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The Situation Sues

I Charge $30,000

to Appear in Nightclubs

9/6/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation charges $30,000 A POP to appear in Vegas nightclubs ... so says the "Jersey Shore" star ... who's now suing a promoter for stiffing him to  the tune of $60k.

Sitch filed the suit in Miami, claiming he struck a deal with a promotion company last year to make a total of 3 appearances at Vegas nightclubs Chateau and Gallery by June 30th.

According to the lawsuit, the deal was "pay or play" -- meaning Situation was to get paid the full amount ... even if the club decided not to use him all three times.

Situation claims the club only called him in once before the deadline ... and only paid him $30k.

Now, the "Jersey Shore" star is suing the promotion company for the balance -- $60,000 -- insisting it hasn't held up its end of the bargain.

Calls to the promotion company Diversified Entertainment were not returned.



No Avatar


I'd pay him $30K just to crawl back under the rock he came out of and disappear for LIFE!

723 days ago


poor guy doesn't realize the fat lady has sung.

723 days ago

BB not bb    

See what I am thinking is maybe Mike has a flat affect from the psych meds now, meaning that his personality is dulled. When you take those meds, you lose the ability to mix and mingle and have fun to some degree because all of your thoughts are blocked and disrupted. If he is being paid to go be the life of the party and can't live up to it, maybe that is why they didn't call him back.

If they have a contract they have to pay him but maybe they feel like they weren't getting what they paid for. Maybe this is why Jersey Shore was even cancelled. He started to decling mentally really bad in Italy after the concussion. That was pretty serious what he did to himself, on top of the drinking besides.

Maybe he needs to just detox and chill out for awhile away from drugs and meds and the fast lane.

723 days ago


I'd pay the bozo 35K to stay away.

723 days ago


He's going to be paying the night clubs just to let him in! And standing at the door trying to hand out his has been signed photo to ppl. It's over...Time to get an education and go back to the real life.

723 days ago


Please make it go away. This sap is sooo ugly and sooo annoying

723 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Those clubs must be really desperate if they paid this meat head to appear

723 days ago


nobody's paying coked up some 45 yr old pretending to be 20 something (the crows feet & receding hairline aren't fooling anyone)...nice try loser

723 days ago

Sam Karr    

your show is over, and so are your 15 minutes ... THANK GOD! BuhBye.

723 days ago

Mark H    

He "might" have gotten that 3 years ago, but now that we know him, no way!

723 days ago


30k an appearance!!!! What the faaaaaaaaa. What is wrong with this world, and the people living in it?!?!?!?

723 days ago


nobody wants to club with you lol

723 days ago

Joe Mack    

The Bitchuation is the biggest d-bag around. I would love to kick his ass...I'd get sued, but damn it would be worth it. The guy fights on Jersey Shore were the biggest crock of sh!t ever....JWoww could whip all of their asses.....and I'd let her spank mine too!!

723 days ago


He better save his money . . . a year from now he will be forgotten once their show ends. He'll have to pay a cover charge to get in to these clubs, like the rest of us do.

723 days ago


You mean he used to.......not anymore. Bye-Bye

722 days ago
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