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Amanda Bynes

Alleged Hit and Run Victim

She Should Be Prosecuted!

9/8/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who Amanda Bynes allegedly crashed into and then bolted ... says the actress' reckless driving could have eventually killed someone and she should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

TMZ spoke with Kisa ... who tells us "Someone could have died if [Amanda] kept driving. A normal person would not get away with hit and runs and she shouldn't either."

If you recall ... Bynes allegedly rear-ended Kisa on August 4th and fled the scene ... then last week the L.A. City Attorney's Office charged the actress with 2 counts of hit and run (one count for her accident with Kisa and one count for an accident in April).

After the charges were filed Bynes' license was suspended by the DMV ... but it's unclear if and how the charges played a role.

Regardless, Bynes can't get behind the wheel any time soon ... and Kisa says that's the best thing for everyone ... "I'm glad she's off the road. She absolutely needs to pay for her actions and taking away her license is a good first step."

Kisa adds, "I feel she needs to get some sort of help and maybe this will be the catalyst."

Amanda is due in court on September 27th ... she faces up to a year in jail if convicted of both charges.


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I wonder if she is just as wild and feckless in the sack?

719 days ago


I think that she may of made a mistake and she should have some consequences but there are many people are also sue happy and I am not sure if that person she hit just may be one of them ,

719 days ago


I have a theory about this: she's hit and running because she's driving either drunk or stoned, and doesn't want to have to take the field sobriety test. We've seen picture of her falling down drunk coming out of clubs, and I think that's the reason she's bailing after hitting other people...

719 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Still smellin' Mandy going down for this here!!!
I get that CA jails are full, BUT it seems like they are feeling the public outcry about this.
Now she's "retired" from driving, just like she "retired" from acting, memba?
"What, oh, 'retired' is a euphemism for 'drunk drug addict? Oh, OK, I see." tee hee
Recall Kisa saying that Mandy PUSHED her bumper and said, "Oh, it's fine!"
WHAT a cooze!
Now I see what she means from the pic.
People should go around LA and TRY and get hit by her, to bankrupt her.
Dangerous\, entitled b!t@h!
And, WTF happened to her face? She's got the Pepsi-bloat. LOL!!!

719 days ago


More Honey Boo Boo!

719 days ago


Coming soon: the Amanda Bynes Sex Tape!

719 days ago


Yes it in run are wrong but really your bumper is scractched. Not at chance she almost kiled you...... Someones just seeing money signs

718 days ago



718 days ago

Sean Kelly    

Kisa? Really ? Just by the name we kinda know what she is after....

718 days ago


Kisa should be an a actress herself. Wow, her car isn't damaged that bad! Sounds like Kisa just wants media attention and a new car. Ms Bynes should be treated like anyone else who commits a hit and run. Yes, she probably won't because she can afford to have a very expensive lawyer who probably has connections that will help her get a better verdict maybe, but she won't just walk.

718 days ago


Killed by a fender bender. LMAO

717 days ago


Am I the only one who is sick of the line---"she needs help?" She needs to stop drinking or drugging and definitely needs to stop driving. This isn't some illness that just crept up on her--she knows what happens when she gets impaired--so let's stop the pity party and put her off the road until she grows up.

714 days ago


Celebs are all that place is. Take that away and you just got a bunch of silly souvenir shops run by Orientals. I'm sure cops and alike are used to seeing a lot of death. So I'm sure they probably don't really care. Other than the others higher up that just want the notoriety and industry endorsement of these people. You know, how important is GARTH BROOKS BLVD? LoL! Does it show up on any radar that he may have done something bad? Nope.

566 days ago
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