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LeAnn Rimes


But Still in Treatment

9/8/2012 10:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeAnn Rimes
belted out some tear-jerking tunes last night ... marking her first public appearance since checking herself into a treatment center last month.

The country singer took a break from her 30-day recovery center -- where she checked in on Aug. 29 for "stress and anxiety" -- to perform at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center in Wisconsin.

Rimes played a full 70 minute set despite her recent breakdown -- which stemmed from a public battle with a group on Twitter ... who kept blasting Rimes for her relationship with Eddie Cibrian

The singer says she'll return to the treatment following a few mid-western concerts.


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She'll be shaving her head next....

774 days ago


Leann must be so annoyed with the lovely Kellie Pickler....there's a country singer with her head on her shoulders, does numerous tours with the USO, and just shaved her head to support her best friend Summer who has cancer. Leann should get Kellie's pr manager's number, he/she might do her some good. This rehab nonsense is such a joke. No one goes to a real rehab just mon-fri.

774 days ago


"Emotional issues"=guilty conscience

774 days ago


Was never in rehab. Sound more like a hotel. In today out tomorrow. All a publicly stunt

774 days ago


Wow, a lot of hate here. You all sound like a bunch of sheep, just following each other around . Can anyone here muster an original thought? "Um, I don't like her cuz, um, yeah, what she said." Thought not.

774 days ago


I see that rehab is doing nothing for her donkey face. And she had to leave rehab so she could go sing Hee-haw, hee-haw! That's what she sounds like. Hey, horseface, look around, can't you see your husband used you for your money and now he's sick of you! He's already moved on and is playing around on you and you are in denial! I think it's funny, what comes around, goes around. You are getting your Karma for being a donkey-face-husband-stealer! You slut! Go choke on some donkey semen on Fearfactor!

774 days ago


Pyrochick, I totally agree with you. She is a fortunate person that had fame at age 14 and all she's done is destructive things to herself and others. Why is it that people feel sorry for entertainers that didn't have a NORMAL life. I wish I didn't have a normal life and lived a life where common people thought my **** didn't stink and catered to my ass too.

774 days ago


Anxiety is a tough thing to deal with. But she's set herself up for it cheating and then marrying the other cheater. Now she gets to be scared of whether he'll do the same to her (and well she should be scared,and maybe he's thinking she'll cheat on him!) Either way, it's a mess and then for her to be so lame as to get into hissy fit on twitter and piss and moan to an audience about her problems? She's a mess. Hopefully, she won't turn out like Tori and keep pumping out kids to hold on to her douchebag. Ugh to all of them.

774 days ago


Prayers to Leann, her family & to all the haters that think it's cool to bully people. Shame on you.

773 days ago


That was not her first public event. She performed at the Salk Institute Gala Aug 25th.

773 days ago


She is a pig. I gotta say Eddie is no prize. I think he is a bigger pig than she is. His new show lasted a week. Why would NBC picked a completely unlikable person to star in a new series? I'm not sure what could rehab either one of their images at this point. I'm amazed that neither one is smart enough to realize that if they were a little more humble it might serve them well. Truly the dumbest couple around. They deserve each other. Yuck.

773 days ago


It's Rimes who needs to grow up. This is show business, honey. If she is that sensitive, choose another industry. Or, don't read Twitter or media about yourself, especially when you date married men.

773 days ago


This lady has talent as a singer (even though I don't like her style of music), but she really needs to write a diet book. I suspect she has an eating disorder because sometimes she looks way too thin. IF she is really healthy and just keeping herself at a good thin weight, I want tips from her so I can be skinny AND HEALTHY like her too.

773 days ago


Once he realizes she's not helping his career, he'll dump her.

772 days ago


Ugly bitch

770 days ago
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