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'Honey Boo Boo' Mom

A Redneck Kris Kardashian

9/6/2012 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Kardashian better watch her back -- there's a new momager on the scene who's bigger, badder, and has way more flies on her feet ... June Shannon from "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

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I know "white trash" is the last group of people everyone can still laugh at and make fun of and it's still politically correct judging from the TMZ group sitting around in their superior hats joking about them but I find this reality family a waste of time like most of the families who have shows on television.

785 days ago


Insulting to June to compare her to Kris. Kris is much trashier.

785 days ago


I'd rather hang out with June than Kris anyday. she seems like fun.and yes the Kardashians and HoneyBooBoo Fam is VERY similar..HAHA!! Watch an episodes back to back..fat ass daughters and controlling Moms, weak Dads..SAME FAMILY..suck it Kardashians..the HoneyBooBoos are nipping at your heels.

785 days ago


I have said it all along..this is a white-trashier verion of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"

785 days ago


Who the hell is 'Honey Boo Boo?!' Looking at this pic I am happy to say I have never seen nor heard of this person. This must be another 15 minute famer.

785 days ago

Big D    

I have never seen the show, but the fat ass Mom should probably quit pimping her daughter.

785 days ago

Who Knew    

How about bring back the wife swap show and Kris Jenner swap with Honey Boo Boo's Mom. that is a show I would watch that includes the Kartrashians.

785 days ago

Who Knew    

Can not believe I just type Honey Boo Boo, my keyboard fells a little dirty.

785 days ago

buzz kill    

Does this mean there will be a sex tape with a donkey that finishes her off with a golden shower?

785 days ago


I don't watch these shows anymore. It is so obviously just a bunch of scripted lies. So stupid. And Kris Jenner being upset over the honey boo boo show is like the pot calling the kettle black. Sorry for the pun but HELLO!

785 days ago


I am so amazed by these people who have their own reality show They are exploiting this little girl for their own use. The mother is unhealthy and overweight and it looks like her kids are following in her footsteps It cost a fortune to enter thes pageants and the fact that they put makeup on them and dress these children provacatively is a sin.They should be spending that money on education for this so called loving family The saddest thing is people watch this crap and think its funny I think it is sad and heartbreaking

785 days ago


Anybody who watches this crap is Kim Kardashian-level stupid... or will be after two more episodes.

Wish one of the political parties would have used time at their conventions to urge White Trash America to turn off its TV.

785 days ago

Lady Juliette    

I would like to know what is so special about this Honey Boo Boo? What is she? I think this is really about mom's living through their girls. They couldn't make it way back when so they push the girls to participate in this stupid pagent. I just think it's so stupid and not worth anyone's time.

785 days ago


who really cares about what Kris has to think. I mean really look at her and her entire family who is on TV. Her daughter got famous by sleeping with Ray J and making sex tapes. Then she got married and it didn't last 60days and use TV to make money off of it. I really wish that they would cancle Keeping up with the sluts.. OH i'm sorry.. i ment keeping up with the Kardashians

785 days ago

Sherri McFadden    

Shame on you TLC for glorifying this family. You know full well thast people will laugh and make fun of them, you are counting on that for ratings! How pathetic!
I do not feel sorry for this family though. If they want to look like they do, act like they do, smell like they do, have children having babies like they do (Alana will be pregnant by the time she is 9) and think all that is ok and they are fine with it, then they deserve to be made fun of! So....nevermind TLC!!!!

785 days ago
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