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Nicole Murphy

Threatened By Reps

Stop Talking S**t On Us!

9/8/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907_nicole_murphy_michael_straham_tmzNicole Murphy has gotten way too big for her britches now that her fiance Michael Strahan snagged the morning show with Kelly Ripa ... at least according to her former reps who say she's acting like a monster, publicly trashing and destroying their business in the process.

The ZLP Group has hired a lawyer, who fired off a nasty, threatening letter to Nicole. In the letter -- obtained by TMZ -- the lawyer claims Nicole has "started rumors, misstatements and misrepresentations" which have defamed the PR group. 

ZLP's lawyer, Donald Karpel, says Murphy's smack talking has destroyed his client's relationship with QVC, several NYC fashion week designers and a TV show.

Karpel promises in the letter he will file a lawsuit against her for breach of contract (allegedly firing the firm without cause) and defamation -- based on her "poor conduct."

We called Murphy -- so far, no comment.


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I don't watch this show much at all, but Kelly Ripa seems to have devolved into a bony, skinny caricature of a woman. She looks like she's running from demons constantly, fat demons I guess. And Strahan? Who is this? Never saw him before. I saw them on the show the other day for a few minutes. He sat there like a lump, muttered a phrase or two, while she whirled around him vocally like a hummingbird with ADHD. All I could think was, what is this weird pairing about? To see how utterly opposite you can get two people? And what the heck is the target audience? I don't get this at all, and predict it will end badly, although who would have thought Kim Kardashian would be considering herself eligible for a star on the walk of fame? Isn't there a walk of shame yet?

746 days ago


Her show has all of the women I would be most interested in. I don't have cable. maybe the reruns will be on netflix. Mike seems more digniified but it's been my experience some men are attracted to drama. As long as mike does his job. she's crackin on people and being aggressive. Don't hate the player hate the game.

746 days ago


She did an event at my place of work with her jewelry, I noticed when she arrived that she was alone. Being the nice guy that I am, I walked outside and offered to help carry her merchandise inside. Nicole handed me things to carry as though I was there to serve her. Not once did she smile, say hello, please, or thank you. She is absolutely hideous.
Michael is the exact opposite. Always super friendly and a class act.
I hope he wises up and dumps the trash bag hooker.

746 days ago


I watched the show where he was announced as the Co-Host. When they showed his fiance for a quick second and mentioned her, right then I thought, she is looks like she is going to become very demanding on and off the set. Like, name dropping and having an attitude out in public if she doesn't get her way, or a seat at a restaurant. And then becoming like a stage mother that wants even more, and More, and MOre, and MORe, and MORE! Till someone cuts the strings. I thought all this is in a second, and then see this article days later. Yup! Everyone's on their best behavior during the interview process. Hope I am wrong for the shows sake.

745 days ago


I watch her show and thru the entire season,she never made mention of his name until the very last episode and then BOOM,she was out picking an engagment ring on her own with a friend and sure enough it was a $120,000 ring...Just saying!!

745 days ago


I knew it would only be a matter of minutes before stuff would start popping up about her,this will now put him in the spotlight even more,something he DOESNT need with starting out his new job!! Im thinking basketball ball wives similarities here now,OMG..

745 days ago


that guy wont last with Kelly its a white show...

745 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Why are they even bothering with the likes of her? Non-issue. She's like a bad tooth: Ignore her and she'll eventually go away.

745 days ago

The Mrs.    

Nicole is not cute, she looks like a dude. So she shouldn't be giving anybody problems.

745 days ago

The Mrs.    

Nicole is not cute. She looks like a dude. So she shouldn't be giving anyone problems.

745 days ago



745 days ago

What the?    

****** please

745 days ago

What the?    

N!gger please

745 days ago


Remember when michael was on dancing with the stars?....behind the scenes people were talking about what a diva he was. a defensive football player being a diva??....regis must be so proud......

745 days ago


She sure seems to be a golddigger, just moving on from one rich guy to the next

745 days ago
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