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Gabrielle Giffords

Leads INSPIRING Pledge of Allegiance at DNC

9/6/2012 5:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gabrielle Giffords just appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention and led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance ... and the crowd erupted in an emotionally charged applause.

Giffords -- who is still recovering from the gunshot wound she suffered to her head during a shooting while meeting with constituents at a supermarket in Tucson in January 2011 -- was escorted to the stage by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

While Giffords had some trouble enunciating some of the words, she finished strong ... sporting a big smile while the crowd cheered her on.

After she finished, the crowd chanted her name ... with some people shedding proud tears.

Check out the clip -- pretty awesome.


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Meanwhile, Pay-day-lin was locked out of the RNC's convention. POETIC JUSTICE!!!

778 days ago


Not surprised TMZ is constantly supporting the democrats. Like them, this site is all about lies.

778 days ago


oh joy the clown convention said the pledge of allegiance did the head clown say he pledged to the muslem god

778 days ago


This was the only positive thing during the whole DNC.

778 days ago


Great job, Gabby. Pitiful, DWS, for using this moment to cover up your lying, godless self. Thank God Gabby is doing better. That is awesome. Pray to God for DWS's sad and pitiful political moment-a political figure taking advantage of a tragic situation. That is sad. Keep getting better, Gabby. Love ya.

778 days ago

Bill Leslie    

pretty shameful trotting out a retard for the pity vote

778 days ago


I'm so happy for Gabrielle. She has come a long way.

778 days ago


Hell yeah Gabby rises in the face of adversity.God bless America.

778 days ago


G-d Bless this wonderfuly brave woman.

778 days ago


The DNC did nothing but point blame once again, on Bush, seemingly forgetting that during the Bush administration, the democrats had control of congres... and Obama had 4 years to do SOMETHING to improve what he said he inherited. Even if it wasn't an immediate fix, he could have gotten the ball rolling. what did he do in that 4 years to "fix" the issues? he continued to Pass blame whenever things he tried failed... he created a stimulus that did nothing but add trillions to are already too high deficit. He did NOTHING and it's obvious from what I've seen he's going to continue to do nothing to move forward. He had no jobs plan to get American's back to work... he has no plan to fix medicaid and medicare... what people don't understand is Obamacare is going to further hurt those programs. The only thing they focused on is looking back at who they could blame for their failures. I find that when you run while looking behind you, you tend to miss the brick wall you're about to run into.

778 days ago


I despise politics, and I'm sure there were ulterior motives going on (like tugging at the public's heartstrings...just like Reps would have done if it was someone from their party) but it really makes me happy to see Gabby doing so well. She's a pretty incredible woman.

778 days ago


Nice gesture, but its ALL the work of democrats and liberals the reason why we cant say the pledge in school, or pray (unless youre a muslim) or breathe one word out of the bible. You people are mindless sheep.

778 days ago


What G.G. and I have in common:

We're both struggling to deal with, understand -

Similar types of Evil.

May you reside in Hell the rest of your lives - Ann and Bill -

778 days ago


Sleep well tonight down in FL, Sue -

Make a buck off of me/it - what the hell.


778 days ago


The Shooter in this case -

And my own co-tormentors -

Have one thing in common besides illness.

Bitterness -

Ann and Bill had record levels of bitter -

Three cowards -

Just as yellow as lemons.

778 days ago
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