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Rep. Patrick Kennedy

We LOVE Taylor Swift

... She's ALREADY Family

9/5/2012 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift
has ALREADY been accepted as a member of the Kennedy family ... so says former U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy ... who tells TMZ the family is THRILLED she's dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s son.

TMZ was out in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday when we ran into Rep. Kennedy ... and asked him how he felt about 18-year-old Conor Kennedy's blossoming relationship with the 22-year-old singer.

"We love Taylor Swift ... she's been a great friend and we're happy for Conor."

Kennedy continued, "If she wants to be in the family, she's already a part of it."

Taylor and Conor have been virtually inseparable for the past couple of months ... with Taylor even accompanying Kennedy to visit his mother's grave after she passed away back in May.



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God that female is not attractive. I'm tired of seeing her stupid make up commercials too.

688 days ago


One of the sadder facts about this family is that the women in the Kennedy family bash other women. They are just as hatful and pathetic as the men. How fast did Victoria Gifford Kennedy and then her step mother Kathie Lee jumped all over Taylor for going to Victoria's daughters wedding, THE KENNEDY BRAT was asked NOT to come and he showed up; somehow like always its turned around on a WOMAN. Taylor will end up getting pregnant to trap this young boy, and his father RFK jr and his latest whoever he is dating or marrying these days will take the kid from Taylor calling her unfit and unstable ... and we all saw that one coming...

688 days ago


Please....somebody tell Taylor to run like hell from that cursed family. Is she just looking to be a grieving widow or what? Wise up, girl. All the Kennedy's can assure you of is a front row seat a relatives funeral!

688 days ago


She's a little whore trying to disguise as a good girl.

688 days ago


I hope when this thing ends - and it will end - it is he who breaks it off because he's young and I'm sure he's fragile and she's just a bit of a sycophant. I feel bad for him.

688 days ago


Hope she becomes a Kennedy. Then she'll die soon and we won't have to hear her crap music anymore.

688 days ago


Did the Kennedys have all of the grandkids sign a do***ent with an X when they were kids that said they have to have a mop head of hair? That whole family looks like they could use a good bath.

688 days ago


Seriously? I wrote doc-u-ment.

688 days ago


if, and when they breakup how bad could the song be you can't do anymore harm to the kennedy name. The men are pigs and drive the wives to drugs and drinking, the family is already a country song!

688 days ago


Taylor - You are no Jackie Kennedy. This is not going to end well. Patrick may be happy to have Taylor in the family now, but that smile will be wiped from his face when she writes the break up song that also reveals some not-well-known Kennedy family secret. Conor is only 18 and they tend to talk - especially when they have a trophy girlfriend like Taylor Swift. Of course, Conor will be hurt but, thankfully, he's young and will get over it eventually. Hopefully, she'll have the decency to sell the home she purchased near their vacation home so Conor won't have to watch her prance around with the next muse.

688 days ago


Taylor Swift is crazy and very insecure! Am I the only one who thinks she has mental issues? Buying a house beside his Grandma??! She's too old for him too let the poor guy go to College! Geez

688 days ago


patches! please , he barely has an IQ in the triple digits coupled with lots of abuse issues. He likes to say he has mental health issues.... So who really cares what the fool has to say. Most entitled bunch of alcoholics anyone ever met. Am not a Taylor fan, but run, don't walk away from these people

688 days ago


She better learn to swim....

688 days ago


I hope this lasts - Kennedy curse and all !!

688 days ago


Shes an idiot....women who hook up with kennedy me end up a drunk...dead......or suicidal........dont know what this lil bitches appeal is!

688 days ago
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