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Joe Francis

Quincy Is LYING

'I SWEAR On My Life'

9/6/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Girls Gone Wild" honcho Joe Francis swears ... Steve Wynn threatened to end his life -- telling TMZ, Quincy Jones just LIED on the stand about Wynn's alleged murder plot in order to protect the casino mogul.

As we reported, Quincy testified moments ago -- insisting he never saw an email from Steve Wynn detailing a murder plot against Francis. Quincy said he never even heard Wynn threaten Francis.

But Francis believes Quincy is in Wynn's back pocket -- telling us, "[Quincy] is lying for Steve Wynn. I swear on my life, God strike me down, that I am telling the 100% truth in this matter."

He adds, "The fat lady hasn't sung yet."

Francis' lawyer is cross-examining Quincy this very moment.

As we reported, Quincy was subpoenaed to testify in Wynn's defamation suit against Francis, in which Francis has claimed Wynn threatened to have him buried in the desert over a gambling debt.


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I'm starting to wonder if maybe wynne did send the email but didn't really mean for it to be taken seriously.. Maybe it was just a scare tactic that got taken out of hand? Idunno, this is all so weird, lol.

747 days ago

Robert Hartless    

is it just me or does Wynn look like he could be francis's DAD?

747 days ago


needs to go the way of griselda

747 days ago


Qunicy is a pedo

747 days ago


Don't know if Quincy Jones is lying or not but it's fun watching Joe Francis running scared. That'll teach him a lesson not to get in Mr. Big's face.

747 days ago


Everyone in LA knows that Joe is "mentally unstable", to put it nicely. The guy is delusional and you can't believe a word out of his mouth. I don't know who the guy who is suing him is, but I believe him because just the mere mention of the fact that Joe is involved in the lawsuit makes me know he's not telling the truth.

747 days ago


"Being buried alive in the desert" is Las Vegas joke talk. Most of the locals use it when they get angry at someone. No one interpets it as serious and laughs when it's directed at them. It's used frequently in common office talk. Example: If someone is hogging the copy machine another employee will say "I'm going to bury him/her alive in the desert if they don't get off that machine soon."

747 days ago


Well if Joe swears on his own life, then I believe him. C'mon they are acting like two idiots on a school playground. Would Steve really risk it all to kill Joe? It's bullying, stop crying be a man and move on. Ugh!

747 days ago


Oops! It was such a bad show that I messed up the show's name. Dish Nation is horrible no matter what you call it.

747 days ago


Wasn't that stupid show Dish Network fail? Why is it coming back ??? It was horrible & nobody was funny. They thought they were.

747 days ago


You would have to be bat-shyt stupid to put a murder plot on paper.

746 days ago

ho geee    

"i swear on my life" bwaaahahahahahahah. A sworn oath from Joe francis = completely worthless

746 days ago

Erin Brown    

I worked as a Media Buyer for GGW. Most people that have ever come in contact with Joseph Jackass Francis would like to bury him in the desert.

746 days ago
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