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Annette Funicello

Mickey Mouse Club Star

Sued Over House Fire

9/8/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Who's the member of the club that's being sued for a 2011 house fire?? It ain't Mickey Mouse ... it's Annette Funicello ... one of the original members of the Mickey Mouse Club.

It's actually a pretty sad story ... the 69-year-old's Encino, CA home burned down in March 2011 ... and now her neighbors are suing -- claiming they suffered residual damage from the blaze.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ ... the neighbors claim their property was contaminated with toxins from the fire. They also claim no one ever cleaned up all of the charred waste, rubbish and debris.

The neighbors are suing for at least $25k in damages ... to cover wage loss ... medical expenses ... and property damage.

We tried contacting Annette -- who no longer lives in the home -- but attempts to reach the actress were unsuccessful.

Now it's time to say goodbye ...



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😜 why? Because we like you! 😃

738 days ago


Only in CA would neighbors sue because their neighbors house burned down.

738 days ago


This is the sad state of the degenerates that SHOULD have gotten off of their own duffs and pitched in to help clean up! Selfish, greedy, self-serving leaches that have NO CLUE how to be a good neighbor and help out. There but for the grace of God go they! Obviously, they don't believe in the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Apparently, they would like someone to do that to themselves. I have admired and respected Annette since I was a young girl, and as someone who has been a nurse working with many, many people who have endured the ravidges of MS, it saddens me that she has been afflicted by it. The neighbors have NO SOULS!!!

738 days ago


I've never heard of a lawsuit like this. Don't the neighbors have insurance of their own, and why aren't they pursuing it through everyone's insurers?

738 days ago

Spooky Electric    

Really TMZ? I wholeheartedly understand your need to follow up with Annette for a comment on this, but if you have seen any recent photos of her you would realize that she is really in no shape these days to give said comment or to be badgered by your staff for a story. Just leave the poor woman alone, for heaven's sake! :(

738 days ago


The pictures provided by TMZ were taken the day of the fire from March 2011 with the firemen standing outside.That was 1.5 years ago so I doubt the house is still standing today or it's already been refurbished. The neighbors have waited all this time to sue? Obviously this is a frivilous lawsuit only to get money.

738 days ago


@3. At least she owned a home in Encino (an upscale suburb of L.A.). Many former stars are living in rented apartments. If Walt Disney were alive, he would help her if she needed it. It's show BUSINESS now, unfortunately.

737 days ago

3 Snaps Up In A Zee Formation    

Yeah, so Kelly, the venomous poster on here who hates sick and elderly people, is totally one of the neighbors who is suing. Instead of helping clean up and avoid toxic damage, she sues! Can't wait for her house to burn and be sued for it. It's the insurance company that needs to be sued, not the person. Get a life and a soul and heart, Kelly. They're even free, no need to spend your precious money to buy them.

737 days ago


I've now been accused of being: Melissa Gorga, other posters on here, and the people suing Annette Funicello. Not bad.

737 days ago


IF her neighbor's properties were damaged, I guess they have a right to sue. Personally, I think they only have a legitimate reason if she intentionally set the fire, but I'm not a lawyer. The can find any reason to sue if it will fatten their wallet. They should be trying to help her recover from the fire instead of suing her. I feel bad for her. She is in diminished health, has been forced from her home, and now she's being sued. If she had homeowners insurance, I would think they would (or should) be covering everything unless she was charged with arson (and I doubt that is the case). Another example of insurance companies grabbing your money, but doing nothing when you need them IN MY OPINION !

737 days ago


What an idiot this writer is! The reason you can't reach Annette uis because she is blind, deaf, and in a vegative state from MS! She has been this way for at least 5 years EINSTIEN!

736 days ago


WTF is wrong with people!

736 days ago


I think this is bull crap that this happened they only are sewing her cause they know that she is rich that would be the only reason

736 days ago


Suing? Are you effin kidding me? I looked at Google maps and it looks like her neighbor bought the property, tore down the remains, and turned it into a basketball/tennis court and extra parking! What a POS!!!

700 days ago
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