TMZ Live 'Honey Boo Boo' Mom I'm Not Giving Up Roadkill

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"Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" star June Shannon swears she ain't gonna stop chowing down on roadkill any time soon -- calling into TMZ Live to let us know her newfound fame and fortune won't change her redneck ways one bit.

And, Jessica Simpson lost 40 pounds ... if you believe a new magazine cover. Our photos of her from Tuesday tell a much different, much bigger story.
(0:00) Kanye West won't stop rapping about Kim Kardashian -- and everyone's getting sick of it. This time, he's glamorizing her sex tape ... because there's nothing awkward about your girlfriend banging someone else.
(6:50) "American Idol" may be in trouble -- they've only got one of the four judges they want signed up for next season.
(10:00) Jessica Simpson has lost 40 pounds ... if you believe a magazine cover. Our photo of her from yesterday tells a different story.
(15:00) Amanda Bynes can't run from her alleged hit-and-runs anymore -- she just got hit with TWO charges.
(18:00) June Shannon from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" calls in -- she shoots down reports that her family is getting paid pennies to do the show. Harvey wants to know -- is fame or money going to change them?
(25:00) Tony Villarigosa totally bombed last night at the DNC -- you gotta see this awkward clip.
(27:00) Harvey and Raquel go toe-to-toe over Michelle Obama's speech last night.
(31:10) Bob Barker calls in -- after the heartless bastards over at "Price Is Right" snubbed him for the show's 40th anniversary episode. And yes, he does say his spade and neuter line for us!
(36:00) Prince Harry -- mocked in Las Vegas.
(38:00) Taylor Swift -- already accepted into the Kennedy family.
(41:00) Chad Johnson got the dumbest tattoo ever -- Evelyn Lozado's face on his calf.
(43:00) We take your calls!