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Prince Harry

Deployed to Afghanistan

9/7/2012 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0907_prince_harry_GettyPrince Harry has been shipped out to Afghanistan to begin a 4-month combat tour for the British military ... but the Royal Family INSISTS the move is not a punishment for his naked exploits in Vegas.

The 27-year-old arrived today at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan ... and according to reports, he will begin work as an Apache co-pilot and gunner within 10 days.

A rep for the military released a statement saying, "Captain Wales is a serving soldier and a qualified Apache pilot having completed the Apache Conversion to Role course earlier this year."

"As such, and after further flying experience, he has deployed along with the rest of the squadron as part of a long-planned and scheduled deployment to provide support to ISAF and Afghan forces operating in Helmand."

A spokesperson for the Royal Fam tells TMZ ... Harry's naked romp in Vegas had NOTHING to do with the decision to ship the Prince to the Middle East -- "It goes without saying that one doesn't deploy as an Apache pilot to Afghanistan at short notice."

The spokesperson adds, "Prince Harry's time in Las Vegas was his last break before the frontline."

Still, we gotta ask ...


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Jesus TMZ.. Do you even give a ****? You ****ing *******s don't need to even report this.

Stupid Media just can't go one day without going overboard.. this was a tip you should have just walked away with and left it alone.. Any media putting this out should be closed down for stupidity..

If you can't figure it out yet.. This puts him at risk.. He is a target over there and nothing more would they like to get him.. thats why media has respected reporting him going.. The f'd up part is your not only putting him at risk but every other person flying heli over there..

713 days ago

Grant MacDonald    

HRH Prince Harry is one of the coolest guys on this planet!

Prince Harry should visit the nude dude ranch with over 90 naked young cowboys … where the saying is: “Ya Sure Are Hung!” What happens at Ram Ranch – actually stays at Ram Ranch!

713 days ago


Really? His name is Harry Wales???? How did I not know this before? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

713 days ago


People have short was referenced in previous articles about Harry partying in Vegas that this is what he was doing before going back to Afghanistan.

713 days ago

Lily Daisy    

Im sure the royals wouldn't deliberately put Harry in that kind of danger and probably his antics in Vegas had something to do with the scheduled deployment. That said, perhaps his tour there might help him grow up a bit more.

713 days ago

buzz kill    

Lets see if he flashes the royal jewels in an Islamic country.

713 days ago


It is in now way punishment as his brother is also doing rescue work with helicopters off the coast! They are from that old school of nobility that although you are part of the upper class part of job is to take part in wars and serve the country in various other ways.
That's one of the problems in the west where people act like nobility but don't have any skin in the game and claim that if anyone tries to tax them more they will go to the caribean or Switzerland where there money already is so that they don't have to pay taxes to the country that provides them with their fortune!!!

713 days ago


He partied his 'rear' off in Vegas because he knew he was headed to that dreadful place.

Members of military units know well in advance of any upcoming deployments. As a Prince as well as an officer, I'm sure he was one of the first to know.

713 days ago


oh hey, let's just report that a royal is in a war region!

713 days ago


For all of you trying to make out he won't be in danger. He already served in Afghanistan on the front line and came under fire many times. It was kept secret until an Australian magazine printed the details of his service and he had to be withdrawn for the safety of his fellow soldiers.

He has refused to serve in the military unless he was guaranteed active service, this isn't someone going out there for a jolly up or to improve his image. He like his uncle Andrew who served in the Falklands war enjoy military life as they say its the one place they get treated just like anyone else. So try thinking before you comment.

712 days ago


Prince Harry. God speed son and may you and your mates be safe. Thank you for serving your country proudly.

712 days ago


It had been planned for a while stories came out months ago he was going back, but the Royal family was going to keep closer eye on him after his last tour he was found to be actually found to be fighting on the front line

712 days ago


I had heard before the Vegas thing that he was being deployed. That's why he was having fun. Good Luck Harry and be safe!!

712 days ago


Prince Harry with his bodyguards Only serving soldier that gets protection. I'm sure shipping him off has nothing to do with the great PR it will garner.

712 days ago


when TMZ first released the story of his nudes, the royals and I believe Harry said something to the effect that he was going to be shipping off soon, and he went away for a weekend with friends before getting back to business, it's asinine to think the Royals would send of the 3rd in line to the crown b/c he was partying like the 27 yr old he is......give Harry a break! he's still my favorite!

712 days ago
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