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'Jersey Shore' Star

Some of My Co-Stars

Will FAIL in TV

9/6/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vinny from "Jersey Shore" believes some of his co-stars are destined for failure after the show wraps up later this year ... telling TMZ only the ones with a BRAIN will succeed in TV.

Vinny was hangin' in L.A. last night when we asked how he felt about MTV getting rid of "Shore" after its 6th season.

"They didn't get rid of it ... they just want us to go out on top," Vinny told us ... adding, "Best show in MTV history."

But when we asked if the "Jersey" cast will have better success in their own spin-off shows, Vinny replied, "I don't know about ALL of us ... but I think whoever has imagination and talent will make it."

Unfortunately, Vinny didn't name any names.

Still, Vinny told us the show could be a major launching pad for one of his co-stars ... noting Adam Sandler started on MTV ("Remote Control" anyone?) ... "and then he became a big movie star."

As for Vinny's next project, the reality star wouldn't tell us what's next on his plate ... but insists, "Good things."


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really! really?    

With a little instruction and experience, Pauly D could become a great DJ. Most of the cast has potential to do something with their lives. The question is how many of them will flash a resume in ten years that reflects they did nothing worth mentioning after Jersey Shore?

780 days ago


Darn TMZ, i just tried to check them all for FAILURE.

780 days ago


All will fail..yourself included. Good riddance.

780 days ago

Sin D    

Jersey Whore " The Down Years" ***ming to VIVID VIDEO in 3 years.

780 days ago


Vinny can start doing gay porn...his appendage is rather large

780 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Not a huge Adam Sandler fan, but the guy was a standup comedian. Then he starred on SNL. He actually has talent, a work ethic, and is actually known for something besides just being known.

These greasy asshats will all be broke within 5 years even though they should be $et for life.

780 days ago


Why don't I have an option for "NONE" will succeed?
Why don't I have an option for "ALL" will fail?

780 days ago


SNOOKI will have five more kids, then star in a sitcom about a loud, drunk quasi-Italtian family on wellfare called Snooki's spooky, kooky and all together ooky show. It will last three shows. Three more than expected.
PAULYD Will have a failed hair care product that will result in many lawsuits due to people loosing their hair, forcing him to turn tricks on the New Jersey Turnpike.
SITUATION will change his name to DJ Wahappen when he goes broke and become the first guy on his block to infect himself with the Henta Virus.
VINNY will be known as the guy walking around Jersey asking, "Hey, remember me?"
RONNY opens a bodyguard school called Big Dummy's Skool for Bodyguarding, which will immediately close because his first student knocked him the fluck out.
JWOWW will open a slew of strip clubs in strip malls and become the queen of strippers until she is stripped of the title by none other than Honey Boo Boo.
SAMMI will change her name to Sammy, thinking it will get her farther in life. Unfortunately, Sammy will be locked up in jail for stealing what she thought was a Fabrege Egg, but it turned out to be a phony, just like her name, tan, teeth, breasts and IQ status.

780 days ago


All of them will fail. And, TMZ do a poll that you can have multiple choices.

780 days ago


My votes for Vinny. He graduated from college and is even considering law school. I watched the first 2 seasons of Jersey Shore and even some of the new ones (I have no choice when I'm at my friends houses) and Vinny was always the only one who seemed decent. Pauly D will make it for a while but I think he'll eventually be back to the type of gigs he did prior to Jersey Shore... The rest? Umm.. No comment, lol.

780 days ago


Seriously, is this dude Vinny on ACID????? "Best show in MTV history???? WOW what the hell is he on?? I'd say the WORST show ever on MTV. These morons totally made Italians look bad. They had absolute no talent, no NOTHING> How they even got a show is beyond me. And to get paid the way they did is soooo unbelievable. These idiots were just that, and I'm glad they will be going off the air. AMEN TO THAT.....

780 days ago


Pauly could have a career, it only takes an ipod to be a "dj" these days. Sammi, Ronni, Deena and Vinny are done...I hope. I never want to hear from these people again until I read their obituaries. Same w/X-Tina's untalented sister who was given up for adoption, Snockered.

780 days ago


Will someone please explain to me why TMZ fails at polls so badly? The correct answer is None of the Above and All of the Above.

There has to be a reason why TMZ can't create polls with correct answers as a choice.

780 days ago

Mr E    

Most people do have talents in a vast variety of areas. But being on a reality show does NOT showcase talent, just outrageous behavior. If anything, these JS kids should use their $$ wisely to build the businesses they may have always been interested or in something they are good at.

780 days ago


Amazing how youngsters like guido Vinny lack a sense of historical perspective. The most successful show in the history of MTV was the original run of Beavis & Butthead, which built it's core cult audience to legendary pop culture popularity.

Btw, TMZ, you've got to put more options up there on these polls. I believe ALL the idiots from Jersey Shore are going to fail; there's not one brain amongst them...

780 days ago
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