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'Jersey Shore' Star

Some of My Co-Stars

Will FAIL in TV

9/6/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vinny from "Jersey Shore" believes some of his co-stars are destined for failure after the show wraps up later this year ... telling TMZ only the ones with a BRAIN will succeed in TV.

Vinny was hangin' in L.A. last night when we asked how he felt about MTV getting rid of "Shore" after its 6th season.

"They didn't get rid of it ... they just want us to go out on top," Vinny told us ... adding, "Best show in MTV history."

But when we asked if the "Jersey" cast will have better success in their own spin-off shows, Vinny replied, "I don't know about ALL of us ... but I think whoever has imagination and talent will make it."

Unfortunately, Vinny didn't name any names.

Still, Vinny told us the show could be a major launching pad for one of his co-stars ... noting Adam Sandler started on MTV ("Remote Control" anyone?) ... "and then he became a big movie star."

As for Vinny's next project, the reality star wouldn't tell us what's next on his plate ... but insists, "Good things."


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you need a 'none of the above' for being a success; and 'all of the above' for not being a success

778 days ago

She's baaaack    

Some of them? As if any one of you has anything of value to offer?

778 days ago

Throwback kid    

Gee I thought Sammi Sweetheart and Ronni Ortiz would get their own variety show and become the new Sonny and Cher? they both have so much talent and so much personality the sky is the limit for them,NOT! Ronni is an angry insecure drunk who goes into Roid rage at the drop of a hat. Sammi is insecure with borderline personality, her whole small world revolves around Ronni, nothing else matters. She spends most of the day depressed in a glum mood and when they go out if Ronni even looks at another girl Sammi wants to fist fight her. Thank god this show is not coming back and we can soon say good bye all these untalented drunken losers for good. A few years from now they will all be fist pumping in the unemployment line

778 days ago


Why is there not a option for ALL........

778 days ago


Lets see Vinny.. Paulie D has his own show which was just signed on for another season same with Snooks and Jwow. Im sorry Vinny you were on ONE episode of Glee. HMMM Whos going to make it?

778 days ago


I voted that Snooki will succeed and fail at the same time and that's make no sense!

That's because I just know Snooki and I wanted to vote ;)

778 days ago


Failure vs. Success?

Every one of these clowns has been incredibly successful for being incredible failures! The only question is predicting the trainwrecks. Ronnie and Sam...combined you have an IQ of a 9 year-old. Sitch is clever but he has Lohan DNA...The DJ? also a box of rocks but dude is already minted with 12-15 million...A ponzi might wipe him out...but he should survive.

778 days ago


Forgot to mention my man Vinnie... I mean this dude gets a all paid trip to Italy for 8 weeks, perdium paid in Euros!, Hot, bushy italian chicks by the baker's dozen and he has an emotional breakdown - missing his mother! My first thoughts when I saw that was how many of our soldiers are his age...spending year upon year in desert spider-holes trying to stay alive to make it home.

778 days ago


The only female on this show that's worth looking at is Jwoww. Everyone of the guys on this show look and act like douche' bag supreme's. The world will be a better place if we never see them again.

778 days ago


I don't think any of them will still be in showbiz in 5 years! Not a single one of them! Out of sight, out of mind.

778 days ago


You people are idiots if you don't think Vinny will come out on top...and not necessarily as a personality. He is a smart guy - I'll bet you he's going to be around the longest and have his hands in the pie as a PRODUCER in the years to come. He was the only one who had a perspective on it all and didn't blow it all getting drunk and being a moron all the time. He's the most grounded. Mark my words. It won't be Pauly D.

778 days ago


Give me a break! The reason behind the popularity of the "show" can be attributed to the same thing that made Circus Side Shows popular years ago. People are drawn by curiosity. They want to see people/things screwer than they are. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that, but just a rational why.

778 days ago

Big D    

All will fail, none of them have any talent what so ever. Bunch of whores, drunks, and candy ass tough guys!

778 days ago

Joe Mack    

Listen folks, I must say that I watched Jersey Shore and actually liked it. They did nothing but drink, dance, and f%#@!!! And J Woww needs to allow me to bounce on her like a trampoline.....just sayin.

778 days ago


Retards could figure out that some of his co-stars will fail. he'll be one of them

778 days ago
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