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Wes Scantlin


During JetBlue Arrest

9/7/2012 1:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Puddle of Mudd
singer Wes Scantlin tells TMZ, he was wrongfully arrested this week on board a JetBlue airplane -- insisting he did NOT get belligerent with a flight attendant -- and when cops cuffed him, they bruised him up in the process.

As we first reported, a JetBlue flight bound for L.A. made an emergency landing in Austin, TX Tuesday after Scantlin allegedly got in a heated drunken argument with a flight attendant.

But Wes -- who's finally back in L.A. after the JetBlue SNAFU -- tells us, he never got combative with anyone ... and he wasn't drunk either.

Wes says he was totally sober, just trying to order one beer, when a flight attendant copped an attitude with him. The situation spiraled out of control from there.

But Wes insists he's innocent, adding, "If a grown man cannot purchase a beer on a 5-hour flight from Boston to L.A., then I think the airlines are completely, COMPLETELY, losing their minds."

He says, "I was arrested for being sober on an airplane."

Wes then showed us two big bruises on his chest, claiming the arresting officers were responsible for the injuries ... "This is what they did to me."

Wes says cops didn't even test him to see if he was really drunk before arresting him for public intoxication.

Scantlin is due in court in Austin on October 3rd, when he's scheduled to be arraigned.

Austin PD Lieutenant Joseph Chacon tells TMZ, Scantlin was taken into custody without incident  and no use of force occurred. Chacon says Scantlin has not made any complaints to the department about the arrest.

Calls to JetBlue were not returned.


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Hey Dumb A$$ it is a very hard argument to make that you were sober trying to order a beer. Airlines including Jetblue do not make emergency landings over non combative sober passengers and all the flight attendents, Passengers, and pilots all thought you had a major problem with alcahol, and you were escorted off the plane. I bet you were drinking in the airport before your 5hr flight,

779 days ago


Hey wes I almost forgot how much it cost the airline and passengers to make an emergency landing for one passenger who claims he was sober.

779 days ago


I would really enjoy beating the crap out of this guy.

779 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

They are not bruises. They are sh*it stains.
Phishie from Philly

779 days ago


Lol on his final comment. I love witty people. Sign of visceral intelligence..

779 days ago


Haha, the last time this fool was sober he was still in diapers.

779 days ago


And you having a beer was much more important than say, all the other passengers making their connecting flights?

779 days ago

Blue Lake    

Let's see, who are we gonna believe? An airline that does major business everyday or an a-hole nobody bully who has DUIs, substance abuse issues and hates women???

779 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Body by Meth.

779 days ago


He's full of sh!t. A plane does not make an EMERGENCY LANDING unless a passenger is totally out of control. If he was sober & calm, there wouldn't even have been an issue. A flight attendant also doesn't refuse to serve ONE beer to a passenger who's not drunk.

779 days ago


I get the feeling alcohol is not this guy's only problem.

778 days ago


totally true I got into fight with Paris Hilton she said we other folks stank on the plane I was booted when I told her it was her upper lip! coulve sued MIA and that whore for millions was grounded in MIA for 48 hours threated to sue and call Enquirer got my flight the next day. You cant win on airlines they are either cool or ****ing idiots

778 days ago


and she said "youre so 40" bitch I was 31 and that "she wished you would look as good as me at 31" not to mention 40! I also told her she was a whore and what was her point saying that. Plane cheered!

778 days ago



778 days ago


He thought he was in Los Angeles and would get the celebrity hands-off treatment, except in the case of that banker guy---a story that will dissolve in obscurity, to save the LAPD's ass and that the public not know how many MILLIONS they had to pay to settle [pay off] the victim to avoid going to court where they would have met their match.

778 days ago
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