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Heidi and Seal

Close to Divorce


9/5/2012 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_seal_article_tmzHeidi Klum and Seal are close to settling their divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Seal tell TMZ ... the singer is fully on board to end the marriage and now fully recognizes that the postnuptial agreement he signed is enforceable and will be "substantially honored."

As you know ... Seal erupted over the weekend, accusing Heidi of banging the bodyguard before the couple separated.  But our sources say Seal retracted his comment a day later, because he didn't want the divorce negotiations to become acrimonious. 

As we first reported ... Seal was pissed early on in the divorce and tried challenging the postnup, but he has since come around.


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It sounds like he's getting something. The word "substantially" is a give-away. This has resulted in him now backing off and being agreeable about the divorce.

780 days ago


I bet his publicist told him to shut his mouth & sign. Not good for his image to publicly accuse the mother of his children of cheating. Even if it were true (doubt it), his kids are the ones who get hurt. If he kept going after her money - considering he has plenty of his own & can earn more - he'd look like an even bigger ass.

780 days ago


I really liked them together and thought he must've been a great man to land such a great woman like Heidi but he sure is showing his true colors now. Now I wonder what the hell, other than what he's holding between his legs, Heidi saw in this beast?

780 days ago

Harlin's Garage    

Two nogiveadamns...... Who listen's to Seals crap and what the hell has Heidi ever done but tag Bears.... C'mon, tie for a Michael Lowhan story right----about----now.

780 days ago


My ugly cats arse is nicer for viewing then that creeps face. Only thing uglier is what comes out of his mouth.

780 days ago


She dumped her Italian boyfriend while pregnant to get with Seal. She dumped Seal to get with her bodyguard. I think the appropriate term that defines Heidi Klum is extremely shallow with Sociopathic tendencies. She gets a pass by everyone because she is considered "Trophy Gorgeous"... Her need for stimulation (pushing again for stardome), incapacity for love (annual vows then a few months later dumping Seal) and shallow emotions (pregnant and sleeping with another man) all are classic patterns..

780 days ago

Oh A 💛💋    

Dumb ass .....

780 days ago


YARN! What is she going to do now...She is going back to SMALLER men! Please! I don't know what either of them saw in each other! Be good to your children and part ways!

780 days ago


I hope this gets over with STAT!!! That seal face is spooky!!

780 days ago


Seal, Seal, Seal.

780 days ago


Seal is one of the luckiest men in the world. He's ugly and a real jerk yet he found an insecure gorgeous woman and got to sleep with her for years. My guess is he got to use her sexually anywhere, any time and in any position due to her lack of self esteem.

780 days ago


Seal, you are such a LOSER! What a pathetic creature you are. Leave that woman alone and move on you rodent!

780 days ago


Seal better find another day job too. He LOST his fan base with his actions and comments. I'll NEVER listen too, much less buy, any of his music again.

779 days ago


that's what you get when you marry a whore whose primary interest was what was in your bicycle pants

779 days ago


It makes me sick to watch Heidi Klum always acting like the goodie-goodie of that family, where Seal has to take on ridicule. Did it ever occur to anyone that, maybe... just maybe, Heidi has an affair which led to their breakup?

I can't stand the woman, quite honestly, only because of how important her image is, moreso than anything else. She's too old to be a super model but she sure tries, doesn't she.

Seal, you are much better off.

776 days ago
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