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Adrienne Maloof

My Husband Has a Gun

And a Temper

9/7/2012 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907_adrienne_maloof_tmzAdrienne Maloof is firing back at her estranged hubby by claiming he carries a gun, lacks sound judgment and has a violent temper ... a bad combination. And even worse, she claims the gun is often in reach of their 3 boys.

In a declaration -- obtained by TMZ and filed in family court -- Adrienne claims Paul Nassif is a danger to their children. She cites an incident last month in which she claims Paul was drinking while operating a Kayak and one of the kids who was in the watercraft fell into the water.

She also claims 3 years ago he lost one of their kids for 45 minutes in the wilderness during a camping trip, because he failed to supervise him.

And recently there was a fire across the street and she claims he did nothing to help the kids evacuate.

Adrienne claims Paul has been violent with the kids. She claims he has thrown the kids onto the grass in a fit of rage, spanked them with their pants down, violently yanked their arms and hit them on the head.

Adrienne -- who is fighting Paul for custody -- claims he has been repeatedly violent toward her, allegedly shoving her to the ground, pulling her hair and yelling at her.

Adrienne claims the kids have been present when Paul has shoved and yelled at her.


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Your mouth and ugly temper is your weapon!!! And don't use that "I'm a woman" crap. You can kick ass because you take advantage that men don't hit you back. That plastic surgery didn't improve your looks. You still look like a worn out prostitute. Which I'm sure you were before you meet Paul. He can do much better than you.

They say ugly parents have beautiful kids. You're kids should be very beautiful from your side of the family.

743 days ago


typical divorce where the woman goes crazy.

743 days ago


If I were guessing, I would guess that Adrienne and her brothers were more dangerous than Paul the plastic surgeon. Adrienne always treats Paul badly whereas Paul always seemed to try to please Adrienne. She always seemed angry and he always seemed like the peacemaker.

743 days ago


i watched that show that her and her husband was on, no wonder they are divorcing, she was always putting him down, i say good riddance to her

743 days ago


Adrienne is a lying beyotch. Team Paul!!

743 days ago


she went wrong to me, when she tried to claim he has a gun and its in reach of the children. thats classic custody battle lingo. i believe him. she is a rich spoiled person. i believe she is the villain

743 days ago


OMG this woman DID NOT look afraid or intimidated by Paul for two years on the show. She was the lead dog. She made it known she was repulsed by any of his overtures and never acted anything but obusive and insulting to him.

743 days ago


I hate it when famous people air their dirty laundry in the media!! I feel really bad for their boys!!! You both look bad as parents!!!

743 days ago


This sounds as white trash as honey boo boo!

I think Paul was onlyt trying to displine hsi bratty kids,beaucse thier mother doesnt spend enough time with them they are not devolping right. she is toobusy chaseing fame and money.
another womanwell give the kids the attion and sturcture they need when paul finds one and that wont take long. what is he still doing att he house he should move out and set up a nice place for the kids to vist him at. Thier marrige is another casualty of the show. a big waste beauces adrien has enough money and stautus to not have to do the show. It went to her head. she screwed up her marrige just like her familyscrewed up the arean for sac and did nothign for the kings.
The incdeints that adrine sites as putting the kids in danger sounds like she is grabbing at straws.
Paul probly keeps the gun beaucse he gets treats from peole who dont like the results of thier plasic surgery. Im sure the brief case is locked.
I think Paul shoud hire a pr person beaucse all this mudd sligning is effecting his repution and thatof his kids as well. you can see by watching the show she was a total bitch to him and it was uncomfortable to watch her cutt him down even when he was doing somethign nice for her.
she said she couldnt stand being in the room with him more than for 10 minutes at a time.
she wouldnt give paul any sex now shes whoreing around befor he is even moed out of the house.
Air-ing all the dirty laudery is embrassing for thier kids. she needs to spend some of her MOney and buy some class!!

743 days ago


Sounds like she is describing herself!

743 days ago


Come on guys. Don't do this in the media

742 days ago


This woman is sickening, the stereotype of bleached blonde nothing is good enough Bi__h. What a nightmare to have to associate with her.

742 days ago


There rich.Still take the kids away from these POS>>

742 days ago


She is just one step away from looking like a FREAK with the bad plastic surgery!!! and he seems more like a victim of hers.

742 days ago


I don't believe this at all!

742 days ago
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