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There's NO BEEF

With Kim Kardashian

9/8/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Kim Kardashian and Beyonce don't hate each other's guts -- despite reports -- in fact, they're BFFs.

There was lots of speculation this week following a story in which Bey allegedly confronted Kim at Jay-Z's recent Made in America event in Philadelphia -- asking Kim to stop posing for the cameras because she was stealing Jay-Z's spotlight.

Director Ron Howard was at the event too -- and according to reports, Kim approached Ron to cast her in one of his films ... another detail that allegedly pissed off Beyonce.

But sources close to Beyonce's camp tell us, there was no confrontation whatsoever -- in fact, when Kanye performed with Jay-Z at the event ... we're told Beyonce and Kim watched their men together backstage, laughing and hugging the whole time.

As one source put it, "They love each other -- they talk fashion, family, Beyonce's baby all the time."

As for the Ron Howard thing -- we're told Kim never uttered a word to him the entire day.


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First off when the story first came out Kim went crying to her MOM. I totally believe this for she has done this time and time again. Mommy tends to lie big time, all the time to keep her baby relevant.

753 days ago


Here's a prediction for the future.......
When the Kartrashians go down and no one pays attention to them anymore I predict that Pimpmomanger will find herself a big black dude to give her a golden shower so that she can leak it to the media. Anything to keep her name out there. Forget the kids they are used up and no use to her anymore if they can't make money. So it's up to Pimp mom to make it happen. If it worked for Kim.......
Just the thought is vomit inducing.

753 days ago


Spin it all you want, KK totally seems like the type who would mug Ron Howard in the hope he could try to make her a legitimate actress, cause momma Kris told her to. Beyonce watch KK she is and will always be a media wwwwwhore.

753 days ago


Why would Beyonce lower herself by even mentioning the skanks name.

753 days ago


The ONLY reason Bey/Jay and Kanye have a relationship with Kim is Kim's Twitter fan base which translates into dollars for them all. No, Bey won't say ONE NEGATIVE thing about Kim as her last album didn't do as well as they hoped but with a little help for Kim's fans - her next could do better. It's all about the Benjamins.

753 days ago


Did Mikey write this story?? rather non story

753 days ago


I would lost so much respect for Beyonce if this was true.

753 days ago


delusions of grandeur... more BS from the #1 fame whore...

753 days ago


Then why did you (TMZ) report otherwise?

753 days ago


TMZ stop showing the same kind of desperation as this chick Kim guys know all to well these two women who lead completely opposite lives would be best friends. Your girl Kim again leaks a b/s story to you guys to keep her horrible name in the're better than this TMZ.

753 days ago

Throwback kid    

Beyonce is all show no go! an average voice, no personality at all and she can't act! look at Beyonce next to Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls, Beyonce wasn't even in her leagueas an actress. Like JLO, Beyonce is very lucky to be where she is in life, she has very limited talent, she just doesn't know it. I have no comment for Kim Kardashian, we all know she is an untalented piece of trash

753 days ago


"Were told"?....."As one source put it"? ....really KMZ? would be an honor to kim if beyonce diddnt like isint even on beyonce's radar...

753 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Is that Kim Kardashian's real skin color? What the fuque skin color is that anyway - does that color actually exist ANYWHERE in nature?

753 days ago


Damn, have you ever looked at Kim's face, for real it's like as long as a football field, ewe

753 days ago


Well, f uck Beyonce too then. She obviously doesn't have respect for herself or her fans. She worked hard and used her talent to get to where she is and then associated with a sl ut that spread her legs for a d-lister to get famous? And still uses anyone to get more attention? Yep all 4 of them are idiots, what a great crowd. Maybe Beyonces public persona is just bull**** then and she is really like them behind the scenes. p.s. Kim looks old and exactly like her mom, damn she has aged.

753 days ago
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