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Rep. Patrick Kennedy

We LOVE Taylor Swift

... She's ALREADY Family

9/5/2012 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift
has ALREADY been accepted as a member of the Kennedy family ... so says former U.S. Representative Patrick Kennedy ... who tells TMZ the family is THRILLED she's dating Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s son.

TMZ was out in Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday when we ran into Rep. Kennedy ... and asked him how he felt about 18-year-old Conor Kennedy's blossoming relationship with the 22-year-old singer.

"We love Taylor Swift ... she's been a great friend and we're happy for Conor."

Kennedy continued, "If she wants to be in the family, she's already a part of it."

Taylor and Conor have been virtually inseparable for the past couple of months ... with Taylor even accompanying Kennedy to visit his mother's grave after she passed away back in May.



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Really!!!!!!!!!! Look at the age difference He is barely legal. It is disgusting a little girl looking for attention.
It is wrong on all levels. Just saying pimping out a
Kennedy kid. Wrong Can't wait for the break-up song.

723 days ago

Larry Fyne    

Well this public announcement says a whole lot about Taylor Swift's taste in men, doesn't it? Maybe that should be lack of taste.

The Kennedy's are a trashy, corrupt family & this girl should know better. Things must be going alright though - he's coping a wrist feel where her boobs are supposed to be so she must be okay with their relationship. Sure changes my opinion of her though.

723 days ago

Paige Baker    

She won't break up with him, she MUST marry him and she MUST be happy with him! He's NOT too young for her, he's 18 and she's 22, he's a man and she's a woman, they should be happy with each other and have children, it's been her dream for many years! And she won't "die" for being in their show! They miss each other too much so how will they break up?! Taylor, don't run, he will stay with you... :) All the others are wrong, I know it will work this time! :D

723 days ago

Don Martin    

Sheesh! When did Taylor Swift get hooked on crack?

723 days ago


LAFFNBEAR must be a Kennedy.

723 days ago

Throwback kid    

Patrick Kennedey is so funny, when he got picked up being under the ifluence he said he was on his way to capitol hill to vote and they took him home. If that happened to any of us we would be arrested. But they are used to getting away with things, his father Ted took a shower and put on dry clothes before he called the police while a woman was underwater dead in his car. the whole kennedy family feels that rules don't apply to them, that they are somehow special

723 days ago


I thought the Kennedy's stopped reproducing. omg..

723 days ago


The Kennedy men accept her because she is beautiful. The drunken, drug addicted Kennedy (men are too) women, they don't like the competition.

723 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

Taylor seems sweet, but she doesn't have much luck with long term relationships. Hopefully, she won't get hurt here. The Kennedy's are power mongers and if they want you out, you will be out.

723 days ago

Duke Steele    

Consider the source. The depressed coke freak of the Kennedy Crime Family. To paraphrase, he himself educated himself.

723 days ago

buzz kill    

I hope her life insurance is up to date. Apparently she has never researched the history of the Kennedy's woman.

723 days ago


Girl...RUN from the kennedy family. They're cursed...everyone knows that

723 days ago


Man,,,she sure does like those tall ass-big eared goofy lookin f-ers doesn't she??!!!!!

723 days ago


If you think that way its only going to be that much worse when she writes her breakup song saying how horrible he is!

723 days ago

Harlin's Garage    

Here we go, yet another Kennedy that were gonna be seeing rollerblading in Central Park with his shirt off eating red apples... Dammit we don't have time for all this... And Miss Swift is gonna have em double parking for the next turn... Slow down girl....

723 days ago
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