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Barack Obama vs. Bill Clinton

Who'd You Rather?

9/7/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0906_obama_cliton_ArticleIn a historic moment, President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton joined forces on the same stage at the Democratic National Convention this week.

Question is ...

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No Avatar


Please, please, please give us the option of NEITHER.

755 days ago


You do notice that neither is actually smiling but have their lips pursed in distaste?

755 days ago


I would like to see BOTH in Jail!

755 days ago


What's that white stuff at the corner of Bill's mouth? DID HE JUST GIVE OBAMA A BJ???? They both look a liiiiitle too satisfied!

755 days ago


How about neither? I'd rather have someone eligible to run for office who has a real plan to get people back to work, fix the medicare and medicaid issue (which really, lets face it, the issues stems from those not legally allowed in the country getting free medicaid, people who are physically and mentally able to work being on S.S. all their lives because they have ADHD or keep popping out babies, and the government constantly borrowing from the program for other programs... which Obama himself is going to do for his Obamacare. take care of some of those issues and we could save the programs) and someone who will help get the economy and housing market back on track. give me that candidate on that list and I'll vote.

755 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

I would rather... THEY BOTH GO AWAY..

755 days ago


These two are the BEST speakers this country has ever had. Clinton left us a surplus with probably the largest middle class ever. Bush got in office and sent the middle class back to poverty levels while the rich in this country got richer. Bush let wall street ruin our economy. Got us into two wars, got just about every country around the world to HATE us b/c of his Cowboy talk and divided this country like never before. When Obama took over this country was ready to drop into a severe depression. He stopped it with the decisions he made. Yes we are still in a recession as this country has experienced before and always recovered from. Like they say when times get tough, the tough get moving thru hard work, community and helping others. We better think very HARD and LONG before we put Romney/Ryan in office b/c they want to dramatically turn everything over to private industry. Remember how your 401K looked after Bush. Romney does not have to worry about his 401K b/c he has his money in other countries.

755 days ago


No cigar

755 days ago


amazing how election years bring the fools from the woodwork.

755 days ago


Wow MS-TMZ really Fair and Balanced postings on the 2 conventions. Could you attack, insult and bad mouth the Republican Party anymore? As for the 2 disgraced fools you would like to know which one we would do. Well Both of Them SCREWED ALL AMERICANS! So who is your favorite the Impeached Accused Rapist, Perverted Cigar Holder, or the Anti-American, Socialist, Divider, Preacher of Hatred, and Constitution Destroying Hawaiian holding a Connecticut SSN ?

755 days ago

moe l.    

One's communist and the other is a womanizer. Thanks for "the choice"....

755 days ago


- Bill seems like he'd be a freak. like he'd eat asz & suck toes. I bet his penis is about 7 & real thick.

- Obama is in good shape so he may have stamina & he looks like he'd have a big d!ck about 8.5, medium thickness.

I may do both. . .at the same time. don't judge me ;)

755 days ago


i thought america only had one president, how is pesident obama, and president clinton

755 days ago


I would rather do myself than either one of them

755 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

What scares the Hell out of me, is that those people who will VOTE for Obama are the same kind of people who decided that O.J. Simpson was innocent in a murder case---

755 days ago
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