part of her first world tour. She still speaks in Russian - this could make the "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which the singer gave her first interview.
Staying in shape helps Oksana Grigorieva optimism

"If you remember, I had a simple Soviet childhood - admitted in an interview Oksana Grigorieva.
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playgrounds for different needs.
In the 1930s, "Artek" for some time bore the name of its founder - ZP Soloviev. Then, in 1938 the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR and the Central Committee of the Young Communist League granted the request to assign a pioneer camp name B. Molotov , responsible "Artek" the government often come to the camp. In 1957 , on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution ,
"Artek" was named after Vladimir Lenin.
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Between 1925- 1969 years.
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The guests of honor "Artek" in different years , Jean-Bedel Bokassa , Leonid Brezhnev , Yuri Gagarin , Indira Gandhi , Urho Kekkonen , Nikita Khrushchev , Jawaharlal Nehru , Otto Schmidt , Lydia Skoblikova , Palmiro Togliatti , Ho Chi Minh , Benjamin Spock , Mikhail Tal , Valentina Tereshkova , Lev Yashin .
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772 days ago


camp Eaglet
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could not accommodate all those
wishing to relax by the sea,
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There was a need to create such a camp in Russia.

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772 days ago


Hi Canook!-

"Artek" could use only children kgb's parents, from high officials range families and KGB TROLLS. PERIOD> I am from russia and from intelligence NOBEL family. I know all this "kitchen" WHOREOXY is just a dirty whore, even thought russia wouldn't have connection with trash that is grigorieva's family is .

OUT of topic;
Illegal immigrant (criminal0 use Obama's "American dream" for education. WOW!!! Why children Of Founder THathers don't have all these priveledge??????????????????
Why children wfrom parents who has build this wonderful country paying for illegal immigrants, by damage their own children?? OK, how many talented children from illegal immigrants?? One, two or may be free . Why american have to pay for all illegal criminal??
Few yars i was trying understand is obama crook or stoopid ...?
I think he is just a stupid traitor crook.
Only the heard of ships will vote for obama. AND, PUTIN gangs loves and wishes obama SO MUCH.
May be i can help hesitation people to understand who is Ms.Obama is??


771 days ago


You can't use reason to dissuade someone out of a position they didn't arrive at through reason, but only through ideological dogmatism:

Enjoy. (Seems to fit the subject here. )
Visions of America being swallowed by the
Obamney Zombies...

768 days ago


Perhaps this is the "America is Gone" video Canook meant:

768 days ago


Flock shoudn't you be more concerned with what Gibby is doing with his 20 something girlfriend than who will be the next president?
It's been a few weeks since he's been off the radar. Ol' Faithful is due to blast off any time now.
tee hee!

768 days ago


if I may correct you.....
LOL Liam! I hope Dalton or Sasha writes a book too. I'd buy it!
The tables have turned on Ox since Mel stopped taking her sh*t. Now nobody else is going to take it either.
Don't tell me she was a different person with her family either. That's a crock.
Robyn deserves half $$$ it's because for 30 years she worked very hard for it. The fact that she kept all of the $POTC$ as well shows
that she deserve it.
Ox is very selfish.
When you have 2 kids with 2 different men
(who can still bring home the bacon) you aren't considering the kids and
what they will have to endure.
I bet Ox kids don't like her either.

766 days ago


is there any true acting. or is it just a showing of bits of what is in each of us,

dark side of the hero
goodness in the villain
weakness of the mighty
strength of the weak
wisdom in the young
immaturity of the experienced
crazy bits of those considered sane
clarity in those deamed crazy
the humanity we all try to hide from others

the truth
beyond the first impression
beneath the surface
the beauty in the flaw
G-d Bless

765 days ago
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