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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Wassup with That?

9/8/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

showed her true colors at the VMAs this week, taunting Chris Brown's girlfriend by kissing him and love-tapping him on the head for all to see. So we gotta ask ...


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Rihanna loves abusive men; Chris loves abusing women. So they deserve each other. Two mutant peas in a mutant pod.

744 days ago


Rihanna ain't got no battered woman syndrome. She's just as slick and manipulative as Chris Brown. That's why they are perfect for each other. Let their destructive ways destroy each others lives, and not some well meaning, naive, significant other.

Kudos, have at it!

744 days ago


"RIhanna wants Chris because..."
Because Chris was good to her, treated her like a queen, cared about her, took her out all the time and showed her a fun time.
Meanwhile Rihanna was abusive, antagonistic, quick tempered, manipulative, played head-games and got physical.
Rihanna knows that. She knows she's the root cause of their problems.
She knows she took a good man and raked him over the coals publicly, negatively impacted his life by playing the victim.
Now she wants him back. Because he was good to her.
Happens all the time ;)

744 days ago


after the world felt sorry for u and as a woman i felt your pain this is wht u doing, then u should have taken your licks and dont say anything reeee is acting like a whore an i am not sad to say, i have a problem when ppl use tht word but tht is wht she is, you got a break in life coming from barbados and doing your thing hold your corner go and find another man, and chris is not to be left out because if he is with k, and reeeee does anything out of the way he should stop her

744 days ago


She's openly admitting to hitting him more than a few times... the only reason this made news was because he hit her back. She's a skank.... he's a douche... as long as they are together they can't go out and ruin someone else's life. So who the heck cares. Trash deserves trash.

744 days ago


Rianna is just disrepectful, period. Maybe they all are in it together? Who knows. Cris brown puts on a good show, What ever happened to bruno mars? I'm not going to mention my real favorites for fear you might stalk them and drag their names thru the gutter.

744 days ago


Rihanna is the stupidest skank on the planet. She is a role model for young girls, and if she had a brain in her head, she would be responsible with that power. Funny thing is, Chris Brown did not seem pleased that Rihanna was falling all over him. Her behaviour is more like a young girl than a grown woman. She must be really emotionally insecure that she would want any affection or attention from someone who beat her to near death. Have at her boys. She has no self-respect, so she's probably really easy to get laid with just a few compliments and a wink and a slap.

744 days ago


I think it's quite OBVIOUS that CB had been (privately) beating on RIHRIH PRIOR to the "public" beating... (there had been other "reports/rumors" of physical violence)... I think it was part of their relationship... but when he "publically" beat her (in the car) and it was WITNESSED... they HAD to "break-up" (to satisfy the PUBLIC "outrage" over the incident)... since that kind of behavior is not "SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE"... If RIHRIH had "stayed with her abuser" her career would've been OVER (as would his)... so SHE "appeared" to do what is dictated by SOCIETY "leave the abuser"... but not really... She has ADMITTED herself that she grew up witnessing violence againse women... so it's something that is "the norm" for her... WHAT I DON'T UNDERSTAND is SOCIETY KNOWS CB is a WOMAN BEATER... WHY does he continue to be ACCEPTED by his "peers/other "celebrities" and "SUCCESSFUL" in his career???? I think ANYONE that associates/collaborates/socializes with CB are sending the message that they are "DOWN WITH IT"/CONDONE the behavior... I always believed you don't "REWARD bad behavior"... but I guess I was raised differently

744 days ago


I see this as having a hard time getting over your first love.

744 days ago


I think our answers to the questions pretty much serve as our comments here. Hope this girl wises up. She's much more lovable and worthwhile than her thug obsession. Save yourself, RiRi. Best friends don't beat best friends.

744 days ago


I'll bet this amuses Brown to no end. He knows the world hates on him and no one wants to see him get attention from any women, let alone the one he beat to a pulp. Beating up a women has become the least of his regrets now that the victim has proclaimed her love for him and the music awards keep piling up.

744 days ago


Ri Ri just loves her some beatin' by Chris. Nobody slug her like he do!

744 days ago


She's a useless whore that is an embarrassment to women every where..he's a snitch ass wimpy puzzy that wants to be a gangsta...these two pieces of trash deserve each who cares if he beats her again...a whore is a whore no matter how much money you have.

744 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

All that weed smokin got her all fuktarded in the head.

744 days ago


U ****ing suck for putting this song in my head all frickin day long hahahaha

744 days ago
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